Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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A card that rewards online shoppers!

The Chase Freedom card is one of the best credit cards out there. I have been using this card for a few years now and the 5% cash back rewards every three months is greatly welcomed and anticipated. Since I do a lot of online shopping, this card is my ideal when I shop at one of Chase’s featured stores. If you are able to make your payments on time then you will have no trouble when it comes to fees and the 0% introductory APR should be pleasing.


Great all around card

This card has excellent benefits. Customer service is top notch. There is an excellent app available and the card has great interest free offers.


Card for college kids

My credit card ia a great card and it gives me great benefits. Whenever i lose it, i am able to get a new one right that same day. Every year, i am able to get some cash back if i make my payments on time. My card is thick and it’s really hard for it to fall out of my wallet . My card also gets benefits at certain restaurants, and am able to get discounts in some restaurants.


Good card if you want to improve your credit

I had been banking with chase for several years and they had been sending me ads in the mail for their chase freedom cards occasionally but I will just brush them off. But one day I actually read the ad and saw that the interest rates were pretty low. I thought maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Plus I only have a 500 dollar spending limit so that keeps my spending in check. I usually use it to buy emergency items like food and gas. Then I immediately pay those off. I also needed a way to improve my credit and they suggested it was a good card for someone like me. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with it.


Great card, no rewards.

Great card. High limits and the wireless ability is pretty cool as well. No rewards or cash back which is kind of a downer. Chase also has very effective fraud prevention. It kicked in yesterday for me when a unscrupulous gas station tried to overcharge my card by 81 dollars.


Chase gives you freedom.

The low intro APR was pretty key for me. On top of that, the no annual fee 1% unlimited cash back have made this credit card much more valuable to me in the long run than my previous cards. This chase credit card really gives me the “freedom” to spend how I want and not have to worry about crazy fees on cash back or ridiculous APR.

The $100 bonus was great too and very easy to qualify for. If I had to recommend a credit card for people my age who are responsible but love getting 5% cash back for spending in grocery stores and target type stores I would definitely recommend the Chase Freedom Card


It gets the job done

I receive 1% back on most of my purchases and that is a little low. They make so much off my credit card purchases and they should offer at least 5% back. It’s nice seeing a extra few bucks at the end of the month but it could be more. The Chase Freedom is an ok credit card but I’ll look for something better. I give it a 5/10.


Do not do business with Chase.

I was pre-approved for a Chase Freedom card a few years ago. I filled out the paperwork and received the card in the mail. I did not use the card from about 3 months, then I received a bill from them. Some company in Colorado charged me $18.99, this was very odd because I had not used the card for anything yet. I called the phone number of the company and it was not a real number. I called Chase and they were unwilling to help me. They told me I must deal with the company that charged me.

I cancelled the card immediately and refused to pay the charge. I know I hurt my FICO score by cancelling the card but I feel I had no other recourse. I was not going to pay a bogus company for a bogus charge. I believe if I had used my card frequently Chase would have been more willing to help me. I tell everyone and anyone about how Chase handled this every chance I get. Thank you for the opportunity.


Good card for anyone

I like the card very much. I get 5% cash back on something different every quarter, and I can use that cash back directly on Amazon if I so choose. Or I can apply it as a credit regardless of the amount. Have not really had to deal with customer service too much, but the two times I called, my issue was resolved quickly.


Nice card with a low interest rate

The card does not carry a lot of rewards but it is a low interest card.


Great card to use for everyday expenses

The Freedom card has a set of rotating categories where you can get 5% cash back. I benefit the most from using it for gas, groceries and shopping on Amazon (also good for Starbucks and movie theaters, where I probably spend more than most folks). This card is great when you pair it with the Chase Sapphire Preferred as you can combine reward points between the two.


Awesome Card

Between the $100 signup bonus, the 0% APR promotion, and 5% cash back on rotating categories (which are all places I use, like Starbucks, gas stations, restaurants, etc.), this is a great overall card.


Not what it used to be

We’ve been loyal to our Chase Freedom and were some of the first to get it. However, we’ve decided to stop using the card. Why? The 5% rewards categories are not as valuable as they used to be, more often than not we just get 1%.

Since the Target breach, they’ve tightened up so much on security it has been difficult to use the card just within the state we live in. We’ve had numerous transactions flagged as “fraudulent” on trips we’ve taken within 2 hours of our home, including minor ($50 or less) purchases at outlet malls etc. What ultimately ended it between us and Chase Freedom was a transaction being flagged as “fraudulent” at a major grocery store chain 1 mile from our home, where we use the card at least twice/week. Really Chase? We’ve complained about this numerous times but Chase has blown us off each time we’ve called.

It was a great card for a long time, but now I’ve found better options.



