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Not a best stand alone cash back unless combined with Chase Sapphire

I got this card because I already have Chase Sapphire and Chase Freedom cards. The advantage is that I can transfer Ultimate Reward points to my Sapphire and redeem it for booking a flight and/or hotel which would give me 20% discount. There are various options to transfer these points to many number of travel partners and some of these transfers can bump up the value of your points significantly. I use Freedom for 5% rotating categories, Sapphire for travel and foreign transactions and have started using Unlimited card for everything else. The biggest plus point is that I have all the cards in one place and easy to manage them online. All these 3 are great cards!


Good sign up bonus plus the 15 month 0 apr

This is a good good credit card i have the quicksilver from Capital one this card match the 1.5 % Cashback but the difference between those 2 are that I got $ 150 back plus 15 moths 0 apr can’t beat that



I love love love this card. I took advantage of the $150 Bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening0% Intro APR for 15 months from account opening on purchases.


Very Good CB but APR could be better

Just signed up for this card. The promo states a variable rate of 15.49% - 25.49% (yikes)! My FICO is 810+ so I was surprised to see my initial rate as 19.49% after promotional period of 15 months. Don’t know why but this was disturbing to get such a high initial rate. I guess the point is moot because the first 15 months is at 0%. The card has a good cash back rate at 1.5% plus a $150 signing bonus if you spend $500 in the first three months.


Good cash back rate, bonus, and promo period

If you are not doing a balance transfer, and pay your cards off every month, this card offers all 3 benefits in one. You may find a higher cash back rate, but hard to find all 3 good benefits all in one card.


Good everyday card plus “fallback” card

This card is my “everyday” card. A flat 1.5% cashback on every purchase with no limits, so it’s a perfect card to use for recurring bills and generic purchases that don’t qualify for bonus rewards with my other cards (BoA Cash Rewards and Chase Amazon Prime) or have maxed out their quarterly spending caps. I received a total of $175 of sign-up bonus ($150 for signing up and charging a minimum amount to the card, plus another $25 for adding an authorized user to the account after my first statement cycle), but I’m still projecting to earn around $400 annually from my spending habits alone.

The APR is not great, but is competitive with other cards with similar features. I never carry a balance on my cards, so the APR is of little concern to me, but there are other reward cards out there with better rates.



Hah. Got conned. I applied and got the card. Spent $500 in the first 3 months. I was told I’m “unqualified” to receive the $150 bonus with no explanation whatsoever. I also have the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and am working towards $4k in 3 months and am wondering if I will be “unqualified” for this as well.

Utter liars!


Great “everyday” card.

The sign-up bonus of $150 was a no-brainer for me since I spend more than that on stuff I need anyway. I have the card pad off every month to avoid interest and I get 1.5% cash back on stuff I was going to buy anyway. Free money.

* Also, the Chase website is nice and modern. Unlike all of the 90’s looking sites from other guys.


great everyday card

good rewards website and easy to use website overall. It’s kind of a no brainer card. Has the better features of most cards all rolled into this one. 1.5% on everything keeps it simple. It was starting to become a headache using other cards for certain purchases at certain times to get the “whatever deal” that’s going at the time. This card is straight forward and works everywhere - now at Costco too!


Great start up offer

Overall, I really like my Chase Freedom Unlimited card. I joined because of the $150 bonus offer after the first $500 in purchases. I was looking to make a larger purchase, so the $150 plus 15 months of 0% APR worked out really well. I’d recommend this card if your credit qualifies you for it. Mine is a Visa Signature, if you don’t have the credit for Signature, you may only be eligible for the standard Freedom card, which this is also a good card to have, but has rotating categories for cash back instead of one flat rate for all purchases.


So disappointed

The card was working for less than 1 month since I received it. Keep calling Chase every week then got explained that my card is under review and someone will called me back in 24-48 hours. It have been almost a month I never got a call from Chase to resolve this issue.


Declines purchases because “possible” fraud. 3 times in less than 2 years.

Im done. My card was declined for the 3rd and final time because chase thought it might be a fraudulant charge. This has caused me major issues. First decline, buying a suit, about $300, 2nd - auto parts about $300, 3rd time, purchase of a cell phone through tmobile. Which has caused me the most problems. I have NEVER been declined by any other credit company. Should be able to use my card on what I want, when I want, without being declined ever. Got this card to take advantage of the 0% apr and cashback, which i did, that part works great and is the best out there, still giving 1 star for the hassle i am still going through due to the declined charges.


Excellent Card to have in your wallet!!

I absolutely love my Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card. I applied a little over three months ago and I was approved for it with a $1,500 credit limit. In just over three months, Chase has given me an automatic CLI of $1k!! I didn’t even ask for a CLI. I will be using the card for all kinds of things, including an upcoming major purchase to keep my car running good and smoothly. I’m glad to be a new Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card holder. I will definitely be utilizing this card for a long time. I’m very happy to have begun a nice relationship with Chase and hope to be a Chase customer for long time to come. Every time I speak to Chase customer service representatives I have a great time talking to them as they’re very respectful and professional and answer my questions with good information to know, both during the call and for my future consideration as I build a great relationship with Chase. I highly recommend applying for this credit card!!!


Website problems ruin card

Got this card for the signup bonus and high general cashback but CHASE’S WEBSITE IS AWFUL. The dashboard takes 5 minutes to load after you reload the page because the first time it gives you a blank. Would not recommend any Chase products until they address this issue.


Love my Chase Freedom card

I’ve used CFC for 10+ years. I pay my card off every month, so I’m not worried about the high (if I had to pay) APR. They’ve been behind me for the occasional scam (or misunderstanding) with a vendor. I like that I have the option of getting my rewards simply credited to my account.


Love this card

This was my very first credit card and I continue to use it regularly. I love the 1.5% cash back and anytime I’ve had to call customer service, they’ve been very helpful. I truly recommend this card for anyone just starting to build their credit.


Poor Service

Security issues and chase customer service really handles unauthorized charges and claims poorly.


Don’t even explain the reason why my card hasn’t been approved

So I tried to open Chase Freedom unlimited credit card.I’ve got like 5 others credit cards and I’m taking care about my credit score.It’s about 760,even more,so I would say i’ve got a nice credit score.My friend recommended me to open this credit card.For some reasons they declined it.I don’t know why,so I tried to call them and asked ,why or what I should do to get this card,instead to help me,the customer representative just told that they are not allow to give me any information or advices.So I would not recommend this card and this bank.From now I would work with the rest of the banks ,but no more Chase in my life.Very upset about it


Should change your application system

Hey.One of my friend gave me a good recommendation about Chase Freedom Unlimited.So after couple days of thinking. I decided to open this credit card.After like a week i’ve got a respond from the bank,that they’ve been declined my application.I’ve got like 5 others credit accounts and I do have more than 760 points on my credit score in the Credit Karma app.So I was just wondering why,so I gave call to the customer service to figure out why and what should I do to get this card,the customer representative was polite ,but he was not allowed to help me with the reasons why it’ve been declined or any suggestions.So I’m gonna try to keep my credit score high,and I would open more accounts ,but not with the Chase anymore.Very upset about it…Not recommend at all