Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Great Card for 1st Time Card Holder

As a recent college graduate, this is the first credit card that I was able to get approved for. While opening a savings account with Chase, I was able to be pre-approved for the card. I discussed the benefits of opening a credit card with my banker, and decided to open it that day. The card has a low limit so it does not allow for over spending. I was able to link it to my Chase Online account which has a very convenient and useful mobile app. I get both push notifications and email reminders that remind me to pay my bill on time. It is very easy to pay my bill through the app. Overall, I am very satisfied with this card, especially since it is my first.


Solid card overall

I found the card to be fairly simple and straightforward to use. The APR and Rewards were above average compared to my other cards, and I enjoyed the sign up bonus they offered. It was a great bonus that I felt was completely worth it to sign up for the card. I also had an issue with an unauthorized transaction on my card, and found the customer service to be very helpful and useful towards protecting me and making sure that nothing worse came out of it. I’ve been very satisfied with the card and have no issues with it.


Great to earn cash back

There is nothing special about the Chase Freedom. It’s neither particular good or bad. I mostly use the card when they have special cash back promotions.


Great card for those who want a lower interest rate along with a points program.

We picked up a Chase Freedom card when we were looking to move away from another card and start receiving more rewards for our purchases. The interest rate was really good, and we really enjoyed the points program and cash back we received. This allowed us to pay our card down sooner, as well as get a few things back in gift cards and the like. The only reason we don’t use this card so much anymore is a better interest rate at our CU.

The Chase website was really nice to use too. Every time we had a question or were tracking purchases, it was easy to get around. When we wanted to spend some points, this was very easy as well.


Great Cash Back Card

The Chase Freedom card is one of the best credit cards out there if you want a credit card with a great cash back rewards program. The Chase Freedom card offers a very generous cash back program where all purchases earn you 1% cash back. This right here is a great deal, but Chase goes further and offers bonus cash back opportunities for a total of 5% cash back in certain categories. Each quarter a certain category of products such as groceries, gas, or department store sales are set to receive the bonus cash back of 5%. All you have to do is respond to an email given by Chase and sign up for the bonus categories.
The money you earn can be redeemed a number ways. Chase gives you many options such as a statement credit, check, or even gift cards for your favorite store. And the best thing about this card is that even with its great benefits there is no annual fee! The Chase Freedom card offers a great way to save money through its rewards program. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new credit card.


Chae Freedom.

The starting Apr is a bit high for my credit rating (13.99%V). My other cards are in the vicinity of 9.99%V , but the sign on bonus was to good to pass up. All I had to do was spend $500 within 3 months (which fits in perfectly with my normal spending habits) and the gave me $100.00. Also the reward program is great. I love that I can switch from cash back, to points or even statement credits.
I have to say that I am a little iffy when it comes to Chase’s customer service. It is usually hit or miss whether you will get a good rep. I find that the reps from Springfield are usually the worse, The ones from Orlando are so so but the ones From Mumbai usually are the nicest and are the ones who better informed. Also it seems every time I Speak to a rep even if it is the most basic of inquiries they try to sell me something. It gets on your nerves after it happens two or three times.


Overall Beneficial Credit Card

I have the Chase Freedom credit card for a few years, and it is my go-to card. It has a nice reward on everyday purchases, no annual fee, and competitive interest rates. I also enjoy the bonus reward categories and am sure to participate to grow my cash back.
I would recommend the Chase freedom card to anyone who wants to earn cash back on their purchases and have a great back up rate for necessary credit.


The Chase Freedom Visa card is accepted everywhere, comes with a great rewards package, and has excellent customer service.

The Chase Freedom Visa card is my payment method of choice. The card is accepted everywhere, and offers generous rewards for cardholders. My favorite reward the cash back feature. Although I rarely carry a balance, I find the payment terms reasonable.

Whenever I have a question, I just call the toll-free number and receive prompt and efficient customer service.

Cardholders can have online access to their accounts. My only complaint is that the online data is not always updated timely.


Great card for people who know how to use a credit card right.

I have been a loyal Chase Freedom card user for many years. The rewards program is the best I have see. There are many perks but the 5% monthly promotions are great. I have saved a bundle in rebates from Chase over the years. I especially like the times when gasoline is the 5% promotion category. I drive a lot and this has been great for me.

