Chase Ink Plus Business Card

Chase Ink Plus Business Card
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Good Rewards Business Card

The card itself looks pretty awesome with the raised “Ink” inscription and the dark blue metallic look of the card itself. The interest rates will vary of course but mine was fair based on credit history. I love that Chase Ultimate Rewards can be used on so many different rewards programs and can transfer to quite a few as well. Keep an eye out for sign up bonuses to really maximize your point earning, I signed up with 60,000 bonus points with a relatively low spend and it worked out well and got me a hotel in Paris amongst other things.

Chase customer service is good and I have yet to have any complaints. It is accepted in most places being a Visa and is easy to pay, especially when paying from a Chase account.


great business account card

I use this card frequently for my business expenses. It is great for building points and maximizing savings. Chase is my preferred bank. They have excellent customer services and loyalty rewards. I highly recommend this card.


Amazing Card for Travel and Customer Service

This has been a great rewards credit card. The 40000 point bonus for signing up and spending $3000 in the first three months is one of the best offers I have seen. The card has the standard 1 point per dollar on all purchases, but it has bonus points for purchases at restraints and for travel purchases. There are also a lot of travel options to use those points on, including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Amtrak. With the travel rewards, travel bonus points, and no foreign transaction fees this is an amazing card for anyone. who likes to travel.

The only downside to this card is the annual fee, but this fee is waved for the first year. This fee is however worth it if you travel and visit restaurants frequently as the added benefits will cover the fee.


Chase Ink Plus Business is great for small business…but watch our for Chase Company

I applied for and received the Chase Ink Plus Business Card when I started my own business in 2013. I was excited by the high credit limit, the introductory credit offer, and the rewards program. I used this card to buy necessary items to get my business started (over 20,000) and used the low introductory rate to pay the balance down over 12 months. This was a very important part of getting my small business started.

However, after several months of using this card (which was in my businesses name) I received a notice from Chase stating that, due to my high balances, the credit limit on my personal Chase Ink card was getting cut. I was not happy with the fact that Chase used my business debt to cut my personal line of credit when I had never missed a payment, and had payed down a substantial portion of the balance.


Amazing Card

In three month I’ve saved enough points to buy airline ticket for my vacation. it was worth $1200! Can you believe it? Great card!


5% Catgories More than Cover Annual Fee

If you have a cell phone, Internet and TV, this card is a no-brainer. Highly recommend. Great ace to keep your UR points if you have a CSP you decide you’d rather not pay the annual fee on. :slight_smile:


A real budget booster for small businesses

I’ve had this card for about two years now, and I’m only getting rid of it because I’ve sold the company. Based on my experiences with Chase, I’ll probably just roll over into a Sapphire Preferred card.

The 5% cash back is fantastic, since I spend about $3500 / month in web hosting and wireless services – that’s $175 cash back every month! Although their points supposedly are worth 20% more if you book through their travel site, I’ve always found it cheaper to just take the statement credit and book elsewhere.

Chase has excellent fraud protection. My card # got lifted at some point over the past year and got cloned while I was on vacation. I got a text alerting me to suspicious activity, and when I called them back, they immediately shut the card down and overnighted me a replacement. I didn’t get it for a few days since I was away, but it was a nice gesture.


stay away from chase!

They have closed my business credit cards without telling me the reason. I had over 280,000 in points, never had a late payment. Representative told me that they decided no to do business with me anymore. Period.


Horrible customer service

I tried to get a mistake taken care of with a Chase supervisor who was very rude over the phone and was not cooperative in the least bit. She tells me to hold on a minute. 30 minutes later she hangs up on me! Ridiculous!


Worst customer service ever

Never have I experienced such poor customer service, they treat you like they are doing you a favor by talking to you, do not return calls…stay away !


Solve problems easy and quickly

Solve problems easy and quickly.


Great rewards

I love getting 5 points for every dollar spent at the office supply store!


Worst Customer Service Ever

I just applied for a Chase InK card since its suppose to be one of the best. However, when I recieved the card my wife and I were subject to intense interrogation in order to verify our identities. Normally, I would think this is a good things except CHASE hung up on on us 3 times after wasting 20 minutes of our time each call. Well, 3x is a charm and I had to cancel the card before I even used it. I cant imagine conducting business this way