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Clean, simple, modern experience


Middletown NY is a bad experience

Stopped at first Chase Bank I town, they said no one there to help me, went to second location, waiting for service rep, very unfriendly woman asked what I wanted, told me I would have to wait at least 45 minutes before they could help, 3 reps, 1 with customer, 2 doing whatever.


Chase is nothing special but not the worst out there. Better than BOA.

Standard big bank. I’ve had an account there for so long, so I’ve just kept it. I’d like to move on to a credit union but in some ways Chase being a mega-bank is convenient - there’s always a Chase ATM or bank nearby, I use the option to easily e-transfer money to family and friends who also have Chase accounts. For a while I even paid my rent using the e-transfer option.


Great bank

I like their on line banking
Their employees are friendly and helpful
They have many branches near me with convenient hours
They do not bother me with irritating fees and unnecessary charges


A national bank with a small town feel.

Each time I visit the bank I leave feeling satisfied. The bankers are always friendly and take the time to get to know you if you visit regularly. The banking experience is always smooth and I’ve never had an issue accessing my money.


Chase Private Client is AWESOME

Importantly, my mom is still on my primary checking account because that is how we set it up when I was under 18. She qualifies for Chase Private Client based on whatever she does with the bank, and because we share an account, so do I.

The customer service is good, but the biggest benefit is that basically none of their services have fees on PCG. Mortgage fee waived (plus discounted rate). HELOC fees waived. No account mins or fees on any checking accounts. It’s great.
For your review, i recommend looking at qualifying requirements for premium tier services like Chase’s PCG and comparing those to the benefits (if they are published). I would NOT compare my experience to that of a non-tier customer elsewhere.


I am trying to find a reason to keep banking with you all after the poor service I received.

I do not want to talk about it anymore but one thing for sure, they make so much money taking from crazy fees but not enough money to fix their ATMS. Also, they have poor customer service. I am beyond disappointed.



I just had the most unpleasant experience with chase, their app. As well with their customer service managers. I was trying to chase quick pay my sister that is in the hospital $500 & by mistake I sent it to the wrong email, & not being aware of the new setup on chase quick pay that you now get a quick pay automatically without approval like we were used to. The email I sent it to had a over draft on their account & wasn’t able to send me back the full amount that was quick paid to them by mistake. When I called the chase customer service line, I spoke to an employee as well as 2 managers, neither of the 3 could help me send the money to my sister, even while having me on a 3 way call with the mistaken recipient that received the $500, that were initially meant for my sister that is in the hospital! We even agreed to them putting the over draft back on the mistaken email as it just was, & mentioned that there is a job direct deposit attached to the account, that the over draft will be taken care of, I just needed the $500 that was sent to the wrong email, sent back to my quick pay or my sisters quick pay. Chase could careless of the emergency & horror me and my family are going through right now and simply said they can’t do anything to help. This bank will be losing my business as well as my family & friends business too.


No service

I have deposited my own personal checks in amounts over $1,500.00 into my mother’s Chase account every month for years. Today a teller refused to break three $100.00 bills for me because I don’t have a Chase account. ( I won’t be opening one any time soon, either. ) Isn’t money handling what banks do?



Waited 11/2 hours for notary then would notarized base on Chase policy!The employee who expedites service kept telling us a few more minute etc she could have told us policy and we would have left! Also very dirty rugs and burnt coffee. Need complete overhaul!!!


huge investment of time

It took three long visits to get the checking and savings account set up just to get the $500 bonus. it still isn’t perfect as they couldn’t get the accounts linked. Previously, I only had Chase credit cards but the bank is so handy where we moved.


Never Bank Here

Chase loves to Charge fees to your account that are never thoroughly explained. This past time that they took $102 from me I went in to the bank and spoke with a bank manager before I received the charge and the bank manager stated my account was fine. The next think I know I have this ridiculous charge and am left with only $20 in my account for the next two weeks. I will NEVER go back to a Chase bank because I don’t really enjoy just giving money away unless it’s for a good cause.


Horrible Customer Service

I’ve been banking with Chase for several years. I had a experience today that changed that.

I called to let them know about a fraudulent charge on one of my accounts. I was told by the customer rep I spoke with that the money would be back in my account within 12 hours…not true. When I called back they connected me to a higher up. He informed me that I should have called sooner…? I called as soon as I saw the activity. In fact, the first girl I spoke with said someone made the purchase at 4 am the SAME morning I called. The “higher up” I spoke with was talking in circles. Awful customer service!


Turn away and run.

The worst experience with a bank in my 50 years of life. Don’t get an account with Chase you will regret it. Their just trying to make money off you and don’t care about you at all. They held my payroll check for 5 days because they don’t work on the weekends even though I went to a location on a Saturday and they were open. Still didn’t get my paycheck and getting a monthly charge (can you say thieves). They don’t care how many late charges you occur with not being able to pay your bills because their holding your paycheck for no good reason. Don’t bale them out when they fail from shady business acts!


yesterdays bank

A bank made for the 80’s. Like Wells Fargo et al, its all about them,not the customer. iPhone thumbprint access? No. Interest on checking? No. Byzantine customer service and up-selling at the branch? Yes.
If you don’t need a brick bank, stay away.


$34 Dollar Overdraft Fee Charge for not having $.03

This bank just charged me $34 over draft fee because on an $80.17 transaction, I only had on my account $80.14. Make your own judgements, but to me this is the worst bank ever. Changing to a credit union.


The largest and worst Bank in America

Cordial and polite to the point of being sickening but unable to understand the problems presented and totally powerless to effect any customer satisfaction. The call center personnel in Manila Philippines only serve to wear out customers to the point of resignation. All executive personnel names and access is buried and protected from customer exposure. I would never entertain doing business with JP Morgan Chase regardless of circumstance. BEWARE!


Don’t allow the elderly to bank here!

If I could give minus stars, I would have. My mother banked at Chase, and added me as her beneficiary. When she passed away, I notified the bank. They have her death certificate and my info on file. It’s been a year and a half, and they will NOT release my mother’s account. They put a “temporary hold” on the account due to her Social Security income. SS has paid and removed all they need. Everything left in the bank is my mother’s. But, Chase won’t release the funds without a letter from Social Security - which SS DOES NOT PROVIDE. Chase wants a “Letter of Reclamation.” SS told them, personally, that there is NO RECLAMATION on this account. There is NOTHING TO RE-CLAIM!! Chase has me stuck in a red tape battle between them and the US GOVERNMENT. Come on, Chase. A year and a half for a lousy $1,000??? I am telling everyone I know to boycott Chase. They are THE WORST at managing deceased members’ funds, and their customer service to the decedent’s family is horrendous.


Worst bank experience

Incompetent service, nonsensical bureaucratic processes, they don’t care about their customers. In one case, I was advised by a branch representative to open a savings account that I didn’t want with a minimum to process a completely unrelated transaction. Very sketchy.