Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Easy to use Rewards Points

This is a great card to have for someone who has a good established credit history. The rate is not as high as some other cards, but its not the lowest out there. I think the best part about this card is the rewards that come along with using the card to make purchases. The cardholder is able to link their Freedom card with their Amazon account and that allows the user to spend their reward points when shopping on Amazon. There is no minimum amount of points needed before you can spend on Amazon, so you can at least get some money off of the product you are buying.
The Chase website is very easy to use and allows the cardholder to make quick payments and keep track of how they use the card along with many different ways to save money and earn extra reward points. Its one of my most used cards and one I always keep in my wallet.


Chase Freedom = Cashback rewards!

There are good things and bad things about this card. The card itself offers great cashback rewards, but the customer service if you have a problem leaves something to be desired. I’m not a very high maintenance cardholder, but if I had to deal with them a lot more (for example, if I traveled a lot more, or perhaps used it more often and had questions I wasn’t able to answer for myself), I would consider getting a card with another company due to the customer service experiences I’ve had.


Great card, great rewards!

I’ve been using my Chase Freedom card for over ten years, and have been very happy with it. I use this card for about 99% of my spending, and haven’t really had any issued with it. The one time that I was double charged on accident by a gas station, I gave their customer service line a call, and they were really quick and friendly about having the second charge reversed.

I also really like this card’s rewards program. Some people may be turned off by the rotating bonus reward categories, but I don’t have a problem with it. You’ll have 2-3 categories every quarter (like grocery stores or movie theaters, etc) where you’ll earn 5% rewards instead of the usual 1%, and it ends up being a nice little chunk of change that you get back on every statement.


Chase freedom gives money for free

Absolutely love this card. It gives me the option to redeem the points I earn as cash back. Certain months will give you even higher percentages of points to earn based on what you use the card for.

Also I was pretty much hooked on the 15 months interest free credit on the initial application. Right now my credit limit is a little low on it, but it’s still worth it.


Great Card for Points

I acquired my Chase Freedom card through Amazon. It was a promotion and i received 50$ in store credit. My inital credit limit was 500$. Overall, I am pleased with the card. I use it at Amazon regularly, and get points for each use. I have used those points for various items, and even a payment once. I’ve never had a problem with the card and my limit keeps it manageable for me. Its a perfect card for me. Notices for payments are always early enough for me to budget. I use the paperless option which is great. Never had a problem with payment transfers even close to the wire. Statements are clear and concise. A very good card.


Great and reliable credit card

I have had my Chase Freedom card for almost half a decade now and have never been disappointed yet. This credit card is very reliable. In fact, I happen to use this credit card the most out of all my credit cards that I own. I think it is the best.

This credit card has an excellent web site, which allows you to log in to see your current balances. It also makes making payments on the credit card very easy. Furthermore, if you have a Chase account, you can link it to your credit card, which makes paying even easier. On top of that, Chase Freedom offers unique bonus points on every purchase you make. They often have special monthly promotions where you can earn double points for every dollar you spend on a particular category, for example gas. These points can be used to redeem prizes, such as gift cards or even cash back. It is such a helpful and remarkable benefit.

The best part of this credit card is that you don’t even have to pay any premiums to be a member! You can enjoy all the benefits they provide for free.


Great for cash back, without annual fee.

The Chase Freedom card is great for someone looking for a rewards point that doesn’t have an annual fee. The Freedom card gives you 1% cash back all the time. However, perhaps its best feature is a rotating 5% cash back category. Every 3 months, you can get 5% back on certain purchases. The specific categories are frequently items everyone can use. For example, right now I am earning 5% back at the grocery store. Last year, was one of the categories for October-December, so I earned a lot of cash back from Christmas shopping on Amazon. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Chase Freedom card and find its combination of no annual fee and high cash back categories to be very beneficial.


Wonderful Everyday Credit Card

This credit card is everything I need in a credit card. There is no fees associated with it and I get 1% cash back on everything! I pay off my credit card every single month so that I don’t mind any high interest fees. Every quarter certain categories give me 5% cash back. The points actually rack up pretty quick.


Useful general-purpose card

My Chase Freedom credit card is a godsend. The flat cash-back rewards, combined with the quarterly bonuses can save you a lot of money compared to cash, as long as you use it carefully.


