Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Up to 5% cash-back card

I’ve had the Chase Freedom card for a few years. It has no annual fee. It is a cash-back card, with 1% off for regular purchases and 5% off for certain rotating categories. I wish that I had more control over the rotating categories, but useful categories like gas and groceries are fairly common. Another benefit is that I can link it to my Chase banking account easily. Overall, it’s a pretty good card.


Great card for cash back specials.

I’ve had good experiences with this credit card. When we signed up for the card, we received an interest free offer for 18 months. The card offers a cash back bonus that you choose to pay on your credit card balance or have the case auto transferred to a checking or savings account.

The card offers quarterly specials that you have to activate online every quarter. The specials include a higher cash back rate on products such as gas stations, big box stores, etc. We have the card set-up as paperless and we are able to pay and see our balance online. i would recommend this card to everyone who is looking for a new credit card.


Good Rewards Card

This credit card works out really well for me. I receive 1% back on all purchases, and every quarter there are spending categories that offer 5% back. I connected my card to my account and am able to regularly make purchases exclusively with the points I’ve accrued.


Great Card, Easy to Use

The credit card is what you would expect, customer service has been very helpful when needed, the online portal allows me to do anything required. The benefits and rewards accumulate quickly and are easy to redeem.


I really like this card overall.

I have had no problems using this card. Paying it off is a breeze, and the customer service is very helpful. I like all of the services offered for the card, and I’m able to use the card for any of my needs without issue. I am overall very satisfied with the card I chose. I really enjoy the cash back feature, especially when I am shopping for groceries.


Great rewards card

The Chase Freedom card is a good card for rewards, as you receive 1% back on all purchases. You can also get 5% on certain categorizes, which change every quarter. But you don’t get this bonus automatically, you have to sign up for it every time it changes.
The best thing about the rewards is that you can get a credit on your account, or use it for gift cards. The rewards add up fast if you use the card for all of your purchases.


Great card for frequent spenders

The Chase Freedom Rewards card is a great card to have if you shop a lot. Each dollar spent = a point, and when you get enough points you can cash them in for a gift card (or just money added to your bank account). So if you buy a lot of things, you get free money doing so. Many times I pay off a lot of what I owe on the card with the very reward earnings I’ve gained from using it! It’s a win-win situation.

Aside from the rewards bonus, there is no annual fee for this card, and the interest is acceptable. As long as you don’t keep piling on purchases without trying to pay a decent amount on the card each month, you likely won’t even notice the interest. All of this paired with the great rewards system makes me highly recommend this card to others.


Chase Freedom is a good card.

I got the card because it had a 12-month zero interest line on new purchases and balance transfers. It worked well, the interest-free period is over, and now I leave the card at home because I have other cards with a zero-interest period. The Freedom card is nice, but nothing special after the 0-interest period is over. They have had decent rewards, and I will continue to use the reward system on any purchases I’ll be paying off each month.


Chase freedom issues

I have used this card for about three years now, and there are only a few problems that I know of. Whenever you have a question for a person at the work center, they will keep you on hold until the place is closed, and then they will hang up on you. I like the card but, I do not like the fact that every time I transfer money from the internet onto it, it takes about 5 days for the transaction to go through. Sometimes the card happens to randomly decline out of nowhere. I am not a very big fan of chase becasue of past issues with them over billing me, but when it comes to their Chase freedom cards, they do a decent job.


Great rewards!

The card is pretty much like any other credit card. When you sign up, you get one year interest free and that is what I’m working on. I LOVE the cash back rewards. You can use them towards your statement or directly at amazon. I racked up over $100 in rewards over the Christmas season.


Flexible card with give back

Chase Freedom credit card has given me some flexibility over the years. It is a card that can be relied on and that gives a little back to you. When you use the card you can get a little money back from what you spent. Overtime this amount can add up to a few hundred dollars. You are able to pay part of your bill using that money or they will send you a check. Almost every place will take the Chase card.


