Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Great First Credit Card

My Chase Freedom Card was the first and only credit card that I have ever had. I have had this card for 10 years. I have brought this credit card with me to Europe 3 times and have never had an issue with it. I have never had any problems using it anywhere. I also like that the card has a great rewards program allowing me to use my rewards points for money or different points. Any experience that I have had with a customer service representative has been both positive and pleasant. Overall, I would recommend this card to anyone.


Excellent card with great customer service

I have had this credit card for approximately one year. It replaced an old card from chase. This card is great and I have had no problems with it. I like this card better than the old one because it has a lower APR. The card can be used anywhere that VISA is accepted and I have had no problems with it.

I also have had a good time with customer service. The customer service line is open 24/7. The people really try to help you out. About 3 months ago I received a bogus charge on my credit card and they texted my phone right away. The company was able to see do some background checking and take the charge off. They said it could take up to two weeks, but was resolved within a few days. I am very happy with the chase as my credit card choice.


Excellent card for young adults

Chase Freedom is one of the best cards out there. Whether you are a college freshman or just graduated from college, you should apply for this card. Chase has one of the best fraud departments. They will monitor your account for suspicious activity and you won’t be charged for it. The rewards are also very nice with this card. It doesn’t make sense to pay with cash when you can use plastic and get rewarded for what you spend on anyway. The card may have high interest rate, but it will help you to build credit for the future.


easy to manage

I’ve had a Chase Freedom card for ab out three years now and I love it. I can use it pretty much anywhere and the perks are awesome. I actually chose it because I liked the color blue it is but I really have had an excellent experience with it. Not only has the card not given me problems, but the customer service is spot on! They’re very friendly REAL people who get the problem resolved quickly and without hassle.


Hassle-free and Convenient

I’ve had my Chase Freedom credit card for about five years now. I applied for it right before I graduated from college as a way to build some credit. I liked the card because it had one of the lowest interest rates available, eighteen months no interest, and 100,000 reward points instantly granted to the card, which could be turned into cash and collected. I did not use my card very frequently at first and I always paid the balance off on it up until this last year. I’ve almost maxed it out this year, and I need to work on paying it back down. I haven’t had any issues with the card. I get mail occasionally asking if I want to increase my limit, but I haven’t so far. I like the reward points. You get 1% back on everything, but you can get 3% at certain businesses, which change every quarter.


Great Card for Conscientious Shoppers!

The perks of the Chase Freedom card can be quite rewarding. First, there’s usually a sign-up bonus (sometimes up to $200). Once you have the card in your possession, you’ll earn 1% cash back on everything, but the big rewards come from the 5% cash back categories that rotate every quarter. These stack with the 1% reward, so really you’re getting 6% back on these purchases. Chase seems to choose the content their categories specifically to help the user. For instance, gas purchases are rewarded during the summer and Amazon purchases once Christmas approaches. To top it off, you don’t have to mess around with redeeming your points for gift cards or take a smaller percentage of statement credit. You can get the full amount credited instantly as statement credit or simply transfer it to your checking account. Finally, if you’re thinking about signing up, keep an eye out for extended 0% APR introductory offers. You can find these up to 18 months quite often!


Chase Freedom card is a good card.

I like my Chase Freedom card but am not in love with it. Interest rates are HIGH, as are most credit cards. I can appreciate the fact that there are no annual fees with this card. There aren’t any great features that I know of like some other cards have. Overall I would give this card an 5 out 10.


The Best Card I’ve Ever Used

I love the Chase Freedom Card.there are so many incentives that work for me.I use the card everywhere and for everything in my daily life.I never have any problems and no surprises in my bill.The first time I received the card I also earned the $100 bonus which was a surprise because I hadn’t even thought about that,because I charge a lot more than the requirement needed to earn the bonus.The overall best thing I love about this card is no annual fee’s,no surprises,and no surcharges-I say that because I use it overseas on occasion.


It’s great

I love the cash back it gives me and the low interest rate.


Chase Freedom Card, great card with amazing rewards.

I have really enjoyed the Chase Freedom card. I switched over from American Express almost a year ago. So far I have had no issues with the card. I enjoy the benefits that I received with the card. I use this card to pay most all of my bills so I can enjoy the 1% cash back, which is unlimited with this card. I also receive 5% back on the first 1500 that I spend each quarter.

The best reason that I could find to switch over to this card was the no annual fees and the 0% APR on the balance that I swapped over. In addition that the 0%, Chase offered all sorts of bonus cash for spending so much the first few months on the card. All in all, I am quite satisfied with my Freedom card.


Good for young adult

I am really happy with this card and the company. I have a good interest rate and many perks to go along with it. There are bonuses and cash back options available that I readily think about and use when making purchases. Good card for a young adult.


It works fine

It has no visible flaws that I need to worry about. It works just like a regular credit card and I have no complaints, as it makes my life easier.


Great Credit Card with Great Rewards

I have had this credit card for about a year and a half. I have been very satisfied with it. There are several benefits, but the greatest perk with the Chase Freedom card is the cash back program. They give one percent cash back on every dollar spent and five percent cash back on certain categories each month. The reward money is easy to redeem as credit on your card, cash, or a gift card.

However, cash back is not the only plus to using the Chase Freedom Card. This card also offers a no interest policy for new cardholders for the first year. The associates at Chase are easy to work with and are willing to help you answer all your questions. They also have a terrific website that makes it easy to pay off your credit bill each month. I would recommend this credit card.


card with great rewards but high interest rates

I really like this card. I got it through my bank so it’s really easy for me to get info on it when I need it. I really enjoy the rewards points that you can accumulate for cash or gift cards. I’ve gotten a $100 gift card to regal cinemas once and it was such a treat!! I usually get the cash option though and put it toward my credit card balance.
The only bad part is that the interest rates are so high. I always pay on time and usually more than the minimum requirement but my interest rate is 11% which to me is way too high. I’m currently looking for another card because although I love the rewards aspect, its very hard to keep up with the interest payments.


Great card for students who would like cash back for things they would use the card to pay for at school!

The card is really good for college students. I, myself, am a college student and I’ve been using this for Amazon Orders, and groceries. It’s really nice to get a lot of cash back a month due to the promotion they have where its a certain % of cash back in certain months if you buy from a certain place. I find the card really easy to use and haven’t had any issues yet!


Good card, fairly average

The Chase Freedom card is a fairly normal credit card. It has good interest rates and Chase has offered various good deals in the time I’ve had it–balance transfer offers with low fees and great promotional rates, etc. I don’t use it very often, but it has been handy for emergencies.


It’s good for what it is

I’ve had excellent customer service, and there is always someone available when I call. I have never had a bad experience.


Great rewards. No annual fee.

I like the card. I do not use it a whole lot because it doesn’t have a high limit unlike some of my other cards. However, there are great rewards.


It is good and offers rewards

I enjoy having one. It offers great rewards to users with good credit.


Great all-around card

I have the Chase Freedom Cash Back credit card, and it is really fantastic. It’s so easy to earn cash back with the 5% redemption rate. I use this card for all my every day purchases, like I would cash or a debit card, and I use it for larger purchases such as airfare, hotels, large shopping trips so I can earn the maximum cash back. I don’t like paying interest fees, and while the APR is low on this card, I’m sure to still pay it off in full each month. I can use that money to pay off more of my credit card. I’ve used other types of rewards cards like flight and hotel ones, but cash is still my favorite.

Additionally, the customer service is also really great. I always get my questions answered quickly and efficiently both online and over the phone by customer service representatives. This is a great card to have!