Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom
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Excellent security and rewards make Chase Freedom a no brainer

This is a good credit card. I’ll start with security. I’ve owned this card for at least 6 years now. I have had Chase call me on a few occasions to verified shady looking purchases on my statements. Twice they have caught fraudulent transactions. They seem to have a good system that gives them a red flag when it comes to fraud. They were prompt to reverse the charges and provide me with a new card and number. The rewards for this credit card are also positive. They offer cash back for all purchases, and they offer higher percentages back in certain categories depending on the month. The cash back offers are on par, if not slightly better than most other major credit cards. New customers to the card earn a $100 Bonus after spending $500 on purchases over the first 3 months. I believe it was $200 at the time I signed up, however these introductory offers change frequently. 0% Intro APR for 15 months
on purchases and balance transfers.There are no annual fees for the Chase Freedom card. It’s really a very straight forward, no strings attached credit card, with excellent security, and good rewards. Because of these things, I can highly recommend the Chase Freedom credit card.


This is the ONLY CARD I USE!!!

My Chase freedom has been my “Go-to” card for quite a while now. The unlimited rewards of 1% are great! I also noticed that I get 5% on certain purchases as well! Looked it up, and I was PLEASENTLY SURPRISED that they up the percentage on certain purchases in a revolving fashion. (Changes once a quarter I believe) I am one of those pay it off every month type of people, and to get a no-hassle return on my purchases just cant be beat!
I have been treated with respect and patient understanding when I have called in with questions, and have never been left with more questions than answers at the end of the call like with so many other cards. Simple fraud protection. It’s all there! This IS THE ONLY CARD I USE!!!


Great Customer Service, Great Rewards

I have been a Chase Freedom card holder for 8 years, and I have had nothing but good experiences with them. Chase is always there for me when I need assistance: they are very responsive when I have had billing disputes with vendors, and when I needed a replacement card while traveling. In addition to their superb customer service, my Chase Freedom card has a fantastic rewards program where I make real money back from my purchases on a bi-monthly basis. Overall, I am very happy to be Chase Freedom card-carrier.


Credit card that offers the best cash back options!

This credit card offers excellent cash back options. You receive 1% back on all purchases & 5% on selected categories! Thankfully, the categories that they select aren’t obscure. You can earn 5% back on gas for a few months, or 5% back on amazon purchases. They also offer 15 months of 0% APR and balance transfers. This credit card has been a life-saver for me in these last few months as I have been unemployed. I don’t have to worry about paying the card off right away because of the 0% APR, and I’m making cash back on the bills I am paying using the card. I use the cash back to go toward paying more bills.

I have no complaints about this card. I would suggest it to my friends and family as it is one of the best cash back credit cards that I have ever owned. I use it for all of my large purchases, and look forward to the cash back that I accumulate on the every day purchases that I make!


’Great Back-Up Card!"

It is a good card and I think the terms fair and the interest rates reasonable.
Frankly I use mine -mostly- for small purchases and for emergency cash at the end of the month when the bills leave me short as Chases rates are a -LOT- cheaper then a ‘Pay-Day’ loan would be etc!..


Flexible and friendly customer service

My Chase card is a pretty flexible one. The limit on it is reasonably high for my lack of extensive credit history, but of course, this will come back to haunt you if it isn’t paid off on time. I’ve never had any issues with paying it off, and the one time I was late on a payment, I was able to explain my situation and get it reversed (but I wouldn’t bet my life on another reversal). As a college student miles away from home, the Freedom card has served me remarkably well, and it’s given me a good deal of flexibility in day-to-day life. Plus, it’s accepted anywhere, and that’s not always the case with plastic.


The Best Card Available

The Chase Sapphire card is amazing. You’re able to accumulate points and use them for travel anywhere! So they’re essentially rewarding you for spending money through them. I personally think that Chase has the best rewards system.

This card is very fair in it’s rates. The annual fee isn’t ridiculous and neither is interest. You can make all of those purchases that you love while earning quite a bit of money back in return. How could you not love this card?


I think it is a fairly good card overall.

I like the card though I would like a lower APR. It has some decent benefits that go along with it. Not the best ever but a good all around card to have for regular use.


great card for first credit card

i have been using the chase freedom card for about two months now. this is my first credit card, and so far have had no negative experiences with it. the card provides a rotating 5% cash back schedule on items and services i frequently spend money on, as well as 1% back on everything else.

from my limited knowledge of credit cards this card seems to have a a great reward program, without a yearly fee. I cannot speak to the interest with this card as I am yet to accrue any. overall, i’m very happy with the reward structure and the card in general.


