Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Great card for cash back

I primarily use credit cards for convenience, and I do not carry a balance. I like the Chase Freedom card because of the cash back feature, and I enjoy the ability to get cash back for whatever amount I have in my rewards balance, like I do with this card. They also make it extremely easy to redeem points for cash. I also look forward to the bonus rewards and always max out in whatever category is eligible for the quarter.


Great Credit Card for Seniors

I love to use my Chase Freedom Credit Card, because the interest is low, it is accepted at every store that I shop at, and it has a special reward program, in which I have been able to earn and claim rewards such as Starbuck’s Gift Cards. There are many other rewards to choose from, but I like to go to Starbuck’s and that is my preferred reward to claim with my Chase Freedom Rewards Points. Whenever I have called customer service, I have been treated with kindness, understanding, a willingness to help, and the representatives try very hard to resolve my issues and concerns. I also like that I can make a payment easily online or at any Chase Bank location.


Best card I have ever had

Getting a Chase Freedom card was an excellent decision. The application process was pretty short compared to other cards of have had in the past. I decided I needed to get a new credit card when I had to deal with customer service of a previous card. The experience was terrible and I decided that I no longer wanted to continue giving that business my money. I moved on and I’m glad I did! I have yet to run into an issue with Chase, and I don’t think I will soon.


Great card for everyday spending!

Chase Freedom is a great way to accumulate rewards on basic everyday spending. I use the card for everyday purchases ranging from the grocery store, online shopping, and even gas stations. It’s initial sign up bonus was what drew me to sign up for the card. What I look forward to every spending quarter is the extra 5% bonus on certain categories specified by Chase. This definitely encourages me to maximize my spending using the Chase Freedom card over my other credit cards.


Good 1st card

I have had the Chase Freedom card Visa for about 6 months now. I think it is a good card. There is no annual fee on the card. It is a cash back card with unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases. Each quarter there is a different category that you earn 5% cash back on for the first $1500 spent in that category. You can select a variety of rewards with your cash back bonus, have it applied to your credit card balance, or have it deposited into your bank account. Additionally, the often run promotions when signing up for a bonus $100-200 when you spend $300 in the first 3 months of having the card. It also comes with a 15 month no interest period.

It was easy to apply online and I was instantly approved (first credit card). The card came in the mail a couple weeks later and was ready to use immediately after activating. You can enroll in paperless statements and make all your payments online or through the Chase mobile apps. Overall, a good starter card that provides decent rewards with no annual fee.


A solid card if you like banks

It is a good solid card if you dont mind going through your bank. It has worked or me beacuse I get points with chase and 5 percent with the card so anything that I buy I can eventually use the points and get cash back into my account. It also works for when I am going to see my account balance I can go see my credit card balance in the same spot to see how much money I owe and how much I have left on my card. All and all for the right person it could be a good card.


Great rewards program

I like this card a lot. For so many years I used a credit card without a rewards program, and I was missing out! Having a card without rewards is leaving money on the table. The Chase Freedom card has a great rewards program. You get 1% cash back on every purchase, plus every quarter there’s bonus categories where you can earn 5% cash back. My favorite feature of the rewards program is that your rewards are linked to your Amazon account if you use that card to purchase from You can redeem points that way directly from the site. It’s a great system to use your rewards points on Amazon purchases.

The customer service is good. I had 1 issue once, and I talked to a person immediately when I called the number, and the issue was taken care of quickly. The only negative about the card is that the APR is rather high. But I always pay my card in full, so it’s not an issue. But if you carry a balance, keep that in mind. Overall I’m very happy with the card and would recommend it to people in search of a new card.


Its OK

It’s easy to pay my bill. I don’t feel like I get a ton of rewards.


Great for balance transfers and cashback rewards.

I like this card. I honestly got this card to do a balance transfer offer I got for it in the mail. 0 percent interest on balance transfers for 15 months and they had a introductory cashback offer, where if I spent $500 in the first three months I’d get $100 cashback. So I did both of these, I transferred a balance from another card, and spent the $500 to get the $100 cashback which I did receive. I also enjoy their cashback program. I get 1 percent on everyday purchases and every quater there’s categories that I can get 5% cashback on, currently it’s on supermarket purchases, so I pay for my groceries with my chase freedom card then pay off that balance so as to be sure to get my 5% cashback. I enjoy the card, the benefits, and it was enticing to get me to sign up.


