Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred
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Great card for travelers!

I love my Chase Sapphire preferred card. The points accumulate very quickly. The redemption methods for the points are also great. I use them for travel, United Miles, and cash conversion.
I have used my points so far to book a trip to Hawaii, and I was able to redeem the rest of my miles for $1500 in spending money. This is a great card for travelers. This is my primary card, and I plan on keeping it for a very long time.


Great card for International Travelers an

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers exceptional benefits if you are a frequent international traveler or frequently dine out. By offering great benefits such as two time points on all travel and dining experiences it is easy to justify pulling this card out to make a purchase. Just as well if you visit other countries regularly you can enjoy the benefit of no foreign transaction fees on all purchases internationally. On top of all this, be prepared to receive a lot of complements on the heavy metal finish on your new card as it is made of aluminum.


Great rewards for travelers

I signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card because the rewards are phenomenal. The biggest reward deal when I signed up was to spend $3000 in the first three months, you receive 40,000 bonus points. After doing this, the points were placed on my account very fast and I was able to redeem them for two, two-way domestic flights. When I was looking into the card I contacted customer service and the customer service representatives were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and kind. I have had the card for seven months now without any problems. A feature of the card I really love, besides its extreme durability, is the smart chip in it, because I feel more secure using the smart chip. Absolutely great card for anyone who is a traveler or likes cash back.


Awesome Card for Travel and Restaurant Spending

I’ve had the Chase Sapphire Preferred for the past several months. I initially chose to get this card because of the great sign-up bonus that it offered. I got 40,000 Ultimate Rewards points for spending $3,000 within three months, and each dollar of spending added another point to the total, unless the dollar went to restaurants or travel expenses. Then each dollar spent earned 2 points. I also added my spouse as an authorized user and got 5,000 more Ultimate Rewards points for a total of 48,000 points. This was a great deal, and Chase even waives the annual fee for new users for the first year.

Users can redeem points for cash at a rate of $0.01 per point. They can also go to the Chase travel portal and redeem points for 1.25 cents each. The best redemption option is actually transferring the points to travel partners at a 1:1 ratio. Popular options are Southwest Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, Marriott, and Hyatt. Using this last option allows for flexibility and can frequently pay off at a rate of at least 2 cents per point. I used the transfer option to get 4 tickets to LAX on Southwest Airlines for just 29,000 points. That’s hard to beat.


I am satisfied to a certain extent with this card. The rates are decent, however, rewards can be tedious.

I was excited to get this card because of the rewards benefits that come along with it. I am constantly earning double points and more on select and qualifying items. I am pleased with my interest rates so long as I pay my bill on time, however, when it comes to redeeming I have had issues with my air miles. I would not recommend this card for miles because it has always caused me trouble. I once booked a flight that was canceled and my miles were not reimbursed. I tried with customer service for weeks to no avail. They offered to give me X amount of miles for my trouble but it was no where near my lost miles. On a previous occasion, I needed a direct flight but with my miles, it wouldn’t allow it. I also wanted to get a select flight at a particular date and time. I ended up leaving two days early to use my free airfare and staying in a ratty hotel to use my reward points. It did end up being cheaper but it’s been tedious. I usually just redeem my rewards towards gift cards and coupon discounts now.


Decent rewards

I always pay the full balance on my card every month. I use the card to pay off bills too to get extra rewards for spending. Overall I’d say I get $200 yearly net gain from rewards on things like hotels so the $95 annual fee is worth it for me, but not everyone will spend enough for it to be worth it. Look at your own spending habits and decide for yourself.


Great card for rewards and international travel

This card is well worth the annual fee for those with regular expenses that they can direct toward it. The fact that it collects no foreign transaction fees and offers 2x points on restaurants and travel make it perfect for international travelers, as does the embedded chip (compatible with the chip-and-pin card systems so prevalent in Europe).


Best travel card for rewards and service.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is the best credit card I have used. It offers the best customer service I have ever experience. When you call the number, there’s no waiting and no pressing numbers/listening to options. Instead, a very friendly person simply answers the phone and says hello!

This card has the best reward structure of any other card I have used. I have used more than 60 different cards over a 30 year period. The card itself is unique and very sturdy. It even feels like a quality card. The annual fee easily pays for itself because of triple earnings and using a third less reward points when booking travel, making reward miles a greater value compared to other cards.


Best Travel Rewards Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is an excellent chioce if your main focus is rewards. I love the card because of the travel rewards and no foreign fees. The annual fee is high, set at $95.00, however, you do not have to pay the fee the first year. I was going to cancel after the first year but the travel rewards are by far worth the $95.00


Perfect card for frequent travelers!

As I travel overseas quite frequently, I have been searching for a quality card that included zero foreign transaction fees. I discovered the Chase Sapphire Preferred card which includes this great perk. At the time, they also had an offer that would award 40,000 bonus points if I spent $3,000 within the first three months. I applied for a card and received it shortly after. I then booked a trip to Europe and earned my bonus points in one fell swoop. The bonus points alone are worth about $600 in airfare. This is because Chase gives you an extra 20% worth of points when the points are spent on airfare. What a perk!!

