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Capital One Venture
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Horible Card and Company

Capital one is a joke. I have to Venture cards with over 600,000 miles between the two of them… one overdraft out of my control with my business account and they were both closed without notice. Even after writing a very detailed letter to corporate. Just a bad experience. GO American Express Platinum!!! Great card and an understanding company.


Terrible customer service! This card isn’t worth the hassle!

I was really excited to get this card after all the great buzz about it. When it arrived I went to activate it and was surprised to see that there was ALREADY a fraud issue (although nobody ever told me what it actually was, and the card had obviously never been used by myself or anybody else). I was on the phone with a customer service rep who asked me to upload a photo of my drivers license and email it to them, so I did. I heard nothing from them for weeks until I got a bill for my un-activated card. I called again and spoke with a very rude woman who said that she wanted me to now email a picture of the front and back of my drivers license and social security card. She still would not tell me why they were making it so difficult to activate, and also would not tell me why they hadn’t contacted me regarding the issue for over a month now. When I told her that I was uncomfortable sending these documents over an email, she just laughed at me and told me if I wanted better customer service I should call during ‘normal business hours’. So that’s exactly what I did. When I took an afternoon off to call again, this representative told me that because it had taken so long (for them to remember to contact me) I would either need to send them now my drivers license, social security card, AND proof of residency, or I would need to reapply for the card and start this torturous process over. Finally I get a hold of a supervisor and he tells me he will resolve the issue, only to get a call a few days later back at square one with the issue. They forgot to do their job and now they want me to clean it up…AGAIN! This is a joke, and a waste of hours and hours of my time. Spare yourself the headache and DO NOT get this card!



The Capital One Venture Visa card is BY FAR the best credit card company I have ever dealt with. Their fraud department is simply peerless and they are always courteous and helpful.

I am writing this review as a result of a recent experience with Capital One. Recently I made an on line purchase of two airline tickets plus an insurance policy to cover said airline tickets all with Travelocity. the airline cancelled my flights and after a frustrating fight with Travelocity, Travelocity finally refunded what I paid for my two airline tickets. However, Travelocity refused to refund what I had paid for my insurance policy for those two airline tickets. Capital One actually took the loss and refunded me what I paid for that insurance policy. One one hand I consider it unfair that Capital One had to absorb the loss for Travelocity’s dishonesty and greed. On the other hand I must applaud Capital One for refunding me my cost for said insurance policy. Furthermore, to get my refund from Capital One all I had to do was to explain and document how Travelocity cheated me. I NEVER had to argue with Capital One. Capital One is simply peerless.


Had for 9 months, fantastic for travel

The redemption of 2% for travel for any airline or hotel is very simple to use.

No foreign transaction fee is a wonderful plus. Now you don’t even have to inform Capital One that you are traveling somewhere, they already know when you are traveling so its ease of use can’t be overstated.

I recommend it to everyone I can.


Not Good For Travel

Had the card for two years now, they say they know when you’re traveling but it has declined on every one of our international trips. Often we don’t have service so can’t ok it. On our last trip it declined and then never even sent an email. Looking for a new one already.


Good for what it is

I have had this card for over a year. The interest rate is ridiculous, but I never carry over a balance on this card. Relatively inexpensive annual fee for all the auto cli and no foreign trans fee. Was recently sent the metal card which is cool. The miles build and add up over time. I have had several hundred dollars in cash back.


Great reward percent and it’s easy to use

Essentially you are getting 2% back on every purchase which is better than most and they are easy to redeem. The miles are a 1:1 ratio when you go to use them for things like gift cards, credits, etc. (unlike Amex where they do fuzzy math on what value your rewards pts have when you try to use). This card doesn’t have some of the frills that some airline partner cards may have so if you fly a lot and are picky about flight travel this may not be your card. Overall you earn more than most and capital one does a good job of keeping things simple. They have a good website and a great app that’s easy to use and has intuitive features. They are the most fraud sensitive cc company I’ve ever used so as long as your aware of that and plan ahead it’s usually no issue. Some people on here get so bent out of joint when their card doesn’t work in some remote town in Europe so carry some cash people, I’d rather them decline weird purchases like that anyways. Great war card get it.


C1 continues to impress

I am a big fan of this card and this company. We also have a Chase card and have had Citi. While Chase is pretty good Capital One is just in another league.

I had a fraud issue. They caught it almost inn real time, I received a new card the next day, they sent, without me asking, a list of auto pay vendors for me to contact. Also suggested that they send an extra card with distinct number to use for auto payments. Since fraud typically comes from swiping the card I carry, if this happens again they just replace that one and I don’t need to contact all of the auto bill merchants.

I had a misunderstanding about a charge and without me asking they gave me a refund.

Redeeming points is a breeze and earning them even easier.

Liked it so much I switched to C1 online bank. That experience was less satisfying so I left. But assuming you pay your balance monthly, and charge enough to justify the annual fee (they have a no annual fee card if you don’t charge a lot) I cannot recommend this highly enough.


Picture ID to complete cc appication?

