Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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A great every day credit card with awesome rewards

I use this card daily and accrue points quickly towards cash back, travel, shopping and dining. Great customer service and easy to increase credit line.


Use this with the Sapphire Preferred

I like using this card primarily for racking up rewards points alongside my Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I wish it didn’t have the $1,500 quarterly limit but overall a nice way to get even more points.


Told approved and then denied?!

I applied for this card so i could take advantage of the 150 bonus cash if i spend 500. I have an Amex with a 30,000 dollar limit, another amex with 15,000 a barclay with 15,000 CL and 3 or 4 more cards with 5,000 - 10,000 dollar limits. My credit score is 784. I have applied for 5 CC in the past 2 years. For the first time i wasn’t approved right away when applying online. Confused, i thought well i just moved so maybe they need to verify my address change. so i called the back door number to check the status of my application. Sure enough they just needed me to verify my account. So i had to fax over a utility bill, mind you they told me to wait a week for them to upload this to my account. The woman on the phone said you will be approved for 4500 when we get the verification of your address. So i waited a week and called back to find out that they are denying me because i have opened to many credit cards in the past 2 years. I said well i’m confused because they said i was approved last week and i could ask for a CL increase if i wasn’t happy with the 4500 dollars i was already approved for. Any way, i just wanted to put this out there because if you’re like me and track everything and try to make good financial decisions don’t get this card and find out the hard way they say whatever they want over the phone and do something completely different. I have 91% available credit and i shoot over 780 and they declined me. UNBELIEVABLE. thanks for the 2 year Hard inquiry!


Great until you have an issue.

A great card as long as you don’t have any problems. Customer Service is really poor. They don’t yell at you or anything like that but they always just say there is nothing they can do. Even when its their fault! Sad to see something that could be so great ruined by poor customer service. Better to get the Discover card with the same 5% rolling rewards.


Credit limit increase

I’ve been with chase freedom for a year and 4 months, I was initially approved for $700 and even though I’ve been a good customer paying off my usage nearly in full every month I’ve still yet to get a credit line increase. 3 times now I’ve called to try and get a credit line increase and every time I’ve been declined, putting a hit on my credit report. My credit scores are 712/734/746, I have no late payments on any of my accounts and all of my other cards have increased my limits with no hard hits required. Out of all my cards, I am forced to use this one the least which is a shame because they have a nice cash back reward program. I won’t be referring anyone to this card in the future.



I had the freedom card and it’s awesome. I see they came out with the Freedom Unlimited and I was pissed because I had the Freedom card for over a year now and I became interested in the benefits of the Unlimited. So i called Chase to see if I can switch to the Freedom Unlimited and they gave me the card with no questions asked. So now I get the 1.5% cash back on all purchases and I still have the tenure of my old Freedom card rolled over. So they put my 4700 points on my Unlimited card. Thanks Chase.


800+ credit score but declined

I have over 10 credit cards with 8 years of excellent credit history but Chase declined me. I will NEvER apply for credit cards from Chase and cancel the two remaining cards.


Great card, unforgiving on tardiness

The cash-back features are great. I’ve never had a problem using the card anywhere and they are pro-active with security. The problem comes if you cut making your payment too close to the due date. I have a due date on the 6th of the month. I made my payment the evening of the 6th as I was busy during the day. The morning of the 7th I had a $34 fee waiting for me. I get that payment at a certain time of day will post on the next day but nailing people with fees that quickly (I technically paid on the due date) is sort predatory.


First Credit card

When I wanted to open my first credit card, I had no credit history at all but I was baking with Chase for quit a awhile. they don’t have secured card so I applied to this card and got approved for $500. since then they increased my limit to $1000 without my asking them. I love this card . the reward are awesome.


Terrible Service

The card itself is fine, but the customer service is terrible. I called to find out when I needed to pay so that I wouldn’t carry a balance and they told me the wrong thing. So then I carried a balance. There are so many other good options out there, don’t waste your time on this one!


STINGY with credit increases

I have had my Chase Freedom card since 2009 and they have only increased my limit ONCE. I use this card frequently and I PIF or leave a low balance every cycle.

For people saying a PRO is that it is accepted everywhere, well duh its a VISA, not because its a Chase Freedom.

I use and pay my other credit cards the same way I use this card, except they actually increase my limit either automatically or through a increase request (soft pull). If you request an increase with Chase, they will do a hard pull and that will affect your credit. Seriously? I have a checking account with Chase and I have been in good standing, why do a hard pull? They can see I have more than enough funds and I have never missed a payment.