Of course paying off the monthly balance is always a good idea. No sense in getting a rebate and then blowing it all on fees later.


Great card for absent-minded people.

Chase freedom card has been really good to me. I recieved this card after a friend recommended to me in August. I use this card to take advantage of the cash back by only using it when purchasing gas and other necessities like groceries. The card has no annual fee so its great for people like that may forget to pay the card and not be punished just to have the peice of plastic


Good Card For Everyday Use Great Customer Service

I’ve ha this credit card for the past five years and have no real complaints. I never carry a balance, so the interest rate isn’t very important to me. I think it’s around 14%. I do enjoy the points. They have different categories every quarter in which you get 5% back. The categories often go with the seasons (home depot in the spring, gas and movie theaters in the summer, department stores and amazon in the winter etc) I always choose to get cash back with my points and have gotten several hundred dollars every year. There are no fees associated with the credit card, which is good for me. The only thing I wish it had was no fees on foreign transactions. That would make this card better for travel.

I have had one experience with customer service, and they were very responsive. I live in a hot climate, and summer I left my wallet in the car on a particularly hot day in July. When I got back to the car my credit card had literally melted and was curled up. It was completely unusable if it needed to be scanned. I called customer service for a new card and they had a replacement shipped overnight free of charge.


Good rewards card, Good overall.

The Chase freedom card is a good rewards card. You get 1% cash back on all purchases with 5% on a rotating category. The rotating category changes every quarter. The category are things like gas, grocers, shopping etc. You have to sign up for the new category every quarter which is kind of odd but it is very easy to do.

You are able to pay the card online and view statements, rewards, etc. There is no annual fee and the interest rates are average.


Great card for everyone.

Chase Freedom is a great cash back card to get if you like cash rebates. Personally, I prefer cash back to getting rewards because with cash, you can buy whatever you like or use it however you want. A nice incentive offered to new card members is that you can get a $100 Bonus after you sign up and spend $500 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening - a big plus since you only need to spend less than $167 per month in order to get the $100 Bonus. You will also receive a $25 Bonus when you add your first authorized user and make a purchase within this same 3-month period. What I like best is that you get 5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories (up to $1,500 in combined purchases per quarter), which can save you a lot of money if you plan your spending ahead of time.


Only card you will ever need

This card has been very good to me. It has a reward program which gives you 5% on quarterly purchases. I have had no problems using this card for any purchases, accepted anywhere I need. The interest rate is average for a credit card. I have been a loyal customer for years


great reward card

I apply for this credit card because it give a great amount of cashback I was planing to use it for my daily purchases. In addition, it gives 300 dollars reward when uses 500 dollars in the first 3 months after apply. This offer is very temped for me.


I like this card

I like that the card has no annual fee and gives me 1-3% cashback based on what I purchase


Great card for loyal chase members

I just got this credit card a few weeks ago and it has been great so far. I’ve been able to use it for bills and other expenses with little to no problem. I like the fact that it is with chase who are people I can trust.


Great card for beginners!

I love the Chase Freedom card. Me and my wife both have them. At the time when I applied for this card my credit just got better from all the negative things I had when I was a teenager. I applied online and was approved right away with a $3000 credit line! Not only that the first 18 months are interest free! Within a few months my credit line has increased to $5000.

I once paid $1400 to a company online for a product. That same company went out of business within a week. I thought I would definitely lose that money and would have to pay it back. I called Chase customer service and explained the situation to their fraud department. I was refunded the money within 24 hrs without filling out any paperwork like I had to do with previous banks and credit card companies! Very hassle free card!


Great first credit card for a student

This card is a great choice for students. It is easy to qualify for and the positive qualities are straightforward. There is no annual fee and I get cash back rewards. The customer service of Chase is also great and helpful.


Chase freedom is a great no nonsense card

I have had this card for nearly five years. I got it I believe when I requested a balance transfer. I have 2 credit cards but this one is my daily go to. I purchase everything on this card. It is a great no nonsense card and I would recommend it to friends or family.

This card has no annual fee which is one of the main reasons I got it. It also gives one percent cash back on every purchase. It then offers 5 percent cash back on different items every quarter. Their website is easy to use and their customer service seems to really be helpful. Once I have accumulated up to 25 dollars I have it ach to my checking. I really like this card.