Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred
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Great daily driver, especially when paired with the Chase Freedom

If you’re going keep a rewards card in your wallet, it should be the CSP. It’s made of metal, which I discovered while on my honeymoon makes it great for cutting limes and another assorted fruits and vegetables. On that same trip, I was also earning double points on just about everything I bought: hotels, planes, trains, automobiles and of course meals – all without paying foreign transaction fees.

If you really want to maximize your points earning, make sure to carry the Chase Freedom as well. It has no annual fee and earns 5X points on rotating quarterly categories like gas, groceries, department stores and dining. So, for instance, when the Freedom is earning 5X points on dining, I use it instead of the CSP – and all of the points are easily combined together in your Chase account. Note: If you only carry the Freedom without also having the CSP, you’ll still get the rotating bonus categories, but it will just be cash back. That’s all fine and good, but if you have the CSP, you can use the points for cash back or to transfer to an airline or hotel partner, and that’s where you can get really amazing travel deals that can make your points worth way more than if you redeem for cash back.

Oh, and if you have a Chase Slate, then you get the CSP, call them up and ask to have your Slate turned into a Freedom. Unless you’re doing a balance transfer, the Slate isn’t helping you earn any points.


Great card if you dine out a lot and do a bit of traveling

I use a mix of credit cards for everyday use, but I end up using this card the most because:

- The reward points go a long way; you get a 20% discount when booking airfare and hotels.
- And it looks and feels baller.

The no foreign transaction fee is also a huge plus for me as I travel internationally 1-2x a year.


The card that always gets a second look

Great travel benefits, especially when you get that little bump from booking through Chase’s travel center, no foreign transaction fees, and the satisfaction of having friends, family and waiters alike all pause a little to hold it in their hands. Love this card.


Lots of perks, but poor customer service not worth it

I really enjoyed this card at first. The reward service works wonderfully for flights, but when I used it for a hotel reservation I had trouble. The hotel couldn’t find my reservation, and while I called Chase from the hotel lobby they simply insisted that the hotel was wrong and I had a reservation. After some banter (the hotel and card service wouldn’t speak to one another) I booked another room with the card. The Chase service rep assured me that it would be easy to appeal if two charges showed up.

Well, long story shorter, I was charged twice. I appealed it, but the charges showed up again almost six months later. My appeal was denied. I receieved a letter asking for more documentation, but the deadline they gave me was actually before the letter was even postmarked. Although I did fax these documents, they stated they did not recieve them and my deadline had passed.

After speaking with many customer service representatives, I am still paying $350.00, twice, for this hotel room. Thanks, Chase :slight_smile:


points are not worth the pain

Points program speakers for itself but don’t try to get service. They are rude, surly and indifferent. And you will have your card compromised several times a year. Then you wi)l have to get a new card and call all the places where you have automatic payments set up. It is a nightmare, and they don’t care.


Would like to use it… but

I would love to use this card, or any of my other 2 chase cards. However, their security department keeps blocking my usage. Apparently they can’t handle the fact that my husband is in HI on business and I’m in California. I need a card that works when I need it.


Horrible application expreience

Applied Chase Sapphire card to them, was told that they need me to fax my driver's license and SSN to them. I faxed to them immediately but they said the fax was too vague for them to see. So I had to fax them again at least 4 times, but every time they just couldn't read them because of document was too dark or too light. I faxed them through my office, online fax services and even Chase branch office. And got rejection notice with message 'information is not sufficient'. Chase, you like having fun on people right? I've posted the details on too. Very disappointed, I should have applied to other travel cards.


I love this card!

Best rewards card


Deceitful - Card Features are WORTHLESS

Don’t even think about using the features they advertise with the card like purchase protection. I notified them via their secure message center and phone that I was going to make a $2500 appliance purchase. Despite notifying them, never having any security issues or dispute purchases, having a very high credit limit and having my account in good standing, they declined the transaction. This has happened multiple times throughout the past year… what good is a card that advertises price protection, extended warranties, etc. when you can’t even buy something with it.


unreasonable card application process

I usually don't write reviews on public sites but I will do it this time based on my today's experience with Chase. I have a credit score of 789 from TransUnion and 769 from Equifax. In addition to that, we have a large amount of cash sitting in the bank and our combined household income is among top 10%. But none of these seem matter to Chase. I applied for this card today but was DECLINED. Yes, to consolidate our finance these years I've been an authorized user under my wife's cards. The customer service rep informed me the reason is that I don't have a current trade line on my credit report. Despite of the facts that I paid off my 3-year auto loan a few years ago and never missed a payment on my current auto loan. The customer service rep simply said: "we don't look at your credit score. we look at how many open credit cards you have". What is that? Fine. This can all be concluded into one thing: you don't want my money. And yea, you will lose business from my family for the rest of our life and you lost your business to your competitor. I got approved instantly at CapitalOne with $30K credit line granted. And we are going to Europe and spend a lot of $$$. No more Chase ever. Thanks.


No Purchase Protection Whatsoever

Yes, the points are fantastic, however, I learned when trying to use purchase protection with this card that you pretty much have none. If this matters do you, certainly give American Express a serious look.

Quick story, ordered something online that never arrived. Typical story, the website it was shipped, the Postal Service said it was delivered, I never got the package. Called, ended up on the phone with completely incompetent customer service reps, and got transferred around for the next 1 hour and 17 minutes (I timed it) to find out how to file a claim to get refunded.

In order to file a claim, one has to fill out a form, mail it to Chase along with the following documentation ...

* A copy of the store itemized receipt.
* A copy of the monthly billing statement.
* A copy of the police report.
* A copy of your insurance declaration page.
* A copy of the documentation of any other settlement of the loss when applicable.
* If the item is repairable, an estimate of the repair.
* A copy of the paid receipt or invoice for the repairs made claimed item may be repaired.

