Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Great credit card

The card offer included no interest on purchases for the first 15 months. Also, the credit card offers bonus cash back. Categories vary every 3 months, and on top of getting 1% on all purchases, chase ultimate rewards gives extra 4% in bonus categories (can be gas stations, Starbucks shops, restaurants, etc).

Customer service is great. Takes only a couple minutes to report a lost card, or change a name on the card due to marriage. The website and mobile app are very user friendly and make it easy to schedule payments, redeem rewards, go over statements, etc.


Credit can be benifical

I recently applied for my chase freedom card about 6 months ago and i have been having a wonderful time being able to purchase the things i need and being able to pay it off later. When i went into chase i was only there so that i could get an application for direct deposit, but one of the bank associates enlightened me on the benefits of having a credit card.


Good card for everyday things

This card is sufficient for everyday needs. You can use this card for everyday bill payments as well as other necessities. The only downside to this card is the amount of credit you receive but that is all based on your credit score. All in all this is a good card.


Excellent Card represented by excellent customer service agents

I have been a client with Chase for years because of the excellent customer service that I always receive. It’s been so good, that I got rid of my other two credit cards all together. The cash back feature is excellent and it’s always a pleasant surprise to receive. Someone once tried to steal my information and I was notified immediately because the shopping patterns were nothing like what I normally do. It took just a day or so and I had my account in good standing again. I will always be a huge supporter of Chase and would recommend this card to anyone.


best credit card around

I love this credit card. Along with the chase company i have not had any problems. This card allows me the freedom to use as i please at any store. The best part is the point system, which as i build up enough points i can redeem for a wide variety of gifts.


Awesome For Money Savers

One of my favorite things about Chase Freedom is you can get 5% cash back on multiple catagories that change every month. This saves me some money if I buy things from a certain catagory ie: Starbucks. Also, you can earn a $100 bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening. You also get 1% back on all other purchases you didn’t get 5% back on.

There is also no account fee to pay, so I don’t have to worry about monthly charges like some other cards. This is a great choice for someone trying to save a bit of cash.


Great Customer Service

I’ve had this credit card for about 6 months and have been happy with the rewards.
The Chase Freedom card has certain reward categories (e.g. restaurants, gas stations, Amazon) that earn a higher cash back rate. These categories change every 3 months and you have to opt in to get the rewards each quarter. This is a bit of a hassle, but Chase does send an email reminder and all I have to do is click on the link to be eligible for the next quarters categories.
Last month I noticed a charge on my statement that I didn’t recognize. I called Chase and the phone rep immediately removed the charge from my bill, cancelled my card and sent out a new one. The issue was handled very quickly. Overall I am satisfied with this credit card.


Adequate program, but nothing stellar.

Chase Freedom functions exactly as it claims. It allows me to charge without any transaction limits aside from my credit limit. It charges an outrageous interest rate–again exactly as it warns you. Online payment is easy. It is also easy to review purchases, statements, etc. The rewards are adequate–never stellar, but occasionally useful. All in all, if you read the literature and review the program, there should not be any surprises with this program. Better to not use a credit card at all, however.


Excellent card with no annual fee and great rewards

The Chase Freedom card is an excellent credit card. With no annual fee, you receive 1% rewards for all purchases plus 5% back on certain categories which change every quarter. Many of the categories are very useful such as groceries and gas. Other categories are less useful such as movies and Kohl’s but that really depends on your spending patterns. You need $20 in rewards to receive cash back. If you have a chase bank account, it is a very easy process to transfer your rewards from your credit card to your checking or savings account.

Chase’s web site is very easy to use. You can see all you credit card activity, past statements, and amount owed. There is a mobile app for both smart phones and tablets.

Chase has excellent customer service. They are quick to respond on the phone 24/7. Credit card disputes are handled seriously. One definitely feels that Chase is taking your side. Chase takes fraud very seriously. If there is any indication of fraud, they will waive any fraudulent charges and issue you a new card within days.

The Chase card also comes with “blink” technology which allows one to simply hover the card above the reader instead of swiping. This a quick and neat way to use the card. Finally, the bright blue color, makes the card easy to find in your wallet.

Overall, I would recommend the Chase Freedom card. The reward structure is one of the best among no-free credit cards. Along with an easy to use web site and excellent customer support, this is a great card to have in your wallet.


Chase Freedom, a great cash back card.

Chase Freedom has been a great card. I have an 18 month 0% APR period that I am still in and I have gotten back hundreds of dollars in rewards so far. I use them as statement credits to pay down my balance. It feels like free money. It’s especially great when it’s 5% cash back for gas because I commute about 50 miles a day for work so that adds up quickly over the course of a quarter. It’s also a good card because it’s accepted everywhere.