Moving forward, I will only be using this card to buy gum. Once every 6 months.


credit increase

After having this credit card for about 2 years with a $5,000 limit, i requested a credit increase over the phone. I have been paying everything in full from the time i got my card. I have a few other credit cards with over $10,000 limits. When i received my result they only raise the limit for $500. For me this is a slap in the face. not only did i get my credit dinged it was for only $500. When i requested to speak to someone in regards to raising it more. They told me they cant because i was already accepted. However, if i wasn’t accepted then i would have been able to possibly get more.

I am unsatisfied with this card and will be now using this card less because of the available credit. I was planing on using it to spend close to $10,000 a month on bills and others from my company expenses. I will be using my Bank of America travel card which i just received a credit limit from $6,000 to $13,500.


Get this card!

The categories are surprisingly useful! Q4 one year was Amazon, so I did all of my holiday shopping there and maxed out the category ($75 in cash back). Gas stations, dept. stores, pharmacies, and even local transit (I ride NJ Transit and use the NYC subway system almost every day, so this was a nice perk I maxed out, too.) Easy to get approved and to get a high limit (mine is about 25% of my annual income). I’ve earned over $400 in cash back since I opened the card almost 3 years ago.

Tip: I use this card as part of a system I run. I use this card exclusively for the rotating categories (1% plus the 5% for the category), and I use the Citi Double Cash card for everything else (2%), so I’m always getting 2% cash back, or better, on purchases.


It very nice to have just case if other card declined

I liked it because that’s will help me with alot of like for rent and car insurance and other stuff I need only way I can get good credit been trying get better credit so I can get the card and move to new apartment


Low limits and high interest rates.

Won’t increase your credit limit. Stuck at $5k even though I have $20k cards. Also has an egregiously high interest rate. All of my cards are in the 13% range and they are stuck at 20%. I requested them to lower and they refused. Will eventually cancel this card.


I had this card for 10 years it sucks

You get the O% for 15 months then after that it is 24%. I paid it on time and under the limit for 10years. I asked them to lower the apr they said they can’t because increase in prime it is now 27%. So I ask why it is other card are at 12-14% but they never reduce. They said they reviewed it ever 6month and it does not qualify. So I ask what are the qualifications they said payment history and credit usages. The person checked mine and I had perfect record so he said it was not his dept or choice. Avoid this card it is horrible!!! You will be paying high interest for no reason.


Should be more customer friendly

I used my Chase card regularly until Jan. 2017, each time I call I m asked my full 16 digit card number. Other credit cards ask for 4 numbers or passwork, if Chase ever changes to make banking easier for its customers I’ll start using it again. If not there are many good companies out there than doesnt make banking a job for customers.


Worst Credit Card Company I’ve Ever Used

Terrible customer service. If you have an issue they do not take care of it even when it is their fault. Also, good luck contacting them. If you send a message it will not be replied to and they are extremely difficult to reach.


High APR that never goes down

They say over the phone that they have no control over lowering you APR, and that there is a 6 month review. I asked them if they’ve ever lowered mine during a review. They said, “No, not for the last 4”. I have no problems with my credit score, and I am paying 24.99% APR on purchases. The rewards part of it is nice, but not worth the steep, never lowering APR. There is no reward for being a loyal customer, and making payments on time every time apparently. I don’t know why a credit card company will increase your limit, but won’t lower your interest rate at least a little.


Horrible Customer Service.

They Flagged my Card as Suspected Fraud. I thought this was good at first but then when I attempted to get my Card Unlocked, I was Informed by a Supervisor in their Fraud Department, that my Answers to the questions that they asked me to Verify my Identity, Didn’t match their Records… They asked me previous addresses and previous work history and I can assure You that I know the Only two places I have ever lived. I ended up just canceling the card based on the Horrible Service from This Supervisor in their Fraud Department. Shortly After I Closed the Account, I received an Email from another Supervisor from their customer Service Team asking why I had closed my Account after having it for almost 4 years. I emailed her back and told her that I had choice but to close it based on how I was treated by this Fraud Supervisor. As usual she stated that they would look into it, but I have Never heard a Peep from Chase about my Poor Experience dealing with this Fraud Supervisor. I wouldn’t recommend CHASE to Anyone.