Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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They are awesome to work with if you experience fraud.



If I could give this a ZERO, I would. Not only did they refuse to give my $150 referral bonus for having a friend sign up for this card, they just copied and pasted the generic response. There is no customer service. I will keep the card so it doesn’t hurt my credit, but I most certainly not use it unless I absolutely have to.


Highly Recommended

I have been using Chase Freedom for quite some time now, still it’s working great with my expectation. I am confident that I would be able to use it without any problem since I began working for this web design comapany. I definitely need this card.
Another thing, customer service is great


Hidden Charges

I paid for a Western Union transfer online twice, which looked like a regular online purchase, yet Chased charged me $10 per transaction each time. When I called them, Chase’s customer service told me that this is considered a cash advance charge, even though nowhere in the contract nor on WU website I could find this information. Moreover I later used Wells Fargo credit card and didn’t get charged $10 for using WU services. After I asked Chase to retract both of the $10 charges since I have been a good customer for almost two years and they refused I decided to close both of my credit cards (another one was Freedom Unlimited) and never have any kind of business with Chase in the future.

Do not recommend!


Work horse!

I see that not everybody loves the card. That sucks to be them. I love mine. I also have the Discover IT and although they’ve had similar categories, the Freedom has had more that I could benefit from. This card is my work horse to earn lots of points that I transfer to my Chase Sapphire Reserve. I ended up buying my wife and children plane tickets using my Freedom points from my first month! I don’t like the fact that it has a foreign transaction fee, but they make it up with the purchase and price protection(which Discover canned recently). I don’t really plan on using this abroad and that’s why it doesn’t bother me.


Don’t Apply to Chase if you Have Deferred Student Loans

I’m currently pursuing a graduate degree so all of my student loans are in deferment. I am not required to make any payments on them until I graduate in two years. However Chase counts them regardless when calculating your monthly income-to-debt ratio. So I was denied because my monthly student loan “payments” are too high compared to the income of my part-time student job, even though I don’t have any payments to make for another two years. I wish I knew this before I applied and dinged my credit score for a hard inquiry. NerdWallet suggested Chase Freedom was a good card to apply to if you have a low income, but don’t do it if you have deferred student loans.


Terrible customer service

I signed up for the card to use as a balance transfer. I was immediately approved for the amount I requested to transfer. A few days later, I received a letter stating that specific amount couldn’t be transferred. Since the amount that could be transferred would still work for me, I allowed the transfer to continue. However, 3 days later, my balance transfer was declined and my card was restricted for some reason that still hasn’t been explained to me. I only found this out after waiting 3 weeks for the balance transfer to show up on my account. I had to call Chase. I never received a phone call, letter, email or any communication that this happened. When I called, I still received no explanation and I was transferred to someone else. The next person told me in order to verify my account he’d have to call me back. Well, that person didn’t call me back. It was a different person telling me to call back a different phone number. Very strange. I called back the next day to get everything straightened out. I was then told my balance transfer was EVEN LOWER than the letter I received. So my balance transfer amount changed 3 times still with no explanation. The lack of communication is absolutely horrible not to mention the bait and switch they pulled after approving me for the card.


Late Fees Watchout

If your due date falls on a Sunday or Holiday and you use bank transfers to make your payments, make sure your payment gets there BEFORE the due date. Chase charges their late fees IMMEDIATELY no grace period for non-business day due dates.
Sunday May 6 was due date. Balance was paid off in full via bank transfer received at Chase Monday May 7. Late fee was still assessed. Customer service was just barely helpful.


Hands down the second best card I have

Amazing customer service. Very generous lines of credit offered. Amazing perks such as 0% APR Direct Transfers for personal cash advances.

Amazing card from start to finish. I will never cancel this card.


Worst customer service, horrible dispute department

If there’s a rating lower than 1 star, this card deserves it. DO NOT sign up for this card. Online transaction with world remit failed and the card was still charged. Horrible dispute department! Basically did nothing to resolve the problem. Agents gave conflicting instructions. I’m closing this account and presently, I don’t know who was actually paid the amount charged from my account.