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Chase Freedom Unlimited Review | Nerd Wallet
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It isn’t the card, its Chase Customer Service

The card has been great for me for years, until I had a couple of disputes on some online and on-phone application purchases. They have out sourced customer service and they couldn’t care less about logic and facts or standing behind their customers, they just push disputes through and your credit card has NO SUPPORT.


Solid cash back card

I’ve had this card for several months. Everything is good. About the only thing I dislike is the foreign transaction fee. Along with the 1.5% cach back, Chase offers additional savings from purchases through certain merchants. The points redeem at any level and Chase will allow me to do about anything from applying to balance to depositing in my account. Chase appears fair with credit limits and has a good mobile app. Personally I am pleased with this card, and if they would eliminate the foreign transaction fee, I would call it the best credit card in my wallet.I have three other major cards and the Chase Freedom Unlimited is my favorite. Get rid other ftf please. Any one who is happy with 1.5% cash back should definitely get this card. I highly recommend it.


The card was good but Chase closed it

I just want to let people of my experience with this card. I’m new the US so only had a credit card for a little over 1 year. I got approved for this card about 7 months ago with a 700 CL. In January they upped it to 2200. I’m a “premier” checking and savings customer with Chase, I hold (soon to be held) and get paid into Chase twice a month so they know all my income details (90k/year). A couple of weeks ago I went to use my card and it didn’t work. I called and they told me they randomly reviewed my account and decided my credit history was too short and was a concern so they closed it. I’d like to add the guy on the phone was very rude and not helpful, much like talking to a robot. I never missed a payment on it never been close to the limit, I hold enough in Chase to pay off the full limit 20 times over if needed, no outstanding debt. I went into a branch to talk to somebody and he called the credit card dept. The guy there was very nice and helpful said he can have it as a second review. A week later I was told they are keeping it closed. Luckily for me not having the card is no big deal. I found it an odd experience and showed that Chase didn’t seem to value me as a customer. While I was using the card it worked fine and the rewards were as good as they get for a cash back but I won’t be using Chase to credit cards again and I’ll be withdrawing my savings account in favor of Discover saving (where I hold another credit card).


poor customer service - no integrity

Contacted customer service to ask for an APR reduction and to have the credit limit increased. Rep said she could help with both and a credit pull would be necessary for the credit line increase. After the increase was approved by $5000, i was told that Chase does not have the ability to lower their interest rates. The APR will always be what it was when the card was first applied for. I tried talking to a supervisor and was told by her that it is not impossible to have an APR lowered and in the next breath she said they do not have the ability to lower it. I would have never done the credit pull if I had known the interest rate cannot be lowered. I have another rewards credit card with a significantly lower interest rate, but the extra 5% rewards catergories are not available on it, which is why I used to like Chase Freedom. I rarely carry a balance but if i had a large purchase I would rather use a card with a lower APR, which will not be Chase Freedom … and as a matter of principal I’m not using Chase Freedom for anything that will not be paid in full each month if I choose to use it all.


Excellent Points Card

I value my Chase points at 2 cents plus. I just bought a one way ticket that was available for $640 for 12500 points—transferred to United. The Chase points are awesome…


Nothing Special

Its an okay card - but once are the perks are gone - not much else there to write home about.


5/24PPL complain

PPl complain they dont get approve with good CS/income. Check if you have applied 5 + CC last 24 months. Chase auto deny appl if you have more than 5cards last 24+ months