Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred
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Great card

Great card


Great card!

This card is incredible for travel. Got 4 trips to LA from JFK on this card!


Trip Insurance = LIE, even with Dr. note to not travel, claim denied

I like the points for this card but fees are very high and benefits are non existent. Paying $100 a year maybe ok if you think you will get the trip insurance benefits, however even with a doctors note to not travel for Zika I’ve had my claim denied. Customer service rep’s told me “you are not sick you are scared” after months of passing me around and sending me back and forth with the airline. They will respond to your twitter messages but, nothing will come of it.


Watch out for HIGHLY inflated pricing on airfare

I’m planning a vacation, and intended to use ultimate rewards to purchase one airline ticket and to buy a companion ticket with cash. I was shocked when I saw that the Chase travel website listed the price of the ticket as almost double the price available through the airline–roughly $1400 instead of $700. Both the standard coach fare and the business class fare were similarly inflated. I contacted customer service and got no help at all–only the suggestion that I cash out the reward points and buy the ticket that way. This is completely unacceptable. Hope anyone who finds fares like this will be sure to let others know that it’s happening.


Great card!

Cash back or Amazon reward points.
Good fraud protection.
Great customer service if you have any issues with the card.


Great card for travel rewards!

Got this card a few months ago and already seeing the benefits! Great if you spend most of your money on restaurants and travel. The app is super easy as well! Hate to admit it, but love the metal card as well :slight_smile:


Good customer service / fraud detection.

I’ve had this card for nearly 4 years and would probably give it a B+ rating. It seems to be a popular card among working 20-somethings. Great fraud detection / alert; points are okay too. I’ve mainly redeemed points for flights - not a great conversion but still solid. Would recommend.


Extremely responsive customer service, feels targeted to my preferences

Extremely responsive customer service - text / email when they suspect fraud, easy to verify transactions over text or phone. Agents on the phone move through material quickly, new credit cards arrive over night. I have yet to use points on the card, but from friends have heard you get great points for purchases I often use - dining, transpiration (uber)


good points! everyone has it!

have never had an issue


Great points, great service

Will overnight a replacement to you anywhere in the world for free. 50k signup bonus. 2x points on pretty much everything (food and travel).


Credit limit and points ROCK.

Points and points sign up are fantastic. Website UI could be better.


Great travel rewards card that is sleek and easy to use!

I love that the Chase Sapphire allows me to transfer rewards points 1:1 to my United mileage account, OR book flights directly through their Ultimate Rewards portal on numerous airlines, giving me more flexibility in how I use my travel rewards. Fraud protection and notifications are fantastic as well; if Chase is concerned about a transaction on this card, they send me a text right away. If I reply approving the transaction, I can re-swipe my card right there and continue with my purchase. I value the fast and easy mobile communication that keeps my card safe, without causing an inconvenience every time a transaction I make triggers a fraud alert. Finally, I love the look and feel of this card, and Chase has continued to increase my line of credit as my time as a cardholder has gone on.


Simple, straightforward, great travel rewards

The sign-up bonus is incredible.
Redeeming points for miles is simple and a great value.
The card is accepted everywhere.
Online banking is straightforward and convenient.
Overall- love this card. Would suggest it to anyone living in a decently sized city, who primarily spends on food and transport/travel.


Would have recommended until today

I am a long-time money and rewards optimizer, and my perpetual quest to maximize led me to the Chase Sapphire card last year, partly based on your frequent recommendation (added to me SPG Amex, Amex blue cash preferred for groceries and gas, and my now retired Venture card). However, today, I had an extremely disappointing customer service experience with them. I am in the middle of buying a house and got caught up in some closing chaos, leading me to completely forget to transfer money from savings to cover my Chase auto payment. The moment that I realized that my bank rejected the payment, I called Chase to see what we could do. They didn’t see the rejection yet, so they noted the account and sent me on my way. Today I called back, and spoke to three different agents and managers. The end result - they refused to do anything at all to help me. They won’t refund the late fee, even though I have now paid in full only one day late. More importantly, they will not refund the interest charge and will not reset my grace period on my account, meaning that I am now accruing interest on my entire balance. Only one time ever before has this happened, and Amex was eager to forgive the mistake and give me another chance. Chase apparently doesn’t value its customers enough to do the same, even someone like me who spends well over $50k per year on my card, has a >800 credit score, and has never done anything other than pay in full in my time as a customer. I went ahead and paid in full to avoid further interest charges, but I’m really tempted to close my account. I really don’t want to give my business to a company that so blatantly doesn’t care about its customers. This is the type of reaction I would expect from a company like Bank of America or Capital One (I used to work there, have seen it over and over again). I though Chase was in a different league.


Great rewards, accepted everywhere

First rewards card I’ve had and I’m surprised at the number of free roundtrip flights I get in a year based on my normal spending! (at least 1 international)


Wow - never thought I’d love a card

Wow - I love this card and feel special using it everywhere. The rewards are great, the card is metal and it’s accepted everywhere.


Poor customer service

I had an issue with interest charges. I was informed that because my statement balance of $2,803.47 was not paid in full last month, I paid $2,800. I was charged $42.27 for not paying in full. You think if I knew that I would have paid the $3.47. After a short back and forth emails with customer service, it was clear they are standing behind their policies. I will not be doing business with Chase anymore. I am looking for a new miles card now.


Use it but not to it’s full potential

I haven’t used the line of credit or the customer service but the app is very simple and lets you log in with your fingerprint on your iphone


The best way to get Korean Air mileage

It’s relatively harder to gather Korean Air mileage than UA or AA. Chase Sapphire helps you to get enough mileage for Asia round trip faster.


A must have card

I have Chase Sapphire card for the past 3 years now and i simply love it! My wife and I have travelled to India 3 times and I have used this card everywhere including the remote grocery store that excepts visa cards and had absolutely no problems. I had “zero” issues with the card so far. The customer service is absolutely incredible and impossible to match. Its a delight when you get a person to talk to and solve your issues in minutes when you call a customer service. This rarely happens. Doesn’t it? The annual fee of $95 is high no doubt but given the perks and benefits its more than worth it. We also have Chase Freedom with us which we use to get the 5% Category benefits round the year which actually pays of the Sapphire’s annual fees. I think its the best way to use a zero annual fee card (Freedom) to pay off its partner’s (Sapphire) annual fees. The very look and feel of the card is great! Its metallic and blue color gives it an appeal which none of the other cards probably have. Seems like I am in love with this card and thats right I really love this card and recommend it to anyone who travels within US or outside US at least once a year. Do not forget to book your travel on the Chase portal and redeem your points that way, do not redeem the points as cash (lower value). The ability to transfer points to different airways and reward system is simply great! Before you apply make sure you have good credit score! Enjoy and have fun