Capital One Venture

Capital One Venture
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The simple way to spend money.

With its easy to use app and very knowledgeable representatives, Capital One venture has led me to at least 7 different countries in the last year.


Great, simple travel rewards credit card with awesome customer service.

Simple, straightforward travel rewards with an awesome sign-up bonus. Friendly, effective customer service - very on top of fraud prevention.


Warranty insurance program lacking

They claim to double the warranty on items you purchase like TVs, phones, etc. but it is near impossible to get them to support this program. They have denied two legitimate claims so far; I am looking for a replacement card.


Fantastic card, simple to use

The best part of the Venture card is the simplicity. You effectively get 2% cashback to be redeemed on any travel related purchases. There aren’t any hidden catches—it’s really that easy. This has become my daily spender and have already used the points to pay for an entire Colorado trip. Looking forward to many more trips with the Venture card.


Great credit card

We have used Capital One for 5 years now since retirement and travel oversees six months of the year. Love that there is no charge for the foreign exchange. Like others have mentioned we use our cards for as many purchases as we can; but of course we pay it off in full each month so not paying any interest on it. So far we have had 4 oversees return flights for free. We also have been hacked - twice - Capital One sorted out the mess quickly. Phoned us when oversees to ask if the ‘unusual purchases’ were ours…and when told not, closed down the account. New cards arrived quickly thereafter. We now carry a visa card from our bank so have a back up credit card on hand.

And also agree the customer service staff are great…have chatted over issues in the past and always had easy going and helpful feedback.
cheers, Lindsay and Dorwin


Broke even and more!

I love this card. I travel a lot and I have been using the purchase eraser and gotten gift cards (Subway, Shell, and Exxon Mobil) more than twice already. I just paid my first annual fee and after calculation of my rewards, I’m still ahead by at least $300. Thanks Capital One! You’re totally worth it!



I got this card about a year ago with a decent credit limit $15,000 Soon after getting it I tried to use it to put a $3000 down payment on a car in order to get the bonus miles and it was denied because there was a fraud alert and by the time it got cleared it was to late


Simply Love it!

Great credit card. I use it for everything and it is very easy to redeem your points no tricks!


Just a great Daily Spender

Awesome rewards (2%), Great customer service, no tricks, easy redemption, and they gave me a very high spending limit. I don’t know what else you could ask for in a credit card. As long as you pay your card off every month, this is a truly excellent card- the rewards stack up quickly, we have already earned $700 this year for travel! That definitely makes the $59 yearly fee worthwhile. I have compared a lot of cards, and none have the level of rewards and simplicity as this one. Highly recommended.


Cashing in Miles is Expensive

I haven’t seen this review anywhere else so I’m wondering if its just me. I had this card for a while and was lured by the double miles. Even with the double miles it took me forever to be able to buy a flight because all the flights are so expensive (in point terms). I now have the United mileage plus card and I can buy a flight for 15000 points where I had to have at least 40000 for some Venture flights. Again, I didn’t see this anywhere else so maybe i’ll try this card out again…


My Favorite Credit Card

Nothing has come close when considering Rewards, Yearly Fee, and Customer Service. Waiting to be dethroned, but for now, Venture is King.


The catch

Any redemption for credit to your account on non-travel purchases is only redeemed at half value, so you really only get 2x miles redemption on travel, 1x on everything else.


Such an honest company

I have nevery been more impressed by any company. When I was 18 I decided to get the Venture card. Not having any travel plans in mind, but assuming in the future I would eventually get to use my miles. Who knew that 16 years later, at 34, I’m taking my honeymoon. I kept calling to make sure they didn’t expire, or if there were any blackout dates. The kind and helpful staff kept reassuring me about how flexible their company is and to not worry about a thing. And sure enough Capital One not only honored every single one of my miles the staff was so incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and kind. I have never had a better experience in my life. I can’t thank you enough for being an honest and true to your word company.


Careful of the sneaky, dirty charges

I signed up for this card for the zero foreign transaction fees. I didn’t have any other need for the card or additional credit. I’ve always had plenty of available credit on my other cards, never carry a balance, and have never had late fees.

On the very first statement I receive from CapitalOne, there is a $25 late fee. They closed out a statement period within days of the account opening, including the first few charges on the card (I used to book some international travel and lodging), and never sent me the statement. On the account, I see a late fee already assessed. When I called customer service, they offered to remove the late-fee for me, but I just closed my account. I don’t have time to scan for hidden fees and dirty business practices. This was my first and last of anything with CapitalOne.


Points are only golf if you can actually make purchases

I travel. That’s why I have a travel card. CapOne has denied charges due to fraud concerns when I used my card at a Target in Cleveland, and a Best Buy local to me. Both of these were chip reads. I understand denials internationally, especially if you don’t warn them of travel. But denials in the US are unforgivable. I need a card I can rely on.


think of the card as a 2% redemption card

Unlike other travel rewards cards you do not have to meet a certain amount(total or per transaction) to redeem your transaction using points. If you have a travel item you can use the travel eraser to redeem it and interestingly you can redeem the exact same item multiple times as long as you have points to cover it.


Unless you are loyal to a certain brand of airline - you NEED this card

I cannot tell you how many free flights and hotel stays I have received for free because of this card (including two roundtrip tickets to Europe). It gives you 2 points for ever dollar spent - no matter where or on what (that in and of itself is rare, I cannot STAND other programs that change it monthly). As your points accumulate, you can redeem them at a rate of 100 (just take the flight amount times 100 and that is how many points you need - i.e. $400 flight requires 40,000 points, $600 flight requires 60,000 points, etc). I have had this card around 10 years and tell all of my friends and family to get it. That being said, I am also not loyal to a particular airline, so I don’t mind not getting any special boarding or seating perks.

They also make it extremely easy to redeem - they have an app that allows you to apply your points to the charge. There’s no restriction, no limit on your date choices, and they make it “google” easy. I need to be their PR person, that is how much I love this card.


Extremely user friendly

We have used this card as our primary source of every purchase made for the past 2 years, paying off the balance in full every month. We have been able to erase big purchases thanks to the simple purchase eraser program. We’d gone on a cruise and had a rather expensive excursion in Puerto Rico. Erased thar purchase so the excursion was free. 2 points for every dollar spent is a no-Brainer for us. Gas, groceries, dinners…2 points no matter what. The annual fee is mininmal…besides, you get 118 points for the renewal every year for it. Highly recommend this card.



I’ve had my card for 6 months. Absolutely LOVED IT. I Applied for in July of 2016 in December of 2016 they cancelled my card. Did I ever make late payments? NEVER, in fact I probably made “too many payments” (horrid, I know) Is my income too Low? I don’t know … Maybe 6 figures is too low… Is my credit score not high enough? I don’t know… Is OVER 800 considered Low? I’m waiting for the elusive, letter they say is “coming” to explain why they unceremoniously cancelled my card. No amount of phone calls, to customer service or Managers phone calls back will tell me why… They just keep saying that they “Aren’t authorized to tell me” (Seriously?) “its in the letter” clearly “the letter” must be coming from the CIA or some other secret Government office letting me know that “the jig is up” for this ordinary consumer…


Worst customer service ever

Got my card in the mail. Approved for 10k. Called to activate. Fraud department needed to confirm my identity. Made me jump through all these hoops for no reason. After I gave them what they wanted they kept asking for more documents. After 2 hours on the phone with them I took out my scissors and told them bye bye! Good luck with these guys