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Chase Freedom
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Great rewards card for consumers just starting to build credit.

The Chase Freedom Card provides a good option for consumers to get into the credit card market. There are several positives to using this card. Chase offers 5% cash back per quarter on selected items, and 1% cash back on everything else. You’re allowed to redeem the points for cash, bill credit or gift cards purchased through their website.

The only drawbacks are that they offer such a small opening line of credit, typically about $1,500 and a very high interest rate, around 23.99%. Overall, if you’re looking to establish credit though, this is a great option.


I love having this card.

So far i have had nothing but a positive experience with the chase freedom card. From the start i was offered one year 0% APR. Once the year was up the interest rate stayed relatively low for me. This card does not charge an annual fee which is nice as well… The best part of the card, in my opinion is the rewards program. You get cash back points on every purchase and certain purchases can earn you 5% back.


good, but not great, card all around

The Chase Freedom is a very good card, at least in terms of rewards, though it could be slightly better. The revolving categories that give 5% cash back is great, but sometimes, the categories are irrelevant to me. I wish I could choose which category I get the bonus in, but that would be a little too good to be true. There’s also no fees, which is always good.


Great for Everyday Use

Overall, I am very happy with this credit card. I’ve had it for about a year, and to date, have never had any problems with billing, I’ve never had to spend hours on the phone trying to sort things out as I’ve had to do with other companies. The rewards are a definite plus. I love my Chase Freedom card!


Great card for beginners with no credit

I love the Chase Freedom card. I got it once I got my first job and was finally able to ditch the awful card I had when I had no credit and little income. This card made it easy to build my credit. Every time I’ve called customer service, they’ve been really helpful.

The rotating 5% cashback categories make it easy to get some cash back some quarters. 1% cash back on everything else is pretty standard. I do wish some of their categories were better, but I understand that they might work better for people who don’t live in big cities.


High Interest, Great Rewards

I used Chase Freedom for a few years with great success. I paid it off every month and enjoyed the rewards. I received about $40 gift card to Amazon every 2-3 months. Then one month (the month I got married), I wasn’t able to pay it off and I was hit with interest. I’ve paid it off since then but I don’t use it anymore.


Great for the average person

I have had my Chase Freedom card for a little over two years now and it is a card I use for many purchases. The bulk of my purchases are on day to day items such as groceries, gas, household items, etc. I really enjoy the rewards since I earn cash back bonuses that are up to 5% back which really helps with my grocery bills and keeping out family on a budget. This card is a card that is great for the average person it offers good perks and has no annual fees. I would recommend this card to anyone who is looking to stretch their budget.


Wonderful first card for building credit!

Chase Freedom card is great for first-timers wanting to build credit. I originally signed up for this card as a signer under my husband’s name and some way or another after a few months I was quickly able to sign up for my very own card. My own responsibility, It was gratifying. They also help you step by step in the sign up process and explain anything you need to know in an easy way to understand. It helps to have some incentives to help you along the way too such as bonuses for spending a certain amount and receiving a percent of your cash back.


Love that Safe and Secure feeling!

LOVE this card! They monitor my usage and have closed my account at once when there has been suspicious activity! They re-issued my card immediately with a new number and I continued on with no problem!


Ok, I guess

Honestly I don’t have a very strong opinion of Chase Freedom. I don’t entirely understand what “freedom” the card provides me when they automatically hassle me to pay my bill when I am only a few days behind on my payment. I don’t find the card offers any perks that set them apart from other credit cards.


Great Card to Build Credit

I applied for Chase Freedom to increase my credit score and to be able to have a card in case of an emergency. Overall I like the card. I haven’t had any problems with the card. I did have a problem with how the due date of the payment is processed online. I wasn’t aware that when you make a payment online it doesn’t process the same day via Chase. So if you make a payment on the 4th it won’t process till the 5th, and if it’s due the 4th it will be considered late if you pay it online on the 4th so beware of that if you makes payments on Chase.

I like the rewards program and they are always having bonus programs. If you know how to use your card right you can get some pretty good rewards in the end. Overall I am happy with my card it’s doing what it was meant for.


Great Card for Credit Card Beginners.

Chase Freedom has been a really great card. I got a bonus of $200 from when I signed up and that was amazing. I get rolling categories that change every 3 months and I get 5% back from my purchases in those categories.


Great 5% Cashback

This is a must have card for everyone. The 5% cash back in rotating categories is fantastic and is the benchmark to beat. These points can be converted to cash back or can be redeemed for travel (when coupled with the Sapphire Preferred). Everyone should have this card in their wallet.


Good customer service, but unfriendly to finances

I have a long-standing credit card account with Chase, and my experience is a mixed bag. Their customer service is responsive and positive when I call them. Their web site is reasonably easy to use. It’s nice to be able to use rewards points in a variety of ways, including as a statement credit, as a withdrawal to my bank, and when shopping online. However, their interest rates are the highest of all my credit cards, and they’ve been difficult about both lowering my interest rates and increasing my credit limit.
It also appears they may be chasing my balance now. My credit limit suddenly dropped by several thousand dollars recently, and they say it’s because my credit rating no longer meets their standards. That’s disturbing, because their choice to lower my limit could very well make my credit rating drop. Will they lower my limit again when their actions negatively impact my credit? We’ll see.
Overall, this is my least favorite credit card out of three. A prime candidate for a balance transfer … to another card.


The Best Reward Card

The Chase Freedom is the best credit card you can have, especially if you like rewards. You get 1% back on every purchase, and each quarter of the year there are different categories (like gas, groceries, movies, department stores, etc.) that will get you an extra 5% back. The rewards are easy to redeem. You can get cash back or a statement credit, or whatever you choose.
It is easy to use the card, and you save money on the things you are buying anyway. You can usually find a special offer that gets you $300 back, as long as you spend $500 in the first 3 months. They make it so easy to get money back. The categories always have things that I like to do, and places I like to spend money, so it’s a win-win every time I use the card. Their customer service is exceptional, and I have never had a problem with Chase in the 6+ years I have used their credit card.


Easy, but high rate starter card.

This is a pretty basic credit card. There are some high fees and rates that aren’t reduced as time goes on. This credit card is being replaced by a Credit Union Visa.


My experience with Chase

I have enjoyed the card from Chase. I always pay my bill on time so I have never had a chance to have any negative experience with them. In the few times I have had to call customer service I was treated as if I mattered and I appreciate the level of professionalism from the company.

Recently my card was charged multiple times for something I did not purchase due to a technical error, chase stopped the charges that day and everything was cleared up before I went to sleep that night. It is this kind of prompt service that shows me I made the right choice going with Chase for my credit card.


Great interest rate great card

This card is great i love my interest rate, I love my rewards and cash back its the best card ive ever had. I would recommend this card to anyone who asks what kind of card to get


Great Card for Bonus Reward Points

I have been very pleased with my Chase Freedom card. I have had this card for about 4 years now, with no issues. I originally signed up for the card as they were doing a $300 sign-up bonus. I thought this was a great deal and went ahead and signed up. I did in fact receive the $300 after reaching the required spending mark, which was easy.

I also like the points system the Freedom card uses. Each quarter, there is a list of 3-4 types of businesses where the card is good for 5% cash back. Some examples are gas stations, movie theaters, etc. I have found that using the points is easy and a rewarding experience.