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Chase Slate Review | Nerd Wallet
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Thanks for the help

I have what I would’v consider a small debt of 3500 with 4 different cards. but nerd wallet has made it real easy for me to find what I need to pay off my debt quick and avoid paying so much interest !! Thank you


Just got it!

Well first thing is I have been with Chase for 8 yrs not sure that helped any. I have a score of 686 on this site but when they pulled my hard inquiry credit check, the bank it says I have a 616 Card Acquisition Risk Score. I was approved for the minimum $500. This is supposedly the easiest Chase card to get and I barely received anything. At least I got my foot in the door. More for a transfer card since it’s free and interest free for 15 months. NerdWallet, Credit Karma and Wallet Hub all have me at 686 3.0 Vantage Score.