Great everyday card.

Chase Freedom Card:

Easy to use card, haven’t had any issues with using or acceptance at any retailers. Approved large charges without problems. Had a decent cash back program, 1% everyday, 5% rotating every 3 months. Most useful are the 5% gas and 5% Amazon cash back periods in my opinion.

Rewards redemption is great too, direct to cash, discounted gift cards or statement credits. Also available to redeem points directly on .

Normal APR at 18%, fairly high but it does not matter if paid off when the statement comes.

Had a few instances of fraud over the years due to stolen CC info. Issuer made it right, removed all charges with one phone call, issues new cards, no hassle.


i like chase. they always have good customer service and reasonable interest rates. i like their rewards and they gave me a high limit.

as i said i like it and would recommend it to others. i have never had any compaints about it.


Very happy with my Chase Freedom card.

I have had this card for a couple of years. We have received fraud alerts twice, I think. They are very quick to notify you when there is a fraud alert. And to get new cards to you, if need be. I especially like that you can set up for alerts to notify you when your balances are low, or when a purchase has been made over a certain amount, so you can be on the look out for fraudulent activity. They have a great rewards system. I have not tried to cash in my rewards yet, so I don’t know how smooth that will be, but I’m not anticipating a problem. I like that I can pay my card online from my Chase account, so it is very easy. I am happy with my Chase Freedom card.


Great rewards and customer service!

I absolutely love my Chase Freedom card. The rewards are fantastic as you get 1% back on every purchase. You also receive 5% back in certain categories throughout the year. I also love the fact you can get cash back through the rewards which makes me more willing to use my credit card.
The best part about the card is the customer service. I had my information stolen overnight, and when I woke up I had a text and several emails alerting me. When I talked with customer service, they were very helpful and adjusted everything quickly. I also received another card in the mail before the end of the week. I’ve looked at other credit cards, but the rewards and customer service will keep me a Chase card holder.


Good card overall for anybody

My card has a limit of only $1000, but that is largely due to my own doing. I’ve never had an issue with Chase Freedom. They have a nice Cash Back policy, with 5% on a lot of goods (depending on the time of year), and 1% on everything. It’s not enough to make me want to go crazy with spending to get those rewards, but it’s a nice boost after several months of use.

Chase’s customer service has always been prompt, and any issue I’ve had has been quickly resolved. My card has always gone through, and when I’ve lost my card I always get a new one in relatively short order. There are no hidden fees, and though I’m not sure how competitive the APR is (since I pay off my card in full each month), I’m pretty sure it’s not altogether unreasonable. This card has allowed me to build up great credit, and I’d definitely recommend it. If you’re an average spender like me, it’ll be great for you.


Perfect Credit Card for Long Time Customers

I have had this credit card for almost six full years. Over that time the APR has not inflated or gone down. It has stayed a respectable 3.95%. Every two years or so, I’ve been able to get $45, turning in all my credit points. While I use it infrequently, I do put most of my larger purchases on it to earn maximum points. Chase has always had great customer service, quickly replacing my stolen card and sending me updated cards when they expire. This last one automatically showed up without me asking. I was even able to link my card to my bank account to help avoid overdraft fees.

Sadly over the years they have striped away some of the cooler features of the card. When I first got the card, once a year I was able to defer my payments for 3 months without interest. That feature disappeared 4 years ago. When into a branch to see if I could reactivate the feature, I found the newer versions of the card to have much higher APR and less benefits.


Good potential for cashback rewards.

When first got the card, great cashback rewards. Now, not so much. Catagories for cashback are specific merchants rather than whole area of purchasing.


Great card with great cash back incentives

I really like the credit card. The rewards program is great, and they offer a $100 reward if you spend $1000 within the first three months (which I have already taken advantage of). The 5% rotation on cash back is also very helpful. I was approved for the card quickly and the app makes it very simple to make the payment.


Solid card for a young adult

The chase freedom card has served me well so far. I’ve managed to pay off all of my balance monthly so my interest hasn’t been an issue. On the rare occasion that I didn’t pay the full amount, the 16% interest wasn’t too big of a deal. The card has saved me a bunch of times when I was short on cash. The cash back feature is nice, although not too impactful.


Excellent all purpose card.

The card is accepted everywhere and provides good value. It has a cash back feature on all purchases and a competitive a.p.r. It is easy to reach a live customer service representative, and from my experience they are very knowledgeable about the card and its’ benefits.