Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred
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Worst customer service and worst business model

They sent multiple invitations for applying this card, after applying i got rejection and was asked to submit my address proof. Even after faxing my DL for address verification, they said they are unable read it. These playing with customers.

Question: If you don’t have my latest address how could you send me invitations every week? (they should syncup their systems not me)
I’ll never ever do business with chase companies and be part of their business growth. good bye.


Used to love it, but Chase “changed”…

I have had this card for a few years and have not minded paying the $95 / year for the 2-1 points / dollars, the no international transaction fees, etc. Amazon was linked to Chase and used to be a 100 points for $1 reimbursement. Starting 9/1/16 it is 125 points for $1 reimbursement. Unacceptable for a annual membership fee card.


Not good for hotels

Every time I have looked into booking a hotel with my miles. I find that the prices on the Chase website to be much more expensive. I took a trip to Japan last year and found the hotel I wanted to book to be $100.00 per night more expensive through Chase travel. Chase travel rates are never on par with other travel sites.


Not good for hotels

I have looked in to booking hotels several times. Booking through Chase is way more expensive then other sites. I was checking into a booking last year when I was in Japan and through Chase Travel the room would have been 100.00 per night more expensive then the hotels website.


No Free Upgrades

I don’t have this card so maybe writing a negative review about is unfair? But the reason I won’t apply for it is because I don’t get any airline perks with it. I personally have an Amex Delta Sky Miles card, which I love because, and this is true with all airline cards, I get a free checked bag, priority boarding, and upgraded seats for free when available. I also get all of the rewards CSP offers. I don’t get what the fuss is about with this card. I may apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve soon, which looks like it has 10 times the perks of this card.


Customer service sucks - getting a new card

We switched from American Express, assuming the Chase Sapphire would have equal customer service. Wrong! Called to dispute a charge and was completely unsatisfied at the outcome. We were charged a 40$ fee at a hotel (booked through Chase rewards) that the hotel itself could not explain and Chase would not reimburse. We will be moving on to another card.


Deceptive Introductory Offer

After reading the October Money magazine article created with the assistance of NerdWallet as stated in the article, I applied for and received the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I selected this specifically for the 50,000 point bonus. When I received the card, there was no mention on the paper the card was attached to, the brochure or the fine print cardholder agreement about the 50,000 point benefit among the benefits listed.

When I called Chase Customer Service, he assured me I would get the bonus. When I said I needed something in writing, the best he could do was a generic letter but when asked, he said it would not have my credit card number on it. When I said I wanted to close my account, he said everyone gets this bonus, an adjustment could be made later if I didn’t, and" it’s on the website". Told him I was left with nothing in writing saying I would get the bonus and closed my account.

Zero dollars spent but of course negative effect on my credit score for having requested this card. Clearly deceptive marketing practice by Chase and classic bait and switch!


Best Credit Card!

I honestly mean it when I write that Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is the BEST. I have had a tough journey with an expensive online return, but CHASE came through and did a marvelous job. Not only are they professional, go above and beyond to satisfy their customers, but they truly, genuinely care and do a marvelous job. In my opinion this card is the top of the line. Don’t think twice about applying for a card elsewhere, this card is it. It also takes off all international fees when traveling. Great perk! Thank you Chase for being reliable.


Points Good Trip Cancellation not so much.

I love the points and the rewards for the points. My wife and I use this for everything so we have A LOT of points racked up with this card.

The bad thing is their Travelers insurance policies. Recently, my wife had to cancel a trip to CA because of the FLU. They say we need to have a certified physician fill out a form confirming the illness and declaring her unfit to travel. Are you kidding me? The cost of going to the doctor and doing this whole process will cost me more money then the trip cost. Not to mention they want Credit Card statements confirming I actually purchase this with my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card? I used Chases travel agent with my Chase card and the Chase Travelers insurance doesn’t know where I bought the tickets from? Are you kidding me? How unorganized are these people? Not to mention the fact that most Doctors don’t even want you to go to their office if you have the flu. Why? Because there is nothing a doctor can actually do for the flu. Moreover, it is completely erroneous and illogical to have a doctor declare whether or not you are fit for travel, why? The reason is because the determination is 100% subjective. The doctor will say, “Do you feel like you can make this trip?” Then my wife would say, “NO.” Then based on that information the doctor will declare you unfit to travel.