If they decided that this is worthy of a customer protection, they will mail you a printed check rather than credit the account. It's the year 2015 as I type this.

I want to love this card, I really do, but with no customer protection mixed with the horrific customer service, I'm forced to go elsewhere.


Great and easily paired with Freedom Card

Great rewards and easy interface. Requires thought to get the most out of rewards and make up for the yearly fee. Not for the lazy


Terrible experience with card / customer service

I asked about applying for the card to book travel and told it was no problem. Then after approval, I was told I would have to wait until the physical card came in the mail for security reasons - which I understand but this was miss-communicated. When the card finally arrived (after my travel was booked) I could not activate. Had to wait to talk with someone from the fraud department. She asked 8 questions to verify my identity including where I attended college and what county I lived in 10yrs ago. Then I was informed that someone in CA was already using my card.



I have not had a credit card for years and when I decided to open one up again, I researched to find the right card to fit my needs. I love to travel & I love to go out to eat so needless to say, Chase Sapphire Preferred was the card of choice. BEST DECISION EVER MADE. Ive had this card for not even a year, already managed to get 2 free hotel stays, a flight, and so much more. The perks are UNBELIEVABLE!!

I recently had to cancel my trip to Europe due to all the terrorist activity going on overseas and Chase Sapphire “trip protection/interruption” saved me over $1200 for myself and my boyfriend! Being someone that never purchases travel insurance, having this special perk JUST BECAUSE i have this credit card makes me so thankful. I will continue to rave about this credit card because it is seriously the best choice I could have ever made. OH! And did I mention the direct 24/7 customer service line that connects you with a live rep right away? None of that automatic nonsense. LOVE IT!!


Great rewards system! Read Rental Insurnace fine print carefully!

The rewards program is fantastic and one of the few cards out there that offer primary rental car insurance. But be careful with the car rental insurance - this card does not cover loss of usage, admin and diminution-of-value fees. Just confirmed this with their rep/agent over the phone.


Still worth it, though not as much as it used to be

I applied and got this card about 3-4 months ago, and after I was accepted I realized I may have made a mistake. I normally research these types of things for months before doing it, but I love the metal card and CSP is well known for being one of the best cards out there. Well, I realized I was taken in a bit by the prestige of the card, and there are some other cards that would have better fit my needs.

As a base 1% card, it doesn’t beat my Capital One 1.5% cash back on anything except for travel and restaurants. I do eat out a lot, so this is certainly a benefit for me. Is it worth the 95/year? We’ll see.

The reason I actually ended up loving this card is the customer service! The number on the back that gets you directly to a customer service person is INCREDIBLE. Those people know what they’re talking about, and they will go to bat for you. I had one of them practically yell at the Visa Concierge because I wasn’t showing up in their system initially, it was amazing. Also the convenience of someone picking up after a few rings is unbelievably nice, and I couldn’t go back. That plus the great look of the card, and the ancillary benefits such as trip protection and rental car insurance make this a great card. Oh, and no international fee is a big deal for me as my wife is German. I initially felt regret, but now I’m very happy and I think this card is a solid addition to my wallet.


I love it

Best Card ever, aside from having a metal credit card that’s a plus. A lot of people is asking me what type of credit card I have. And now they wanted to get chase sapphire because of the looks and most especially about the benefits. OMG! It’s also safe from anti frauds. They call and they do follow up when I don’t call them at the end of the day. I always get frauds alert because me and my husband have 2 chase cards we use for business and personal and we normally travels with it so it has so much online purchases or even international purchases but the thing I liked about it that they do watched your card. Who knows using your credit card most especially in Asia is not safe. At all! So I’m so glad we got Chase Milesge Plus and Chase Sapphire Card. I love everything about it.


MUST HAVE for travelers

This card has come in handy numerous times.

Not only has the great deals on purchasing flights with points (20% discount!) come in handy, so have the benefits.

I’ve had a couple incidences when my rental cars have come into damage. Chase took care of the costs quickly and without question!

When my flight got canceled because of a mechanical issue, all my fees were taken care of.

I can’t imagine purchasing travel with any other card. This card takes care of you, plain and simple. And physically this card always impresses- I’ve gotten dozens of compliments of the sturdiness of the card!


Plane tickets 20% more expensive on chase web site, really the same price with the 20% discount.

I’ve had this card for a while, and it used to be great due the 20% bump in value you get when getting plane tickets on chase’s reward flights. However, when purchasing a recent plane ticket with points, plane tickets on the rewards site were a good 20% more expensive on the chase site than the airlines sites - totally negating the purpose of this card over any other card.

Additionally - the no foreign transaction fee is of very limited use in Europe. Many credit card readers in europe can not process US visa cards for some reason (i.e. gas stations, train stations, many restaurants and hotels), including this card. So you still have to use another credit card or pay cash, and pay steep ATM or foreign transaction fees.


Excellent customer service

I had the pleasure to speak with customer service twice in an attempt to resolve 2 different hotel situations. Both times I spoke to a real person in record time.

The first situation had to do with a third party hotel booking. After speaking to the hotel and 3rd party vendor without resolution on my free cancellation room, I called this card. They immediately refunded my money and secured my funds while I was on vacation.
The 2nd time was through chase rewards. I paid cash for a free cancellation reservation. In about 48 hours that charge was off my card.
I always verify my hotel reservation by calling the hotel directly. On a few occasions the hotel had the wrong dates but my email was correct.
I used it for a car rental and found it covered all costs. I spoke to a customer rep and they confirmed admin fees, loss of usage etc is covered. Maybe it’s changed since the last writer reviewed the car rental policy?
I’m saving my points right now for a big trip to Florida right before Thanksgiving. I hope it goes smooth too.