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Capital One Venture
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4 months and 8+ hours on the phone No HELP


worth the signup not the annual fee

correct me if I am wrong but you only get 2% back on every purchase. If that is true then you would be better off getting the citi cash back card that does the same thing but there is not annual fee. The only thing worth it is the sign up bonus. The additional perks are pretty weak when compared to other travel credit cards that may give more percent back over time and the points seem to go a little further. the points with this card are only able to be compared if used for travel. why not just get cash back and use it for travel.


Dishonest Rewards Policy

Dishonest offers, manipulative policies, and unhelpful reps. Proceed with caution, or not at all.
One of the main reasons I went with the CapitalOne Venture card was the 50,000 miles bonus they advertise for when you spend $3,000 within the first three months. Shortly after activating my new card, I was notified of another bonus: 40,000 bonus miles for adding an authorized user. I added my husband, received the bonus miles shortly after he received his card, and redeemed them for travel.
I spent the $3,000 well within the three months. After 5 months of card use went by without my 50,000 bonus, I contacted customer service.
The rep advised me that my signing bonus was 40,000 and I’d already redeemed it. I said that was for the authorized user addition, and she advised me there was no such reward. I also reminded her the signing bonus was 50,000–a different number, obviously–and she insisted it was not. This while I’m staring at the website clearly advertising 50,000! And the implication that my mind had invented an authorized user bonus. I’m not that creative. I wouldn’t have added an authorized user if it weren’t for that 40,000 bonus. My husband was satisfied with his other credit card.
She then says that I’ll have to fax in paper documentation of those offers to prove it. Easy for them to say when the offers are all made online and all my transactions paperless.
Quite a racket they have going on. Once I cool down, I have some serious thinking to do about whether I want to continue as a CapitalOne user.


Agree with "Dishonest Rewards Policy"

I made flight reservations months in advance. I called to upgrade seats and change the return date. Was told to call airline directly… this sent me into a 2-week nightmare. They offered to refund my money and points but when I accepted that offer they claimed that the airline would not refund ticket. The delays in my booking were on their end, my changes cost me more than when I first contacted them. I agreed to pay the price to change the return date of the flight but I asked them to pay for the difference in cost of the flight (which always changes… minute to minute per the agent), they would not budge. I will cancel the card due to lack of them acknowledging their error and lack of offering me a fair resolution.


Cash back

Just be careful that if you want to redeem your rewards and get cashback, you need to divide your rewards to two. Take for instance that if you have 50000 miles, they give you $250 which you just can apply it to your credit.
I think it is not worth it.


Do the deep math people!

This is how it works. You get 2 cents per dollar spent providing you redeem for travel related purchases!! All other "redeemed purchases you only get 1 cent per dollar!! So, after 1 year, you pay the $95 buck annual fee. At anytime you can use your points that you’ve accumulated at 2% (2 cents per dollar) for travel related items like hotels, airline tiks, car rentals, etc. HOWEVER if you redeem for other than travel stuff ie cash- back, toys, food, gas, etc, you’ll only get 1% credit!! And if you use your credit card for $1,056 per mos ($12667 annually) it’ll pay the annual fee and break even compared the Venture One. After that you’ll accrue pure travel rewards @ 2 dollars per dollar spent. And it’s east to spend $4 or 500 a year on a hotel or travel stuff. I charge approx 3k per mos. (36k annually) and pay in full too. I end up earning $480 or more to be redeemed for “travel”. It’s especially good for redeeming for my annual fishing lodge visit to show my wife how cheap it is to go on a boys week out vaca heehee…


Capital one is terrible

They put a hold for a ‘standard security check’ on my account which resulted in my account being cancelled and them insisting i provide a copy of my origional social security card, drivers license and proof of residence before they will even consider re-opening the account. When they first called the representative was extremely rude and insisted that I fax the documents to her and I refused saying that a reputable company would have me call the fraud department on the card not provide a fax number of the phone that is very dangerous. Turned out it was capital one and it just got worse and worse and worse from there, with me loosing my rewards balance and access to the card.



We paid our bill via electronic bill pay from our bank one the EXACT DATE on which it was due and were charged because the payment was after 8 PM. I’ve been paying these through JPM Chase for years with no issues. This smells like a class action suit.


Terrible Card

It takes way more points to earn travel than Airline cards.



It was everything I was looking for!



This one and my Amex are by far the best cards in my wallet. The interest rate is a little high on this one, compared to some others - however the benefits are great and the customer service is top notch. The annual fee is lower than most travel cards.


Never had an issue!

I’ve used this card’s rewards to pay for multiple international flights with no issue and full refund - zero hassle, they just erase the purchase. I had no issue receiving my sign up bonus or redeeming rewards in the three years I’ve had my card. This year, I had my credit card number stolen and thousands of dollars charged to my card within an hour. Capital One took care of it all and I had everything back in my account within the week and no additional follow up needed on my part; they were amazing! This card does take more time to earn points than a typical airline card but you have no restrictions on travel rewards, it is so flexible and that’s why I love it!


Incredibly terrible customer service

They don’t have travel alerts; just block your transactions when you travel overseas. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been embarrassed by having charges declined in front of clients, because Capital One thinks this is a better security measure than allowing travel alerts. Constantly have to allow them to send me texts with PINs because they’ve discovered “something strange about my sign-ins”, even though I sign in every day and there normally isn’t a problem. Customer service is Asia-based for the most part, with pat responses and usually unable to help without escalating the call. The most recent issue, unable to sign in and they’re not able to send me a text with a PIN because “my phone number wasn’t registered to me” (although other institutions have) and claiming I needed to call my cell phone company to permit text messages, which, after 45 minutes of arguing, they called and verified no block, is just typical of their usually poor customer service. In the past year, I’ve made over $75,000 in charges, which, apparently, means nothing to them. I’m looking for another card. Having to call in once a month to their security department, because I travel frequently and they block your card at a sneeze is not worth the hassle or embarrasement.