Chase Ink Cash Business

Chase Ink Cash Business
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Good card for a small business owner.

I use this card for business purchases. The rewards are nice, however they are not what drew me to this card initially. I liked the low interest rate and ability to categorize purchases. This card helps me see how I spend and where I spend.

The downside to this card is that it is not from a local institution. I like the card from my local bank more because I regularly go into the branch. The personal service is lacking with the Chase card. Though I can contact them any time, I like the face-to-face interaction of having a local credit card.


Great card, high limits

We switched from the Capital One Spark card to the Chase Ink Cash card because we kept on running into spending limits for the Spark card. Chase was much more willing to raise our limits as our spending increased, which prevented us from having to pay the card off multiple times per month.


Customer service lacking

I’ve had this card for about 10 months and overall it’s good, but I find the customer service really weak. I didn’t have any issues for awhile, but had taken out $60 at a bank a couple of months ago (long story, normally wouldn’t do this but needed tip for car wash and only had credit cards). Several months later and they are still charging me $24/month interest for the transaction even though I had paid the card balance IN FULL each month. I just got off the telephone with the rep who ‘helped’ me, and I’ve rarely been treated so rudely (and I worked for years in customer service so am generally pretty forgiving). I use credit cards for everything and pay the balance each month, so have had discussions with other credit card companies and they are typically very helpful. Not so with Ink.

The best feature of this card is the ‘Jot’ app (some you can record and classify expenses, and download receipts- handy for business). Pretty soon everyone will have that feature though, and when they do I’ll be jumping ship. We charge a lot of money each year on our company card, so it’s a pretty easy revenue for a credit card company. I’d prefer to give that to a company that values their customers.


If You Don’t Have D&B File or DUNS Number, Don’t Bother

Submitted application for my LLC and got notice to call a number to discuss the application. After running my personal credit - which is excellent - they said they only use the business credit file, meaning D&B and DUNS sources. Of which I had none having used a personal card to pay for my expenses.

So long story short, if you’re a small biz owner with a side business and don’t have a DUNS or D&B credit file, don’t waste your time or a hard credit hit chasing after this product.

Not worth is.


Great Card, Great Service

Don’t know why others have had troubles, but my own personal experience has been great. I don’t have DUNS or D&B; however, chase still provided me a card with a small credit limit. Now, 4 years later, as my company has grown so has my credit limit. Never been turned down by chase for a credit increase and I love being able to track my employees’ spending individually because of the different card numbers provided. And I love the cash back (just booked a trip to Japan for two using my points).

Love the card and glad I took this and other websites’ advice when they recommended this particular card.


customer service not what it used to be

Been with Chase Ink over ten years, cash back is a plus, used to be easy to disbute charges and get fraud holds released. It is now all but impossible to speak with a human in under a half an hour. All automated phone service and untrained non English speaking customer service reps. I’m shopping for a new Business card.


stay away from Chase!

They have closed my business credit card without telling my the reason why. Have had over 280,000 in points, never had a late fees, and after talking with representative, they told me that they decided to not to do business with my company anymore. Just like that. Period.


Credit card good - Nightmare if you need to transfer data to Quickbooks

Chase manages multiple other cards statements like south west - if you have multiple cards that eventually will be all managed by quickbooks will not be able to differenciate what charges belong to each credit card. conciliation is a nightmare!!!


I have this card since 2004’ I like it.

I like customer service . They are knowledgeable , kind and patience


Not What It Use to Be

Have had this card for years and charge an average of $10,000 a month and pay it off each month. A year or so ago they change where you could not receive the cash rewards in the form of a check but had to have it sent to a bank account. Said it was for our protection…yea right. Also began deducting points because they were not redeemed in a timely manner. When I noticed and called them about it they offered 5,000 back and no more. Switched to the Cap One Spark card and have been satisfied so far. Why Chase runs off good customers is a mystery to me.


SO far so good

Just got this card few months ago for my business. They started me out with a $23k limit and that was very impressive.

So far have had no issues and the cash back is growing rapidly as well.
Don’t have anything bad to say about Chase, but would note that if your not some sort of a business this card may not be for you.



I have multiple business I needed this credit card to put automatic payment on it for a lot of my bills. At the branch the girl who was helping me was surprised it said “Declined” not knowing why, showed me it didn’t give her a reason. Few days later I received a letter stating I was rejected due to too much activity on my accounts and to please give them a call. I called them to set things straight and the female on the phone informed me “oh there is no issue here” asked her what my credit line will be and she informed me it doesn’t show her. Well week later i received my credit card with a $3000 limit. One bill for one of my offices is $4000 alone per month.


Squeezes a growing business

Will not increase credit limit from where it was even with 3X growth



I use these cards for 3 incorporated companies, like the rewards, have fraud perpetrated on them sometimes and these instances have been resonable to resolve. Credit limits have been increased when needed. Pto Ink:)


Worst Customer service ever

My card account was closed without notice because they did not have my EIN on file. I have had this account for over ten years. Called to try to get it straightened out, after 5 phone calls and getting disconnected twice from India I was told it could not be reinstated.


Caution When using Points for Purchases

I accumulated lots of points and decided to use them on a purchase mad through Amazon during Prime Day. I was shocked to see that the points deducted from my points account were 25% greater than the actual purchase. After contacting both Amazon and Chase several times, I finally got a Chase rep to admit that purchases made with points through Amazon are hugely discounted. So, my $679.99 purchase cost me $849.00 in points. There is NO statements anywhere on the Chase site that would indicate that the points deducted were discounted. I would have changed my purchase payment method had I known this in advance. Unfortunately, this was a gift and is unreturnable.


5% transfer fee negates 0% apr on transfers

We applied for and got this card for our business to transfer $15,000 that accumulated on a higher interest card to reduce the rate to 0% for a year while we paid the amount down. $15K X 5% is $745 - an upfront charge that negates a large portion of the 0% advantage. 2 or 3% probably would’ve been acceptable, but not 5%. So, we closed the account before anything was transfered. Big waste of time and credit score. Next time we’ll look more closely at the fine details.


Nothing Special - Actually very disapointed

Nothing Special - very disappointed

If you need to boost your line of credit their annoying about it despite spending a lot, Nothing special is offered. It is a very bland card. The initial limit is decent.


Horrible customer service

They insist on a hard inquiry to raise credit limit after never carrying a balance, nor being late in well over 5 years. Ordered equipment online. Merchant did not fulfill and chase said I could not dispute because it had been 60 days from order.