The points are terrific

What I like in the Chase Freedom card is that you can create a balance of points which can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise, in this way you can use the card for your everyday purchases and although there is still a fee on the balance, you can make some money just by using the card. I have several times purchased the bulk of my holiday gifts using my credit card points.


Good for using for cash back.

I like this card. I use it all the time and pay it off the next month to earn points. I get paperback bills and also in my email. They up my limit when I need them too, plus I have low interest rate.


Great card for anyone

I really like my Chase Credit Card. It is accepted everywhere. I also get cash back on my purchases. You can’t beat that!
Their customer service is great, speaks English well, and is always helpful and mostly available. I would suggest this card to anyone.


Great rewards card

The CHASE Freedom card offers great rewards at respectable interest rates. It is a great card for responsible credit card users. CHASE also offers wonderful customer service. There have been 2 occasions since I have had this card where I have shopped at a location whose system has been breached. In both occasions, CHASE notified me immediately and issued me a new card. Anytime I have spoken with any of their customer service representatives, they have not only been helpful, but cordial, as well.


Overall Best Credit Card

I love this credit card! For every purchase I make I accumulate points which I can later use to buy gift cards, plain tickets, or get cash back (yes, cash back from the point you earn!). The points are earned with every purchase you make and some purchases can earn you 5x the amount of points. Also, they have a very nice online service in which you can see and control your accounts and pay your credit cards.
I’ve done a lot of research on credit cards and I can tell you, if you want a basic credit card Freedom is the way to go.


Great Card for Everyone

I have had this card for several years. We have been very happy with it. I like that I can receive several different types of rewards, including cash and Amazon credits. Whenever I’ve had a problem with a transaction, Chase has worked hard to help resolve it.


Great all around card, can be lucrative for gas purchases perodically.

Good rate and reward points with all purchases. You do have to opt in for special reward categories quarterly, but can do so retroactively.
No issues with billing.


Great Card for Anyone

I have had nothing but quality experiences with my Chase Freedom card. Chase has a great online banking system, so viewing your current balance, minimum payments, due dates is extremely easy, and paying for your card is just as simple. The few times I’ve had to ask a question about my account, I could send an email and get a response within the same day.

But what I love most are the Points offers. I’ve shopped around a lot for cards, and have always been on the lookout for something better over the past few years, but never found anything better than what Chase offers. Not only did I get an amazing $200 bonus for signing up (and spending $500 in the first three months, which is really easy to do), but they also offer 1% back on ALL purchases, with 5% cash back on bonus categories each quarter. The 1% on all purchases is already better than most cards, and the 5% quarterly bonus is just a great addition. They tell you a year in advance what the quarters will be, and they have great categories like Gas and Grocery stores. Each quarter offers something I’m sure to spend a good deal of money in.

They’ve also been great with advancing my limit. They increased me from $1000 to $2000 after a little over a year. And a while later I felt like I’d like a larger limit, so I sent them a message asking if I could get an increase, or when I could expect one, and I was bumped up to $6000! I’ve had three or four other credit cards in my life, and all of them stopped getting used as soon as I got the Chase Freedom card. Any time someone mentions looking for a card, this is the one I suggest they look into. I am completely satisfied with everything about it, and have made a ton of free money over the years through their rewards programs.


Simple Card that gets the job done.

I’m a fan of this card, as it does pretty much whatever I need it to do while also having an easy-to-follow rewards program. For no annual fee, I can make purchases pretty much anywhere (well, except Sams Club, as they only accept Mastercard) and receive anywhere from 1%-5% in reward points depending on where I shop and what promotion is applicable to that quarter.
The interest rate is a little high, but that does not matter to me as much, as I always pay the balance in-full twice a month on the 1st and 15th when I get paid. By using this card for every purchase, I (as of right now) have ~$450 is reward points/free money available to me that 1) never expires and 2) can be transferred directly into once of my checking accounts.