This is just another example of how a big corporation promises its consumers the world and then drowns you with bureaucratic red tape when you need to actually use said benefits and they use every excuse in the world to not have to pay or reimburse you.


the rewards are pretty good.

My wife and I each got separate cards and after about four months we each qualified for the bonus and racked up about 1.5k in rewards. It was easy to use the rewards and Chase does a pretty good rewards website where it tracks you rewards and breaks down your spending. Also shows you want you will earn the following statement cycle. You can also combine points between accounts which is helpful. Their phone app is also pretty intuitive but I wish had more functionality and features from the full website. Downside - when you want to book ANY travel through the rewards site the prices are usually higher (Amex does the same thing...) so most of the time we just got statement credits. Overall pretty good card but I have since moved on.


Don’t believe the Trip Interruption Claims

My spouse and I use this card exclusively and charge on average about $10K per month to the card. We have held it for 2 years, we always pay in full, on time, monthly. When a recent flight was cancelled due to weather, I had an AirBNB reservation which was not refundable. I didn’t worry though because I had purchased it with my Chase Sapphire Preferred. I called, made a claim, submitted all requested documentation and waited. 5 days later, I got a rejection, with a request for the documentation I had already submitted. So I called, found out their online system didn’t work and e-mailed all of my documentation to a customer service representative. Strike #1. Five days later I received a request for more documentation, which I promptly submitted the same day. I waited, 5 days past and a new request was added. This has gone on now for 2 months. I recently received my tenth e-mail requesting a request for a letter from AirBNB, indicating that an obscure part of their policy was adhered to. In total, I have sent 12 e-mails and had to call customer service 5 times, and I still don’t have a refund. This is not a benefit, this is a complete nuisance. I had an American Express Card before I switched to Chase Sapphire and used their benefits several times over the 18 years I was with them. I was very reluctant to change cards, but did because of the rave reviews the Chase card received. When put to the test though, the Chase cards benefits do not come through. If you are choosing a card, I would highly recommend going with American Express over Chase. I know I will be cancelling and returning to the exemplary service I experienced for almost two decades.


First Class Rip Off

I still have my Chase card, but it has now been relegated to my back up card. Spent 15 years accumulating well over 300,000 points and they were almost completely wiped out with the purchase of two first class tickets on United Airlines using my points. So on average I used this card for $20,000 worth of annual purchases for 15 years, and my reward after 15 years was that I received the equivalent of $2400 back out of the $300,000 that I spent with this card, which was the cost of two round trip first class tickets. That’s the equivalent of only an 8/10s’ of 1% refund on my purchases. I’ve now switched to the 2% Citi Mastercard. With the same $300,000 worth of purchases, I will earn a $6000 cash refund. That’s a 250% increase over the amount I received from Chase.


Buyer Beware, not reliable or dependable.

Informed Chase I’d be traveling prior to departure. First major purchase was declined. Spent 20 minutes to get transaction approved… only it wasn’t. Had to get back on the phone and 40 minutes later they still hadn’t figured out how to help me though they did “commit” and “assure” that it should be working. Had to go back next day, and after they had promised I would be fine my transaction was declined a third time. One more 20 minute phone call and I was up and running. To apologize and make things right they offered me 1500 points ($15). I didn’t ask for anything other than to be able to use my card. Customer service said I should have used competitors card. They also said they couldn’t trust I was who I said I was even after the 5 steps of verification (including verifying my phone number twice per phone call and hanging up on me to call me back to ensure I had the phone). I was incredulous and am still processing this. Broken promises, misrepresented information(lied), and cost me a client.


Did nothing to protect my security

I called to inform chase that my card had been fraudulently charged. There response was that before they could do anything about it they needed to wait to see if the charge went through due to company policy. It is absolutely absurd to think that given the opportunity to resolve a situation proactively, Company policy would mandate the issue could only be handled retroactively. I am incredibly dissatisfied and disappointed with Chase’s service.



