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Chase Freedom
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This has been the worse experience of my life. For 2 months I have been receiving texts, emails and phone calls about my paying my bill late after 2 years of on time payments???WHY because CHASE for the past 2 months has been forwarding my payments to what I'm told is a CHASE owned credit card for military personnel. Problem???? I've been retired for over 20 years...haven't had the card in much longer, and CHASE no longer owns the account. CHASE credit card solution??? That I contact my bank (from whom the checks were sent) and tell them to stop payment...WHYYY??? CHASE has already cashed both checks. Chase's second solution..that I go to the military base where CHASE sent both payments and retrieve both my payments? "We don't except payments for credit cards here sir, you've been misinformed or mislead, we simply process military personnel in and out of military service". So I have a CHASE representative on the phone with both my bank and the accounting finance at the military base listening to the entire conversation. The next ressponse was well I don't know what you want me to do, I'm just trying to help you???? REALLY, how about you fire the person who stole my money, reimburse me for the hours I took off my job to go to the bank and the military base to solve an issue that CHASE created???? oh and did I mention after having my bank pre print the check with the last four of my account #., that the representative at CHASE, hand wrote an entirely different # except the last four and forwarded my payments to again a 20 year old CLOSED military account???? I have been stolen from, lied to, given the run-around oh and encountered late fees, over the limit fees, fees on incorrect balances and just plain victimized!!!! DO NOT APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD FROM THIS COMPANY...Today I was told to drive my payment to the nearest CHASE bank hahahahahahahahah 45 miles out of my way....I DON'T THINK SO.


All I need!

Good stuff.


Solid Rewards Card

I like the Freedom card for several reasons. First the bonus categories are ones I actually spend money on. Second the customer service has been great so far, granted I don’t deal with them often. I also have a great APR at 8.99% the card was issued in 2008 so I guess interest rates have gone up since then. However I don’t carry a balance so it doesn’t matter, but if I needed to this would be the card if do it on unless I had a 0% promo on another.

The not so good. The app is a little bland and does not offer nearly as much as the website. With Free FICO scores being more common I would have thought the Freedom card would have hopped on board by now. Lastly I have only gotten one CLI since opening the account 8 years ago.


Greater Starter Card

I’m a law student, so I don’t spend a ton of money (mainly because I don’t have a ton of money to spend). The card has a pretty low limit, but given my low spend rate, I rarely have an issue with it. The rewards are great for me (I picked Freedom specifically for the 5x gas & grocery rewards), but they rotate every 3 months, so there are times when you’re stuck with rewards that aren’t applicable to you.


Good Start but not good after that

I loved this when received it, but there after nothing changed. Its been two year I am using card. There is no Credit limit increase until now, never gave any Balance Transfer offers and no promotional APR offers. Very rude Customer care.

Every time I call them they will you should receive them on your account but your are not receiving and we dont know why.


Great, easy to use

I’ve had my Chase Freedom card for years, and find it very easy to use. I love the fact that I consistently earn rewards every month and don’t have to read any find print or follow complicated instructions to redeem my points. I don’t spend a lot, and I always pay off all my balances right away. And yet each month I get back about $25-$30 in rewards. I have the option to put that towards my Chase bank accounts, or get a gift card. So far I’ve never had any hassles in redeeming my rewards.

My APR is 13.99%, a rate that’s not ideal but reasonable, and certainly a lot lower than the APR I’ve been offered by some other credit cards. Anyway, it makes little difference to me as I never carry a balance on my card. My credit limit of $8,500 is also good. (I currently have excellent credit but my credit was lower when I opened this card).

Overall I’m happy with this card and don’t plan to get anything else anytime soon.


Good overall

Nice service


I Never Leave Home Without This Card

I have had my Freedom card for a number of years now and I must say that I have never had a card like it before. What I love the most is that I can get actual cash back in a day or two once I submit my request. The 5% categories are very useful and rotate during the year which I enjoy, especially during the end of the year when I shop more online and at retailers for the holidays. Another really great benefit of this card is the travel. I do a fair amount of travel and the best thing I do is purchase through the travel site and pick up more cash back! If you enjoy online shopping then this card also provides more opportunities to save by offering all the major retailers through its shopping site. I have another major Blue card, but was extremely disappointment when I found out that it didn’t offer cash back only account credit.

The only thing I can say that would be an improvement to this card would be if Chase offered an automatic extended warranty on big purchases and/or rental car insurance protection, and exclusive deals. That would be awesome.

If you’re like me and you need a few extra dollars throughout the year then this card is all you need. Wonderful job Chase!



After getting so many letters in the mail from this card to sign up, I decided to do some research about it. I came to find out its one of the best, so I was sold. Since I bank with Chase already and I hate all my credit cards, I decided to sign up. I was approved and after that I closed all of my other credit card accounts because this card is seriously all I need. The rewards and the benefits is something my other cards did not offer, and I’m very pleased.


Cash back promotions no longer relevant

Card went from great categories each quarter a few years ago to very few, mostly irrelevant categories today


All I Need

This was my first ever credit card and I lucked out that I picked this one. The cash back and rewards are great and their customer service is awesome. I would highly recommend this card!



On 4/27 I called the # back of my chase freedom credit card, I asked if they can lower my APR. The lady told me my APR and said they cant not do anything at this time. She said by time it will decrease. I know that is not true because I had the credit card for 5 years now. I always have a balance and pay interest. I guess they don’t care about there customers now. I called my discover card today to ask for the same thing. It took 3 minutes to knock off 5% of my original rate… Now I will be using my discover purchases from now on. #BYECHASE



I like this card because it is a great intro card for people with “good” credit. One of the perks to this card is that quarterly it changes the what purchases will get you 5% back. These perks are in line with what purchases are made in those quarters. This is an additional perk on top of the 1% cash back from all purchases.



The cashback rewards are great!


It’s fine

easy to use


my go to card

I like the website.
But I don’t like having to say I want the additional bonus points on different stores every three months. Just give it to me already.


Good if you use a lot of gas or eat at restaurants

Limited categories


Easy and convenient to use!

Great rewards program and I like the customer service


Great quarterly rewards!

I love the quarterly rewards!



1% cash back on your purchases. Nothing fancy. But credit limit is higher than others for me.