Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Best Credit Card on the Market!

The Chase Freedom Credit card is fantastic! My wife and I had been searching for a credit Card that we could use for all of our day-to-day expenses and earn rewards with. We actually experimented with some competitor credit cards that are on the market, but when we found the Chase Freedom card, we knew we had found the best, no-fee rewards credit card on the market. The Chase Freedom credit card offers 1% cash back on all purchases, plus every quarter they have bonus rewards of 1.5% for purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, etc.
We use our Chase Freedom card for every purchase or bill available to us, and simply pay it off every couple of weeks. By doing this, it is like Chase is paying us for using their card! We typically earn around $400 to $500 rewards points every year that we use for an annual family vacation. The Chase Freedom card is accepted everywhere that Visa is accepted, and we never leave home without it.


Rewards Card with Relevant 5% Cash Back Categories

This standard rewards credit card provides you with 1% cash back for all purchases and 5% cash back on up to $1500 of purchases for revolving categories that change every three months. Unlike most other cards, these 5% categories are usually applicable to most people (e.g. movie theaters, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations) and definitely make the card worth it. I mainly use this card as a backup when my other card is not allowed and use it for the 5% categories when convenient. For the past few holiday seasons (October-December), has been one of the 5% cash back categories which is has definitely been awesome for gift giving and stocking up on supplies.

The website has a standard interface that’s easy to navigate and allows you to see the “cash back” points accumulated on each purchase. These points can be redeemed for cash into your bank account, gift cards, or statement credit. The gift cards are pretty standard and most are dollar for dollar (at that point, why not just get the cash and buy what you want?). One downside for international travelers, Chase charges for currency conversion (~3%) which can quickly add up if you go overseas and make many purchases in a foreign currency. At that rate, you’re better off going with Discover which has no currency conversion charges (as of this writing).


Decent Card for families

I find this card to be adequate, if slightly above average. There are a few good things about the card that I really like, although I am aware that there are better cards out there. The first 15 months with 0 percent apr was a big win. The 5 percent cash back sounds good in theory, but only applies to selected categories, so that’s not really a plus for me. I like that I get 1 percent on everything though, which isn’t a ton but it adds up. The interest rate on carried balance varies depending on your credit, but it’s not bad. We don’t carry a balance, so it’s not a problem for us. All in all, I like the card and it meets my needs.


A good card for people who keep small or no balance.

The Chase Freedom card is great for people who pay off their balance every month, but not ideal for those who keep a balance. The benefits of the card come in the form of cash back on purchases, with special cash back offers for specific purchases every quarter. Making purchases with the card is thus beneficial, as long as one pays off the balance regularly. The APR is somewhat higher than other cards, and there are no benefits to keeping a balance every month.

Be careful: a late payment on this card will cause the APR to skyrocket, with no recourse to get it back down. On the other hand, there are no monthly fees, and the credit limit is reasonable. Overall, a good card for responsible consumers who know how to use it.


Good for the rewards, bad for the interest rate.

I got this card because I had heard good things about the rewards. And the rewards truly are very good on the card, provided you pay it off every month. However, if you do not pay the card off every month, the interest rate is very high on it and you will end up in an endless cycle of debt.


Great rewards, but don’t hold a balance

I’ve had this card for several years now. It was converted to this card type from a defunct rewards card program, and I’ve actually been really happy with the rewards associated with the Chase Freedom card and they regularly have balance transfer deals.


Great first credit card

Chase is a bank that is very popular in my area and that’s why I originally chose the Chase Freedom car. I have been very happy ever since, because there are great cashback rewards and it is a perfect card for a student such as myself. Chase Bank has been very helpful with any problems I’ve had. The rewards program is also very strong and offers me a chance to get my money back on purchases even further. I plan to continue to use the Chase Freedom card for a long time.


Very good cash back card.

Every quarter the extra cash back bonus changes from gas to groceries and retail stores. It has online store in which you can shop for extra cash back which is excellent. Overall it is a really good cash back credit card.


Rewards for all

Chase Freedom is an excellent credit card. I will begin with the customer service. It is excellent. Whenever I have an issue it is quickly rectified. I recently had an overcharge from a restaurant, and Chase quickly credited the difference.
I believe that the rewards program is the best. 1% on cash all purchases is amazing. Also it has a 5% cash back on certain purchase each quarter. This is the best card, and the only card out of the 5 I have that I use.


