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Chase Ink Business Preferred Review | Nerd Wallet
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I bank with chase!

As a lender chase is not so great on the commercial side, your better off going to a local commercial bank; but their credit card service rocks! They gave me a 10K limit which is not much, but better then most card providers. They don’t report my business card on my personal report which is great because I am almost maxed out, but don’t misunderstand, like all cards you are still responsible personally for LLC debt.


terrible customer service…

I needed a non-Amex business card (a number of the places I need to use it don’t do Amex), so thought this would be a great card. I have great personal credit, and have had business credit for over a year (I’m a solo-practitioner…). Chase demanded documents that simply don’t exist (basically ID form the government issued in the last three months). I went around and around with them on this — to no avail. They really don’t want to work with you… so I won’t be working with them.