This seems a bit much…even though I have a car loan and credit cards with capital one…never late on both. I wanted to close my present co cc and apply for a venture card for travel benefit…but after reading the comments below…I might be making a mistake.


Excellent customer service

I recently went on a trip to San Antonio and had hotel reservations. When I got to the hotel, I checked in at the front desk and received my room key. I proceeded to the room and found it to be unsatisfactory. I went back to the front desk and asked for a refund and was told that I had to wait for the manager to return the next day. The front desk attendant noted that the room was unsatisfactory and that I did not stay in it. Hotel still charged my credit card. I call customer service and was connected to a very nice representative. I explained what happened and she took over from there calling the hotel and then the website who I booked the hotel room through. Long story short, after getting the run around from the hotel, I just gave up. My customer service representative was a little disappointed, because she wanted to recover my funds from the hotel. The whole took about a week two phone calls (one into capital one and a follow-up call from the customer service representative). I was really impressed with the amount of effort she had made and was willing to put in to pursue the matter. I’ve never had a bad customer service experience with capital one, they always seem very happy.


Card doesn’t deliver on travel benefit

2 points for every dollar sounds good but their travel booking tools are very weak. This card has not distinguished itself from my other benefit credit cards. It’s just another card. Building their own travel booking tools to compete with the travel giants is a mistake. They should build an alliance with existing sites. Plus their flights exclude some carriers. I can find better search tools and better deals on my own. I’ll get my statement credit and stop using the card.


very pleased customer

I have had this card for the last few years now. I did have the lower point card prior to this. I have enjoyed having both cards. I have not had any issues. The points are easy to redeem and accumulate. I did have one issue a few years ago where my payment got crossed in the mail and was charged a late fee. I called their customer service department and explained that the payment had been mailed in plenty of time. They looked back at my payment record and found that I had never been late before and erased the late payment that they had charged me along with the interest that had accrued. Very satisfied with the card and would recommend this one to anyone.


Great Card

I read folks are trying to redeem miles on C1 website which is foolish. Any travel is redeemable after the fact. Simply charge the travel and go to the website to credit your account. All hotel and airline charges show up allowing you to redeem your miles. Never had a problem with international travel, and C1 is great for sending a text allowing me to confirm a purchase. The $59 fee is easily made up with the rewards - basically if you spend more than $3000 you get $60 of travel credit (2%), or 2 bucks for every $100. Easy peasy.


Great Experience So Far

Easy to apply, cool metal card, functional app, immediate reward once the required amount was spent. No complaints here.


Annual Fee

After the first year I did not want to pay for the membership so decided to call and downgrade the card to venture one. The Associate asked me to call up after the statement gets posted. I called up after a month. The associate helped me in downgrading the card and also let me know that annual fee will be credited. After 1 month I did not see any credit to my statement. Called up Capital-one, they said once Annual membership is paid it is paid and cannot be reverted which the other associate failed to convey when I downgraded from Venture to Venture One. I did not experience this with other credit card companies they promptly pro-rate or credit back the annual fee if we decide to downgrade the card after the promotional period.


Rated Best By Far

My credit score is @760 and I have been researching travel cards and this card was rated top notch. The card offered a lot of perks, but the one that caught my eye was the 0% interest for 12 mos, and 40k miles after spending $3000 in 3 mos. I plan to book a vacay to Australia for next year for a family of 3. Now after the 0% interest period, the interest rate would be 17.99% with a 10k credit line, that was approved in less than 5 mins. I am going to request a 2% interest rate reduction after the 1 year no rate promo. My advice to customers, If you are in good standing and do not carry a balance, it shouldn’t be a problem. I was granted an interest rate reduction from 19.99% to 17.99% with Citi Double Rewards card and informed to call back in 3 mos to request another reduction. Please keep in mind, I do not carry a balance on the Citi card so customer service will most likely grant my request.


Not such a great card

I have had this card for a few years now, and have paid my monthly balance in full every month. In July, I went on a vacation the first two weeks of the month so when I returned I mailed my payment. The following month I was assessed a late fee plus interest. I called them today to inquire about getting them to forgive the late fee and interest because I have been a loyal customer for years, was never late on payments, etc. They refunded the $3.00 in interest but would not waive the late fee. They wouldn’t budge.

So, I closed my account. Guess what’s NOT in my wallet anymore!?


Great if making a large purchase and wanting to fly after!

Got this card as I began making purchases for my upcoming wedding, looks like most of the airfare for the honeymoon will now be covered with the rewards!


100% satisfied!

I’m always surprised when I hear a review that this card does not deliver on travel benefits or customer service. I’ve carried this card for many years and travel extensively yearly including abroad. Everytime I have traveled worry free, never been turned down or had anxiety while booking. Customer service has been exceptional every time, and on occasion when I have had a mishap with a late fee purely by mistake, because Of my outstanding pay history and relationship with CO they have refunded the interest and late fee. (I never keep a balance.) I can’t speak for others but as someone who looks for great travel deals and service out of a credit card this one has delivered 100% of the time.


Great card

Love it