The card worked flawlessly overseas. I was able to make transactions at restaurants, grocery stores, and even gas stations in six different countries without a hitch. I also use it here in the states for purchases at restaurants and entertainment venues. The card awards double points for purchases made at these locales. The first year of owning this card requires no annual fee, but the fee jumps to $95 annually after this first year. However, it is well worth it considering that you can easily earn several hundred dollars worth of airfare per year. I would highly recommend this card to frequent travelers, especially if that travel includes overseas forays!


Good for travel

Sapphire gains me good bonus on travel and dinning. It’s good for when you travel for business or leisure. I like the card as I travel a lot for my job and helps give cash back. The only thing I don’t like about the card is the annual fees attached to it. I would have to spend a certain amount for the fees to pay itself back. Since I always use it, it’s fine. However I would get more use or bonus if there was no fees. All in all it’s a great card for me.


Great card for travelers

This is a great credit card. It provides you with a lot of extra bonuses and cash opportunities. I love how the card is catered toward people that love to travel. Actually just about an hour ago I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred card to purchase a round trip flight going to FL and back. I could easily transfer my rewards points onto my Southwest Airlines Rewards card and it was easy and simple. I loved the fact that I got 40,000 rewards points as a bonus when I spent $3,000 or more in my first three months of having the card. That is $400 in cash back or a minimum of $500 when you put those points towards traveling.


An Excellent Card for Travelers

The benefits of this card start with a generous bonus upon being accepted. Chase often offers 45,000 Ultimate Reward points after meeting a spending limit over the first three months. One can cash these points in for $450 if one wishes, but a better deal is to use them for travel.
Booking travel through Chase immediately gives a 25% bonus. Alternatively, you can transfer the miles to one of many airline reward programs and get an even better value.

Spending with this card nets 2 points per dollar spent for travel and dining and 1 point everywhere else.The combination of a generous bonus plus extra rewards make this an ideal card for travelers


Solid card for travel rewards

I am in my second year with this card and have been quite pleased mainly for its rewards. I benefited from an introductory offer for 40,000 points and was able to use my points for airfare which meant my points were worth an extra 20%.

I also like the sturdy feel of the card itself and often get comments from people working at the register. The one downside has been paying the annual fee in the second year, but the rewards have been more than enough to compensate.


Easy and Great Card for First Time Rewards Credit Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred was my first Chase credit card and my first rewards credit card. Before signing up for the card, I had read many positive reviews. The initial spending amount to earn the rewards was easy to meet in the first few months. I like that it is a Visa card that is accepted practically wherever I go. I like the expensive aesthetics of the card, including how the card is thicker and sturdier than other credit cards. The metallic blue is an unusual color that makes it easy to pick out from my wallet. I enjoy being able to earn 2x on dining and travel purchases and to earn points through the online shopping portal (Ultimate Rewards). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are no foreign transaction fees for using the card during international travel. The only qualms I have about the card is the relatively high annual fees after the initial free year.


Great card for a traveler

We have had this card for a couple of years now. The interest rate is in line with other credit cards that offer the same benefits, so I would give it a decent rating for that aspect.

The consumer benefits for the Chase Sapphire are nice - you get double points for dining out and traveling and regular points for all other purchases, making it very easy to accrue point quickly. These points can then be used to book flights, and secure hotel rooms. This is also a great card to use for travel purposes, as it includes insurance and reimbursements for trip cancellation, lost luggage, and more.


Great for those who dine or travel

I got this credit card last year. There was no annual fee for the first year which was great. This is my second year and after reaping the rewards in the first year, I was happy to pay the 89$ to keep the card. I love that it gives me 1% back on all purchases, and 5% back on special quarterly items. I travel quite a bit and dine out, so the perks of 5% back from that are great too. Anything you purchase with the card gets an extended 1 year warranty as well. They allow you to cancel your trips even if its non refundable through whatever booking site you use, which came in handy once due to life situations. Depending on what I get back in points, I usually try and get gift cards or save up for a plane ticket. They offer so many different rewards from cash back directly into your account, to a cruise. I even applied my points directly towards an amazon purchase when I tie my card through my account last month. I didn’t know about that possibility till recently. Other than the perks the card itself is nice. It’s made of metal and always gets alot of attention when I use it. I definitely recommend this to anyone who spends a bit of money and likes to dine out or travel.


The best card on the planet

This is an amazing card to have. It lets you add up travel points, and it’s easy to be approved. Its limit is also extremely high. While a lot of cards will give you a limit of maybe $2,000 or so, this card gives you 10 times that. If you have a credit score of above 700 or so, you should be approved pretty simply. Being a traveler, this card is pretty much a must. I’m not sure I can think of a better card for anyone to have.



This card is made of metal. This thing would survive a nuclear apocalypse. The points are good too.


Got points faster than I thought I would

I never really thought that I could use the points benefit within a reasonable amount of time after receiving my card. After only a few months I am well on my way to getting free tickets across the country this summer! I use it exclusively for dining to take advantage of the double points, and keep my balance reasonably low. I am very impressed by this card and I would easily recommend it to people who enjoy traveling and food as much as I do.