Chase Freedom Unlimited or something else

Chase Freedom Unlimited or something else
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I’m closing on a construction loan in 2 weeks, and immediately after I want to apply for a new Credit Card. I’m considering the Chase Freedom Unlimited with my approval odds at High. The card offers 3% cash back for a year capping at $20,000 and no annual fee. I will very likely run 20K through this card resulting in $600 cash back. It looks pretty good to me.

However, if you have a better card suggestion than I am all ears.



Well, our reviewers certainly like the card!


@wleach313 – If, as you say, you’re expecting to put more than $10,000 on the card in the first year, then the Chase Freedom Unlimited with the 3% introductory rate would be an excellent choice. If you plan to spend less than $10,000 in year one, then you’d be better off with a card that pays 1.5% from the start but offers a $150 cash sign-up bonus.


Sure, that makes sense, but I fully intend to run at bare minimum of $15k through the card in first 12 months. I’ll apply hours after I close.


Yes, I can see that, and what is there not to like. It’s a go for me.