Great Cashback Savings

I have really enjoyed using this card, and have been using it continuously for the last three years - which is highly unusual for me as I tend to look for different promotions and deals. The cashback savings are ideal and alternating, sometimes including fuel or restaurant purchases sometimes including online purchases. It would perhaps be a little better if they had more stability with their cashback rewards rather than changing the qualifying purchases every 6 months or so - but I’m not complaining. Considering the vast amount of purchases that are eligible for cashback, the Chase Freedom card is leagues above most of its competition.


I like it.

I enjoy being a Chase customer. I have never had an issues when dealing with them and their customer service is always friendly and helpful. I enjoy the benefits offered to me with this card and the interest rate offered to me. I would recommend the Chase Freedom card to anyone that asked.


Rewards Galore with this card

This card is just amazing. I have never been a fan of credit cards but this one got me to change my mind. How could I sit there and refuse getting rewarded to spend money. There is a cash back reward offered for every purchase you you make. However, there are times that the reward is up to 5 percent for certain purchases that you make. Thats just amazing to me. Another great thing about this card was the bonus you get for signing up. We all love free money and they give you quite a bit of it. So you should go online and apply. Its going to be an easy and smooth process. You too will be able to get rewards once completed. Join the club…


My opinion of this card is not very good.

I have made several payments on the due date but have incurred late penalities because the payment did not post on that day. All of the other credit cards I have there have been no issues at all about making payments the day they are due. When I have talked to customer service about this issue they are not helpful in the least. I will not be keeping this card very much longer.


Good for Short Credit Histories, Students, et.c

This card is great. It came with a $100 sign up bonus if you spend at least $500 in the first three months. It’s an easy card to qualify for and offers great cash back options that rotate every month, up to 5%. There is unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases. There is 0% annual fee which is great.


great card for students

Very great card that satisfies all my purchasing and business needs. Very easy to open and get accepted for.has excellent customer service and perks/benefits for everything. You can also use rewards to shop on Amazon and the cash back is simply amazing. Great promotional use and easy to increase credit limit.


A Lot of Perks

This card isn’t very run of the mill as far as it’s tradeoffs. It’s quite complex. I really like the 5% cash back bonus they started this year. I’m about to hit the cap, and even then I’ll get a little back. As a college student it’s also nice to not have to pay to have it, such as no yearly fee or anything. I already pay a few subscriptions, and a credit card really shouldn’t be one I’m paying for these days… I’d just use my chase visa (credit/debit) card instead, ha. I find the balance transfer fee to be a little annoying, but it’s not really that big of a concern when I consider all of the crazy cash back benefits and bonuses.


Great card, good cash back value

I have had my Chase Freedom credit card for about 3 months now. I opened it because I would get $200 back if I spendt $500 in 3 months. I did get that amount back shortly. So far the card has been working well, and I like that each quarter there are different things that I can get 5% cash back on. For example, this quarter it was 5% cash back on movies and groceries. I look forward to using this credit card the most out of the all the cards I own.


Good benefits, reliable.

I have enjoyed using this card. It’s accepted in most places, has good benefits, good rewards, and has never let me down.


Wonderful starter card

I love this credit card. It offered a great sign up bonus, $200 credit after spending your first $500 and $25 credit after adding a user. They also have a great cash back program. Interest is low and customer service is exceptional.


Good perks; but even better fraud protection.

The Freedom Rewards are worth having, card is relatively low interest (mine is at 9%). Different categories for 5% cash back rewards change per quarter - some are better than others (gas and grocery store categories are so much better than the worthless Kohl’s and Starbucks categories they’ve been throwing in there recently for example), however in the 2014 year the categories had gone slightly downhill, 2015 looks slightly better but nowhere as good as the 2011-2013 years had been category-wise. All other purchases (non-category) are at 1% cash back. Never had an issue redeeming rewards for cash or credit card balance, and the Chase online banking interface to check and manage all rewards and perks is relatively user-friendly and easy to manage.

Overall, a decent card to have and I can recommend Chase’s fraud department. A year ago my account was compromised after an online purchase and started trying to charge up hundreds to my card. I got a phone call within the first 5 minutes of the unauthorized use (the already had 3 transactions by then - racking up about a transaction per minute!) and the perpetrators had put over 400 USD on my card. Chase alerted me, stopped the transactions, cancelled the card on the spot, refunded me the fraud purchases and had me a new card within 24 hours. They were really on the ball, and that alone makes me feel confident in being a Freedom cardmember.