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Chase Sapphire Preferred
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The best rewards card for travelers

I opened my sapphire preferred account last year and I have to say that I have found it to be the best rewards card that I have ever used. Upon opening the account, I was given 45000 bonus points and another 5000 bonus points for adding my wife as an authorized user. I booked a vacation soon after opening the account and earned another 40000 points. It was that easy to get $900 cash back.

The ongoing rewards are also very easy to earn and add up quickly. I always redeem for cash back, so my points are worth 1 cent each, but they can be worth more if you book travel. Overall, I think this is a great rewards card, especially for those who travel a lot. The interest rate and annual fees are competitive with other similar cards but the rewards program is second to none.


Great Card for travel

The service is amazing. The points I rack up by using this card is awesome. This is my main card and I purchase mostly everything on this card. When I have to item to dispute the customer service is extremely awesome. out of the 3 times i had problems with. They immediately fixed the problem. I couldn’t be happier. I also used to use USAA credit card and they were amazing also.


Worth using this card

I use my Chase Sapphire card all the time. Since I travel a lot, this card comes in handy with the rewards I receive. Also, the interest rate isn’t too bad for purchases or transfers. I mainly use this card on flights and hotels in order to get the benefits.


I love the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.

We’ve been using the Chase Sapphire Preferred card for a little over a year now, and are totally satisfied with what we have. We literally threw away our other cards within 3 months of using the Chase card. The benefits are great if you use your card to eat out a lot, travel, or need your card to work almost everywhere in the world. The travel and restaurant bonus points have come in handy on many occasions for us, and the customer service has always been there for us 24 hours a day when we’ve lost a card or needed assistance understanding some of the “extras” that the card includes for us. We would highly recommend this card for anyone that uses their card often, and want TRUE rewards for spending and using the services.


great rewards card with sign up bonus

This is a great card. The sign up bonus is huge. If you spend 3000 in the first three months you get 40,000 points which can be changed to 400 cash or 500 in travel. You also get bonus points for dining purchases up to either 2 or 3 times the points. THis was the perfect card to get right before the holidays. The annual fee is kind of high at 95 and I’m not sure if I will keep it, but I may if the points make it at least 1000 in rewards.


Great Rewards Program.

I signed up for the Case Sapphire Preferred solely because of the rewards program. I was given 50,000 points upon signing up and I believe that I get double points on restaurants and travel. At the end of the year you get 20% bonus points based on the points you earned the previous year. I do not have an accurate number on the interest rate, if you are like me you pay your credit card off every month and the credit rate is not a concern.

Overall I am happy with my card, the only drawback to the card is after the first year there is a $80 charge to remain a member of the rewards program. Honestly, I will probably cancel the card and change to a lower tier program within Chase in the next year or so.


Great all around card

One great feature I just discovered about Chase Sapphire Preferred: they’ll ship your credit card internationally if you need a replacement. I’m posted abroad for work and found out that somewhere in the past month, my credit card number had been copied and a small charge showed up (Chase caught it straight away). Chase sent new replacement cards to my office in Indonesia via express mail within 4 days (even offered to send it to a hotel, if I was staying at one). A great service for any one who travels abroad extensively or lives abroad.


Great card for rewards

I enjoy my chase sapphire card because I am able to receive a lot of rewards from the card. This credit card is the main card I use and therefore I am able to rack up points that I have used to book travel with. I always receive very friendly and helpful customer service when I call. Many credit card companies do not have pleasant workers to speak to, however, I have never experienced any type of problem or attitude when speaking with a customer service representative from Chase. The representative not only answers my question but goes above and beyond to make sure that my needs are met. I also like my chase card for the chip that is on the card. This smartchip allows me to feel more secure when using my card and allows me to use my card more easily when I am out of the country. The only fault I have experienced while using my chase card is there was an attempted fraud with my credit card. However, chase notified me right away, denied the transaction, closed the account,and provided me with a new card without any hassle. Despite this being an inconvenience to have to get a new account, I was impressed with how the whole situation was handled. I would recommend Chase to anyone looking for a new card or company.


Good card based on decent usage

The card works very well for me. It does have a slight annual fee, but it has very decent rewards that can be used for purchases or just for cashback.


This card is great.

This card provides wonderful benefits in points awarded for money spent. You get extra points for travel and food. You can spend the points through a pretty well designed website that links to your Chase online login. The APR on this card is very similar to other cards that offer points. I think my APR is around twelve percent. The only downside to this card is that it includes a yearly fee. In my case, the yearly fee is offset by the great points awarded. The customer service offered on the card is nice, and it’s been beneficial to have all of the payment options for the card linked directly to my bank, Chase. On whole I particularly like this card and would recommend it to just about anyone.


Great for travelers

Good sign up bonus, but interest rate and annual fee are too high. Great for those who travel and eat at restaurants often because of the points and travel rewards.


Generous rewards, nice looking card, easy to use the website, great.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is a good cart - it’s got good everyday rewards, and cycles through expanded rewards quarterly. Best card we’ve ever used.


The best card you could ever want and need

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the greatest things I own. The initial sign up bonus was very generous, and it is easy to earn points every single day. The great part about the points you earn with the Sapphire Preferred card is that you can transfer them to other programs, getting much more value out of them. I have just booked my flights to Europe for my honeymoon (2 Round Trip from Chicago to London) using only my Chase points, by transferring them to the United Mileage Plus program.

In addition to the points, the card offers you a dedicated phone number that gets you straight to a representative if needed, and there are no foreign transaction fees – perfect for my upcoming trip. Add on all the insurance that comes standard with it, and it is pretty flawless. Plus, the physical card itself is beautiful and heavy; I consistently get compliments on it.


Great card overall

This card is good. It gives me points and rewards for charging things onit. which is cool


Good Card for Everyone

It is pretty good and has a decent reward system. The only problem is the interest rate is quite high for this card. But I have been happy with it


Great premium credit card

I’ve had this credit card for several years, and I absolutely love it. Customer service is great - when I call there’s no automated system, and I’m connected immediately to a live person. There’s also no foreign transaction fees, and since I travel internationally quite a bit, that’s a great aspect. The card itself is very durable too, being made out of metal instead of plastic. This gives it a premium feel, and is impressive to look at.


This is an excellent card! Good support, excellent rewards.

I am very happy that I decided to purchase this card. I wanted to both increase my credit and earn some flight miles and the Chase Sapphire card was an excellent opportunity. The customer service and support has been impeccable. Overall I am well satisfied with my card! I would make the same decision again in a heart beat! I give the Chase Sapphire my highest recommendation.


Great card for foodies and travelers

By far one of the best cards I’ve ever had. Card is solid and made out of metal and has a very sleek look. I mostly spend money on food, so I get 2x points for food (and travel). No foreign transaction fee is great for out of country trips. Furthermore, I like to use my ultimate reward points for united mileage. The points post within 24 hours and post every time without any trouble.


Chase sapphire preffered - my favorite credit card

I decided to with the chase preferred because I was living overseas and liked that fact that it didn’t charge for foreign transaction fees. It’s been a great card. I since I have had the card I have received well over $1000 in points, and I am continue to get points monthly.

The customer service has been great. Everytime I have called they quickly got to my question. On top of all of the great features the card looks great. It makes you fills like a high roller.