Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred
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The annual fee is sure worth it

Too many things to love about this card. First is the non-waiting Customer support, call the number at the back of the card and you’ll instantly be connected to a top-notch customer support, they never game me any hard time to any of my queries. Another is how the card looks, the card is made of metal plate, every time I use it, people from everywhere find it really cool. The best thing about chase sapphire is if you’re travelling abroad and you lose your card, they will send a replacement thru expedited shipping to your international address with no extra charge! Highly Recommendable!! Other cards I have are IHG, Chase Freedom and Barclay arrival plus . This sure is the best out there!


A travelers best friend.

The shiny sapphire card has been my bff ever since I learned about the bonus point advantage. With its different opportunities to attain more points, the sapphire has become a travelers go to card.


Great card!

No foreign exchange fees. Great rewards program.


Best card for the frequent buyer and traveler

I love this card! The perks are unbeatable especially since I travel a lot for family and for pleasure. For buying what I was already going to buy it’ll buy me a free flight somewhere! Great app and customer service


Best card ever

No foreign fees. Extra points for ticket purchase so easy to use. Super accessible support.


Best for overseas travelers

No foreign transaction fee.
But, $95 annual fee.


Everyone should have this card!

Great customer service - when you call, it goes straight to a person answering the phone. No “menu of options”. Benefits and rewards are a great value - purchase and travel protection, 1:1 to United Airlines and others and travel booking has great conversion ratios as well. You can get a 4/5 star hotel starting at 20k a night. Not as good as SPG, but who knows where that will go with Marriott soon! Plus if you use this card for business travel, you’ll accumulate points very quickly as there is a 2:1 award on dining and travel. And the card is super chic - which is a nice touch when you go out and waiters or vendors think you’re VIP or something =)


Great card for consumers who’s primary expenses are travel and food!

Love the customer service and the selection of transfer partners!


I love how it feels in my hand.

Great customer service, good rewards program, and I love how it feels in my hand.


Go To card for dining out

I love this card. It’s my default card for dining out and travel.


Great card,but had bad experience with travel and NO HELP FROM COSTUMER SERVICE!

Ok,to make it story short,I used my points and purchased round trip ticket to visit my fam in Europe for Xmass 2015.Because of holiday traffic was late to one of the connecting flights(in London),and because of that company canceled rest of my trip.I called costumer service many times,talked to manager,and she wasnt able to help me.So,I ended buying ticket from London to my country for 500$(2 hour flight)-thats Christmas price!,plus had to buy return ticket to U.S and spend 1200$…total 1700$ out of my pocket…Good deal? think twice about rewards costumer service…I wont recommend this experience


Love the points

Love the points!


Amazing travel card that helps you rack up points quickly!

The Sapphire is great. It’s point system is focused on travel and dining, so it’s ideal for those who value these two (who doesn’t!). There’s a 40,000 point promotion if you spend a certain amount within 3 months, which equates to $500. I used it towards a ticket to Europe :slight_smile:

To get the most points, I book all travel through their online rewards center. If I find a better deal elsewhere I just call them up and they price match! The customer service is awesome, the company works with you rather than against you.

The card also comes with travel insurance which is amazing. So many issues arise while abroad, flight cancelations / stolen cards / missing luggage etc. I’ve been through it all and the Sapphire team really works to help during these times of crisis.

The annual fee is totally worth it. This card is THE best.


Terrible Travel Service

Chase Sapphire Preferred advertises its advantages in terms of providing points that go toward travel. However, you have to book your travel through their "Travel Rewards Center" in order to take advantage of these points, and their Travel Rewards Center agents provide terrible service that make it not worth it.

To summarize:

1. Confirmation emails are not sent in a timely fashion.

2. Confirmation emails do not provide complete information (including all airline confirmation numbers, which you'll need to get your boarding pass!)

3. Since it's a Third Party Agent, any special requests or notifications/communications you want to make regarding your flight after the booking, you will be treated like a 2nd-class citizen because you purchased through this "Third Party Agent" that is especially unaccommodating.


No NFC Payments on Android from Chase

I want to love this card, but until Chase supports NFC Payments on Android, I will have to keep using my Venture card as my daily one. Hopefully this changes soon.


Terrible customer service

I applied for this card based on the reviews here and got approved for a decently high credit limit, it came in the mail and I made some major purchases with it to earn the signup bonus points.

A month later they call and tell me my credit history isn’t qualified for this card, and my account is closed. So who the hell approved my application and sent me the card in the first place? They reviewed my credit history when I made the application, decided it was fine, and a month later they review it and it’s suddenly not fine? What a scam.



I can’t help but be annoyed. There is a $95 annual fee, and usually have to pay a “convenience fee” when use it. I figured, that’s ok since I’ll be earning points. But when I try to redeem them for travel, I notice that their airline costs are way higher than the published price for same airline and flight! It doesn’t really feel like a reward since I have to pay so much to get a “reward”. And no, they would not price match as someone else had stated


Not true that all your expenses on the trip will be from your reward points

The add that you will be able to use your points towards your trip is not completely true. In my recent booking a trip, I was updated that any change to the trip like extension in days or milage cannot be charged against the points and will be charged to the credit card. The fact that they say “Book your tip”, doesn’t mean so. In my case the charge against the extension of the car rental was not accounted. When I contacted the customer care, they blindly denied stating that you need to cancel the booking and need to make a new reservation for the new day. Please be aware of this kind of issues before booking the trip with Chase rewards.


Awesome Card!

This is a must have for anyone who loves to travel. The rewards rate is simply amazing and better than anything else on the market today.


Online reward center - inflated rates

The rates quoted on the Chase travel site are higher than elsewhere on the web, making the benefit of booking thru Chase and using your rewards points non-existent. I read a review here saying Chase will price match. Not true. Just spoke with Chase’s customer service manager, and he was very clear that Chase does not price match. He assured me Chase’s quoted rates are “negotiated” and “competitive” but, as I pointed out to him, a difference of $80 for a hotel room is not competitive. His advice was to book elsewhere and use your points for cash back. Seems Chase is admitting the 1.25x point “reward” is a sham.