A Solid Cash Back Card with Opportunity to earn More than 1%

The Chase Freedom card has its strengths and its flat spots. It’s a cash back card that gives a baseline 1% on all your spending, plus up to 5% in selected categories that change every quarter. It carries a variable interest rate on purchases that is based on your credit history and experience with the card. Mine is quite low (just over 10%) but rates can go as high as 29% for customers who miss payments.

While the card comes with lots of sign-up bonuses and ways to earn extra cash, the categories do change every quarter, and you have to enroll every quarter to be eligible for bonus cash. Thus it’s impossible to predict whether you will be able to earn extra cash consistently. This is a real drawback to the card. However, I find that spending about $1,000 per month I earn about $175-200 cash back each year.


Chase Freedom, don’t do it!

I’ve had this card for several years now. I usually just use it for emergencies, but also use it to consolidate my bills. I recently had my card skimmed at some store in Tupelo, that’s when I noticed some charges that I definitely didn’t make. I cancelled my card and have been trying to dispute the charges with Chase, but they are expecting me to pay for all of those charges. I definitely give this company zero stars.


Very pleased with my new credit card!

I have been extremely happy with my Chase Freedom card. One reason I joined this card was during a great promotion they were offering which included 0% APR for 15 months, along with a 0%, 0$ transfer free. This was what got my attention the most. After reading the detailed information provided to me in a flyer from my mail I decided to call for further information. The customer service woman I spoke to was very polite and willing to answer any questions I had at the time.
After completing my application over the phone it didn’t take more than 15 minutes and the phone call was complete. It took two weeks for the transfer to occur which is exactly what the customer service representative described to me on the phone call. I received my card in the mail within a week of the phone call and was happy with how quickly I was taken care of.


Great card and great customer care

I would say that my experience with my Chase Freedom card has been about average. I really like the interest rates and the grace period. I have never had any problems with using my card as of yet, and have only received excellent customer service when dealing with the card issuer. All in all I would say they are concerned about the quality of care the customer receives and that their policies and rates are fair as far as industry standards are concerned.

I would recommend the card to my friends.


Chase Freedom is easy to use and they provide great security.

I have the Chase Freedom card. It is extremely easy to use especially when it is attached to your checking account. It is very easy to make payments. I have never had a problem with it. Chase has done very well with their card monitoring and security. I had one situation where they called me because they suspected fraud. They were able to resolve the problem very quickly.


Great for bigger purchases

It has been the best credit card I’ve ever owned. I was accepted even with a relatively low credit score and was given a respectable credit line. On the plus side, I gain a nice amount of bonus points I can trade in for actual cash.


Nice rewards

I didn’t have any other credit cards at the time when I applied for this but I was approved quickly. There was a cashback reward for $200 for spending $500 within the first 3 months which was a really good deal. There are also 5% rewards for different categories every 3 months like shopping on Amazon. I think it’s a really good card for the added rewards.


Good card for families

The card has been decent to me. I got it a few years ago and I mainly got it so I could build credit. The card has some decent benefits and it is over all better then my last card. I haven’t had any trouble with it, and with the other one I had a few. I have recomended it to some friends that were in need of cards


Great Rewards with Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom has been a fantastic credit card with great perks. In addition to cash back rewards, Chase Freedom also allows you to redeem cash back rewards for gift cards, travel and shopping. Chase Freedom offers a 5% Cash Back program for card use at grocery stores, movie theaters and any Starbucks store. Moreover Chase Freedom also offers a Cash Back Boost program. You’ll get extra cash back when you shop at certain online retailers. All of these rewards options have been really beneficial to me and my family.


Great overall card

I really like the card and the long period without a interest rate is a really nice feature of the card. I like the cash back and the rotating categories. I wish that signing up for the categories was automatic


Benefits of the Chase Freedom credit card

Chase Freedom is a credit card that offers 0% APR on purchases for 12 months. It provides 1% cash back on all purchases that are made with the card that can be redeemed as a check mailed to your residence or as a direct deposit into your bank account. With Chase Freedom you have 24/7 customer support, and fraud protection that means you will not be responsible for unauthorized charges made on the card. This is a great card to get if you want to structure out a long term payment plan for a major purchase you need to make today.