Great card with great cash back rewards!

I have had the Chase Freedom card for the past two years and have had a very positive experience using it. I got it just because they were offering a cash back bonus for signing up and I have continued to use it because it offers excellent cash back rewards. The thing I like the most about it is that they have 5% cash back in a different category every three months. Unlike many credit cards, the categories are things that normal people actually purchase, including grocery stores, gas, restaurants and amazon purchases. Additionally, there is 1% cash back on all other purchases, so it is easy to get rewarded for purchases. As long as they continue to offer good rewards, I will continue to use my Chase Freedom card.


Improves Credit

I honestly LOVE this card. Compared to most cards I currently carry, it has a low interest rate. Also, the monthly minimum payment is rather low. Some may find this as a hindrance, but I almost always pay my balance in full. A low minimum payment, however, is convenient on the off chance I am financially strapped in any given month.

Also, as it is a major credit card, and nationally recognized and respected, my credit score has increased. By being conscientious and always paying on time, my credit line has increased as well, subsequently increasing my buying power and further improving my credit.


Great card for everyone

The Chase Freedom card provides me with the most flexibility I need for my busy lifestyle. I particularly enjoyed the no annual fees and the rotating bonus categories.


Great cash back bonus card

I have had a Chase Freedom card for a little over a year. I really like this card and the cash back features. You always receive 1% cash back, but, every quarter, there are certain categories (i.e. grocery stores, Amazon, gas) that you can activate to receive 5% cash back. I have utilized the cash back incentives a lot and have saved enough money via these incentives to use towards a nice vacation.

I also received no interest on purchases for the first year. Although I usually pay off my card each month, I knew that I had the flexibility not to and not be charged interest. I really, really like this card. I was pleasantly surprised when one of my other Chase cards was switched to a Freedom card, as well. Now I have two Freedom cards and I earn quite a bit cash back from the combination of the two.


Decent card to have for an emergency.

It’s ok. I don’t use it. I get 5% on groceries, and I will use that sometimes. The only reason I have it is I bank with Chase and they offered me the card. My credit is not ideal, and I will probably use the card when I have more money to rebuild my credit.

Chase does not offer me a time of purchase statement online. I have to show up at the bank to find out this information. I don’t like that, and I may drop Chase altogether because of it.


Avoid credit cards as they have “sucker” written all over them.

It was real easy to get but, is kind of a lousy card as they charge almost 20% interest now as I was late on a payment one time. The fees and constant need to pay the minimum are becoming a nightmare.


The card is decent for my purposes of only using it for online transactions.

The cards gives 1% cash back on all purchases and rotates every quarter some categories that give you 5% cash back. It’s similar to other Discover credit cards I have so it’s nothing overwhelmingly special about it.


A great card to use with others to maximize cash rewards

I only choose credit cards with no annual fee based on cash rewards offered. The Chase Freedom Card offers rewards of 5% on selected categories which are the highest I have found. The only drawback is that the categories change quarterly so every three months I have to change which of 4 cards I use for which category


Chase Freedom Card: Bonuses and Low Fees

I currently own a Chase Freedom Card with Chase Bank. So far, my experience with the card has been great. The two things that stand out to me are the low fees on the card and the bonuses. The bonuses especially have been ideal since I use it for my business. Right in the first month, they gave me $100 back off of a purchase I made in the first month of a laptop. I didn’t even remember I would get that bonus if I went over a certain purchase amount, so it was a pleasant surprise. They also gave me another bonus because I added another user (my fiance, now wife) to the card. I can’t remember the amount, but it was another nice surprise.

The low fees are great, too. They don’t charge me anything annually, and the APR for the first year and change was 0%. It’s now 14 percent, which is reasonable, as I don’t make that many charges on the card these days. Overall, it’s been a great experience, and I’ve had no problems at all with owning the card.


Great card for new house owners.

I really like this credit card. I signed up for it because the rewards program seems top notch and I have been able to cash in for a bunch of rewards. The rotating 5% helps maximize my earnings. I signed up with 15 months of 0% APR and was able to get a bunch of things for my new house. I have been extremely happy with their service and if i have any questions, they are willing to help me out and work with me.


Excellent reward card.

Decent rewards program with the 5% on select items depending on the quarter and 1% back on everything else. From purchases to gas stations there are many opportunities for rewards which can be used as a credit card statement or rewards. I have had no issues while using this card.