My mother had a stroke and I’ve been closing out her accounts. I called Chase in April to make sure they got paid what was owed. They credited the annual fee that had been added after her stroke, supposedly credited the value of her 20,000 reward points, and gave me the final amount owed; which I paid. Now, four months later they are calling saying there is still a balance owed along with interest and late payment fees since April when I made the final payment that they told me would close the account. Turns out they never applied the $206 she was owed for reward points. Now they say the account has been closed for more than 30 days and they will not honor the points or apply the value that they said they applied in April when I spoke to them. These people are crooks. My mother is 88 years old, is a stroke victim, was obviously a loyal customer of theirs (20,000+ points), and now they want to steal the value of her points from her when they are the ones that failed to credit them when I called to close the account. RIP OFFS! Get a card with a company that honors their commitments and has some real customer service!!!


Does what its supposed to do - Solid card and customer service is helpful

I applied, received a generous limit and the bonus. The interest rate is high, but I dont carry a balance. Between this and the Chase Sapphire Reserve, I have accumulated about 300k UR points. I used it for my first trip this summer and the chase tool used to book travel, airfare and car rental was super easy.

When one of my flights had to be cancelled, the Chase Rep was able to get me a credit with the airline (minus a small re-booking fee).

The app is very easy to use and the statements are nicely organized. This is a winning product with no downside (as of yet).


Best Starter Card for Traveling

So far, I have been enjoying my time with my CSP. With a competitive sign-up bonus, huge network of travel partners, free first year, and good earning potential, this is still easily one of the best travel cards on the market. While I do not recommend the travel portal because of cost inflation, their option of transfer partners makes for pretty lucrative deals. In addition to being a great card, the customer service is in the U.S., a pretty good selling point in itself, and is a card that is a looker of a card. If you have one or two big trips a year, I would recommend this card. For any more than that, I would recommend the Chase Sapphire Reserved. I have enjoyed this card and look forward to at least another year of it before upgrading.


Great Card but…

After seven years with my AMEX Platinum, I decided to cancel it and acquire this Sapphire Preferred Card as it just made way more sense.
I am two months into this card and so far so great but I have some pro tips for anyone who is thinking about applying or current cardholders.

1- 2x Points on travel bookings are only earned when using this card and booking directly with the airline/hotel or through Chase’s Sapphire travel portal. NOT through third-party services e.g, Kayak, Travelocity, etc. If you have a third party travel site that you love or have points with, it is worth double checking with Chase to see if that site is considered a “Travel Vendor.” Thankfully Chase’s travel portal has very competitive prices that are as good or sometimes better than other sites.

I discovered this as I was researching options to maximize earned reward points. Which leads my to my next point.

2- Twitter. Heard of it? Instead of calling or emailing questions to companies regarding travel issues, I have been using DMs on Twitter to get my questions answered. With this question regarding earning points on travel, Chase DM’ed me back within minutes with thorough answers. Virgina America customer service on Twitter has proven exceptional in the past as well. If you don’t have a twitter account get one at least for this purpose.


Great card; overboard on security

Overall this is a great card with one of the best reward programs if travel and dining is important to you.

My biggest complaint however is their security and customer service. It was very apparent within the first few weeks of owning the card that I would be smothered to death by their security protocol. I travel for work and every time I’d be in a new city, Chase would lock down my account. The only way to unlock the account is an agonize 30+ minute interrogation over phone where you’ll be asked a litany of questions pertaining to your life and account. After the first incident, I let them know that I travel for work and they should not be concerned with domestic travel. Despite this notification, they continued to lock down my account after travel. I’m very strongly considering ditching the card due to this inconvenience so if you travel often for work, this is probably not the card for you.


Terrible card, terrible customer service

After already being a Chase account holder (checking/savings), although I was already less than impressed with the company, I figured it would be convenient to have a credit card with the same company. The big bonus was nice, but dealing with Chase does not make this card worth it. After a flight got cancelled because of the recent hurricanes, I should have been able to get my money back since it is a covered loss in Chase’s travel protection program. Not only have they made it as difficult as possible to make the claim, they are doing everything in their power not to reimburse me for my loss. Also, 1x points on most purchases does not add up to as many points as you could get with other cards.