Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred
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Horrible customer service

I have had this card for several years. In that time they have allowed two fraudulent charges that have cost me $900.00. The customer service was useless in helping to resolve the issue.


i would to have this credit card

Loving it


Just the right fit for my family situation.

I had looked at many cards, but the NerdWallet search engine led me to one whose fee and rewards were in line with our income and needs.


helpful tips

This is a good card. NEVER book reward travel on the cards travel site. Always transfer your points 1:1 to a affiliated airline’s miles. For example, I booked TWO roundtrip flights to Greece using 120,000 reward points transferred to a United Mileage Plus account. We booked our Brussels Airline flight on the United website. Booking the exact same flights would have cost me double the points had I booked through Chase’s travel portal. Chase Rewards offers 1 to 1 point transfers to a few airlines both domestic and international. Southwest, British Airways, United (which allows you to book international flights with many great carriers). The same advice applies to hotels. If you book travel through Chase you will be hosed.


Terrible Customer Service

Terrible customer service, incredibly unhelpful and unemphatic. I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a credit card that has “bad” customer service, it was a first with these guys. It took them 3 months to “officially” file a dispute for me, because their dispute team was “busy”. Are you kidding? Needless to say I canceled the card.


Watch the yearly fee

This card is expensive and not mentioned in the reviews. We have just been charged $450 for 2018. What! Negates the value of the reward structure.


Minimum Income

To be approved to this card, what is the minimum income required? I have Amex everyday and Bank of America Cash back. My annual income is $22000/year and my FICO is 738.


Horrible customer service

If you call three different representatives for the same issue , you will hear three totally different responses.
I was lied ot several times. The purchase protection was awful- meaning it took 11 weeks and probably 6 phones calls and 3-4 emails (documents ent) to get 24 reimbursed. Customer service reps can get quite unkind.


Don’t count on the waived first year annual fee

My husband applied for this card last month after we did a ton of research and saw all the positive reviews. We checked to make sure he was pre-approved through their website first and then proceeded to apply. One of the dealbreakers was the 1st year $0 fee so I made sure that promotion was listed on Chase’s site before we applied. We weren’t approved immediately but the next day, the credit limit showed up on his account (we have been chase customers for years). Everything was great until the $95 fee showed up 2 weeks later. We’ve tried to get it reversed but Chase just keeps saying they can’t and that offer isn’t available. Funny that I can search this card and land right on their website where that offer is available. First bad experience with Chase and I just can’t recommend them anymore. So disappointed that they are unwilling to fix the mistake. Worst customer service I have ever received and from every rep we dealt with. Totally incompetent.


Membership Benefits - No such thing!

Poor customer service. Waste of time! Defective item submitted for Purchase Protection, then advised it falls under Refund Protection, then they say its a Dispute Item. Dispute says not them, its Purchase Protection. So clueless, waste of time. Don’t bother with runaround! Amex benefits real thing, go with them.


Still got charged for first year

When I signed up it said the first years fee would be waived. I was still charged however. I spoke with customer service on the phone and they refused to waive it. They said this was a promotional offer and is not always offered, even though it explicitly stated it would be waived when I signed up.


Unauthorized charges approved by Chase

I recently had an unauthorized charge of $1200 from, which I disputed with Dropbox and with chase. After almost 6 months, and reopening the dispute twice, Chase refused to credit back the $1200 to my account. I provided ample proof to show that I did not authorize this charge and that the correct charge was supposed to be $9.99, as all other charges had been. Needless to say, I have since cancelled both accounts.
I suggest getting the Capital One Venture card. They have a better points program and a lower annual fee. PLUS they actually have a fraud protection department that works for their members, not against them.


I’d give it zero if I could

I got denied this credit card with my score of 790. Why? Because I don’t have enough recent loan information, BECAUSE I’M DEBT FREE. scam this card is.


Wow, surprised at some experiences. I have had complete identity theft and Chase has not only worked with me to put in extra measures but flagged it many times before I knew. Great service and for all the traveling I do this card rocks. Between this and the Amex Platinum I am good to go international non-stop.