Good for Tight Spots

The Chase Freedom card is simple to use, but the interest rate is pretty high, so I do not use it very often other than to buy books ad gas when I’m in a tight spot. I also got $50 for signing up which is a good deal! As I mentioned I do not use the card often, but when I need it it is there. I do not think I would get a much better deal anywhere else.


Easy card to own.

I have had a Chase card for many years, and find it to be a great card. I’ve been able to use it all over the world. I trust its security features, and have never had any issues with it.

Whenever I have to contact customer service, I’m treated with respect and am able to communicate easily with the employees. I’ve had this card since I was a student, and still use it now that I’m a working adult.


Great “first” credit card

For me, the Chase Freedom card has been a great first credit card for me. I applied for it about 7 years ago, and have had no problems with it thus far. I’ve appreciated that my spending limit has been increased multiple times to give me more freedom to put “emergency” purchases on it- doctor’s fees, etc. Though the cash back isn’t a huge amount each month, and though I honestly don’t use it very frequently, I have been able to save those points to treat myself to a few things that I wouldn’t otherwise feel the freedom to buy.


Good card for the everyday shopper

Chase Freedom is overall a decent credit card that allows you to earn points. You can earn up to five points in their selected categories, that usually last and recycle every three months. The hardest part is making sure that you use their categories; I don’t shop on Amazon very often so I don’t get a lot of points that way. I do like when the gas points are increased five-fold as that is something I routinely buy often. I have had a good overall experience, but would prefer to pick my own categories in order to get the increase in points per month to redeem for rewards.


Enjoying my Chase Freedom card.

I really love my card. It has really low rates and has been incredibly helpful when it comes to building my credit. I use it mostly to buy small things like diapers and food, and then I pay it off right away. I don’t have any credit card debt right now, and I have yet to reach my card limit, so it feels really comforting and secure to know that I have that when I need it. I also really enjoy the small perks that the card has offered. I have used cash back several times now to help to afford small purchases on Amazon- it’s really a cool, helpful feature.


Highy Recommend Chase Freedom

I have used the Chase Freedom Credit Card for several years. Although I use other credit cards occasionally, Chase is my primary card for several reasons. Reward Points accumulate quickly and can be redeemed in numerous ways and with numerous merchants. Chase notifies me if a transaction seems questionable. The customer service reps are pleasant and knowledgeable.


Great card for the every man

It has decent rewards. At the time it was the best I could get without going with American Express, which requires some forethought. It gives decent money back rewards, but it is likely no longer the best option out there.


Great all around cash back card for every day purchases

I was looking for a credit card that offered two main features.

  1. A 0% intro rate for at least six months

  2. Cash back for all purchases

  3. I had just graduated and my job prospects were uncertain so my wife and I wanted a security blanket of a credit card that would potentially allow us to not be penalized for having expenses (0% APR). Essentially, we refuse to pay interest for credit cards.

  4. If I’m spending money I want to get back as much of it as possible. I get back 1% on everything always and every three months there are usually two or three categories that offer 5% back. I know from October to December it was 5% back on at least Amazon, while January to March includes grocery stores and our local is included herein.

There really aren’t any catches on this card. I will note that the APR after the intro period is fair for credit cards and every three months you have to opt-in to receive the rewards. It’s a been a great card for us.


Great card for earning points

I like that this card allows me to earn points with my purchases. In addition to earning 1 point for every purchase, the card also allows users to earn more points for purchases in specific categories. The categories are usually very common, like grocery stores or gas. This is great because I can gain extra points for things that I actually need to buy.

I also like that there are several options for redeeming the points. Every 100 points equals 1 dollar. I have had the money deposited into my checking account and used to pay on my credit card bill. I have also used to points on purchases made though the website.

This is definitely my favorite credit card. It is so easy to rack up points and just as easy to use them as cash.


Good Card, but Theft can be a problem

While the service I’ve had is excellent, on a number of occasions someone has stolen my information. No money was stolen, but my account was locked down until I could resolve the issue which took several days to resolve on each occasion. This is particularly worrying for me. I travel a lot so if I were to be on a trip and my information is stolen I would be stuck with no money. This happened to me on one occasion, had I not been with friends who lent me money I don’t know what I would have done.


Chase Freedom card really provides freedom

I like having my Chase Freedom card. I have had it for almost 2 years now. My card provides 1% cash back on all purchases. It comes in handy. I use it to pay the monthly interest on my card. It is accepted everywhere and I have the Chase app that allows me to track my spending on my cell phone. I find using my card, tracking my spending and cash back balances is very easy, convenient and reliable. I also love that whenever I have questions, when I call the Chase customer service line, I always speak directly to a person right away and they are always friendly and helpful.