Warning. Do you want a convenience credit card thatruns a serious risk of being inconvenient? I have had a Chase Freedom card for a few years now. Last year, they hadcanceled a Walmart charge without notifying me. That was the second time theyhad done this. A week later, having notreceived my merchandise, Walmart informed me that the credit card had canceledit. I was lazy and let it go. Now we ordered a ticket for my son to studyabroad overseas -- $600. We were so happy we got a good deal. Chase canceledthat. We had to settle for $850 a few days later. Customer service told me thatit was their right to do so if the charge was suspicious (which they said couldbe nothing more than we had never ordered from that merchant before) and that Ihad no recourse. They said that they could do that at any time in the future. Ihave always had Mastercard and Amex, and they notify me if there is a potentialfraud. Not Chase. They just cancel it. The reason for having a credit card isconvenience, and I have spent over 3 hours on the phone with different reps andmanagers, all not only unhelpful, but rude. And at times I have had to waitover 20 minutes to get a rep. They toldme that that was the way of protecting themselves. When I said that my other cards call or emailme, they said that Chase was not interested in risking the cost. Terrible! Rude, poor customer service,long wait times. It may be worth it for some, but when youreally need them, there is a difference.


It should have be a good card. But the Application is such a DRAMA!

I know this is should be a good credit card and it can be used together with Sapphire, so I submitted my application. I had a very good credit score and the application should be approved immediately. After I finished the form, I was told the application is in a pending state because they could not verify my current address. After about 20 days I received there notification asking me to send my lease with the my current address. I did so immediately. Then the long wait begins. Within the next one and half month, there is no useful information about my credit card application. I made several phone call to check the application status, the only thing I got was "your application is being reviewed, we will notify you within next 7 to 10 business days. " Fortunately or unfortunately, I made a phone call this morning again and this time I successfully get connected to an credit application representative. This time they confirmed they had already received my lease copy but it was not accepted. And the most ridiculous part is they asked me for a copy of my driver license. I’ve never known to apply for a credit card you must provide your driver license. And I was told the driver license is the only thing that can make the review process move forward. What makes me angry is they had never told me the document I sent was not accepted, no letter, no email or any notification. I don’t think this is a good way to interact with customer, especially for such a big renowned company. This card has a lot of good perks, but my application process is such a pain and I definitely don’t want to experience with it again!


As of July 2015, this card is useless

I’ve had this card for years and it’s been great, good reward deals, decent customer service, no complaints. But recently my card has been declined almost every where. When I called customer service they told me they’ve had a lot of fraud cases so any time I use it somewhere I haven’t shopped, it will send a fraud alert and I won’t be able to use it until I’ve cleared the transaction. So I’m definitely in the market for a new card. Not recommended.


Excellent Card

AWESOME CARD!! Used this card for my vacation and just on GAS this summer I earned $75 cashback!! You earn cashback MUCH quicker than one would think…

Also, their customer service is amazing! Overall I am very happy with my freedom card


Leaving this card company

Overtime This Card has gotten worse and worse. I first signed up over 10 years ago when the rates were 5% cash back, and things have been going down ever since. I’m finally ready to cancel my card and move on to a better rate in the Capital One quick silver card. What got me ticked off is that they cancelled my card and did not let me make purchases when I needed it most. Apparently, they sent me a new card that had a new secure chip and gave me time to cancel my current card, which was not supposed to expire. With all the junk mail they send, I probably threw away the new card since I wasn’t expecting a replacement. Without warning they just cancelled my card and did not let any payments go through despite me telling them that I need them to go through for just another day or two. Please give me a warning when my card will be cancelled so I’m not surprised when my bills get defaulted because my credit card is declined. Good Bye Chase… Hello Capital One!


Do not travel with this card!

I have finally had enough. I have been a cardholder since 2011 and every vacation I have had to call from a gas station or a hotel to re-activate the card because they put a hold on it. I didn’t have cell service at one near a national park and had to use the only cash I had to get gas. Frustrating. I finally had enough when I moved across the country and had a dental appointment. I could not use the card because the fraud department did not believe I was me.

5% cash back is appealing for a while but I eventually tired of keeping up with the rotating categories. At first it is novel, almost fun. After a while, do you really want to only use your card 3 months of the year for gas? 1% cash back the rest of the year is WAY below the interest rate you will pay on the purchase.

Note: I have simultaneously owned a different VISA card and never had any problems, never even had to call customer service. NO benefits, but NO headaches.


The Only Card I Use

I use my chase freedom card for every purchase except the swap meet and that kills me…lol I have gotten so much cash back and don’t forget to go on chase before you shop online and look for stores because if you use it through that to purchase there are extra points there too. The customer service is top notch. Don’t leave home without it!