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I recited a check drew from them the assistant manager lied.So I called USAA & was told they should’ve cashed it.I wasn’t given the option of opening an account.Which I found out that she didn’t call to verify the check anyway.Screw you Chase.


Lost 3000.00 in Chase balance transfer, Chase says your problem

I did an online balance transfer for 3000.00 from my account in Chase to my account in Citibank.
The money never made it to Citibank, I own Chase 3000.00 now.
I’ve called and called and called. They told me to wait. Waited and waited.
On October 26 they told me the money made it to a payee and I need to work with Citibank if the payee is not me.
Citibank says it’s up to Chase to straighten this out, they initiated the transfer.
I finally get a letter from Chase (image attached). As you can see, the letter says the money were given to a payee whose account ends with 3027 and if I have a problem I should talk to the payee.
The payee, the 3027 account, I need to find him and confront him about my money.
That’s what Chase did with my 3000.00. They’re done now, and I owe them 3000.00.



I recently moved to New Orleans and have not opened a bank account at a nearby financial institution. My friend has been wrting me personal checks from Chase for funds he owed me. I’ve cashed 3 of his checks in the last two weeks without any issues. Today I was informed there’s a $8 charge for the check I’m cashing because I dont have an account with Chase. The check is for $61.45. Yes sixty-one dollars and fourty-five cents. Nothing is posted anywhere in the bank informing patrons of said policy. I was told after the check was endorsed and given to the teller. I will no longer accept checks from Chase and certainly never recommend the services of Chase.


0 customer support

We found bed bugs in hotel. They comp charges and I had receipt to prove it. Hotel charge anyways and chase sited with merchant instead of customer. Very disappointed!!



Customer service should be merchant service because they sided with them on a dispute, even I though I had proof that I was in the right. Extremely disappointed.


To much

I have been with this company for 6 years and never had any problems. Not until I started having problems with it allowing other to take money out when I don’t have the money. I made sure that if I don’t have the money, not to let anything take it out, but no they went and allowed it. Not only that but the fee was $34 and if it’s over $10 you get another fee of $34. So I will be sharing this on Facebook and warning my friends and family to stop doing business with chase if they don’t want to get taken advantage of.



Honestly I’m annoyed, 3 times this year and twice in 3 months I had my debit card hacked, I’m annoyed that I don’t have my debit card yet, I’m tired of using my credit card and cash, I shouldn’t have to wait 7-10 business days for my debit card, I’m thinking of transferring banks after this last incident


Worst Business customer service

Online banking business support spends more time trying to verify you than they do helping to fix the problem. 1 Hour and was disconnected from a supervisor… No call back to finisg resolving the issues, No email, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. And no way to get the same supervisor… We have many business and savings accounts, and lines of credit and soon will be with another bank


Great bank

Love this bank. Helpful to customer whenever possible


Can’t trust Chase

I have tried repeatedly to set up my account so my credit card gets paid off every month with my checking out. Multiple times they have told me it is set up and it never is, so my card goes unpaid and they want interest and fees. Do not use Chase.


Most people are nice but online & phone service is very very bad

Money transfer from other Banks like Bank of America took very long time even though the accounts are linked and balances were there It took a couple of phone calls. Hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow





Return of funds

I had a dispute with merchant and chase sided with merchant saying I did the transaction done from my phone and I didn’t. 300 dollars now minus in my account I have to pay. This bank dont know about hacking phones or other activity done by apps and honestly the customer service people where very rude.
Basically what do you want us to do its out of our hands. No alert about transaction as well. Be careful of this Bank very careful. Will close my account after I pay this cant trust them.


Don’t do it

Monthly service fees… Don’t bank here


Bad business. Opened a checking and savings with them . A few days later my account was restricted and they refuse to tell you why.

Very rude they have no customer service skills . Don’t bank with chase they are horrible


The quality of chase is not like it used to be

I have a customer for more than 5 years. I had a problem with them a couple of years ago. It involved them updating my card to the chip not and informing me they were sending a new card. I paid my rent online, that payment was declined!!! They didnt really do much for me at all not to mentioned I would call and get transferred from one department to another for 3 days until they could identify what happened! They promised to send me a letter so I could justify it with my rental community and never even did that. As a result I was charged significant late fees among other issues. When your money is now short for rent and you fall behind on every bill that’s a problem. I forgot about it because they had provided me with such great customer service in the past, things happen right? Recently I had money transferred into my account the money somehow was misplaced and went into the “wrong account” however they were still able to trace it back somehow… After $70.00 worth of over drafts. They informed me they could not place the funds in the right account?? because that makes any sense and to deal with it with my provider after all it had been one business day and they were going to return it back!!! I forget to mention the first time I called they said there was no sign of the money it wasn’t until the company in charge of depositing the money advised me to contact their ACH department that they miraculously were able to “Help me” this is how they handle things. I will be closing this account as soon as I finish paying for my accumulated dues… Thank you Chase!



Too bad same Wells Fargo


Poor security. Awful customer service.

In the less than one year since opening accounts at Chase, I’ve had:

  • 3 fraudulent charges on my credit card (totalling ~$2000)
  • 2 fraudulent withdrawals (1 from checking, 1 from savings - totalling ~$3500)

Each time, I had to get on the phone with their customer service team and it was just an awful experience - misinformation, hang-ups, general disregard.

Even a simple task like a replacement card involved more than a month’s worth of ineptitude and delays.

We have a pretty high credit limit and have all of our accounts with Chase. I would think that this would buy us some politeness and efficiency, but I was mistaken.

We will be taking our business elsewhere.


Everything is below average

This bank is horrible. Go to citibank . I am soon to be a past customer closing my account NOW


Totally Upset Appalled by Supposed Security

My husband and I have had accounts at Chase since 1997. These have included Business, and personal checking, savings, money markets and credit cards. Currently, all business accounts are closed with just personal Checking, Savings and credit card left.
Recently, with my husband hospitalized where he can do no banking business, we received an alert about suspicious activity on our accounts? Checked online and online banking was suspended. I had just scheduled payment of property taxes that day. Called the 800 number, was told that I would have to go to branch to resolve situation. Went to branch first thing Saturday morning, was told that the User ID we have always used since OnLine banking begun, was restricted to my husband only, even though this has always been a joint account and that I was required to have my own Online User ID. (I do all the bookkeeping and we have never needed more than 1 user ID).

In addition, on the Chase credit card, I am just an authorized user, and therefore, I no longer have access to look at it online. Neither may I pay it online.
I expect my husband to be hospitalized for close to 30 days…so in order to pay the bill, I will have 3 options: mail in payment, go to the branch to pay, or call on the phone. All this in the name of Security?

Oh yes, and there was no suspicious activity.

I was angry, tempted to withdraw all our funds. The young man in customer service said this had been the policy for as long as he had been there. What? Maybe 6 months? No notifications via online, text, email or snail mail? But we will be looking into changing banks in the near future. Loyalty is certainly No Longer Rewarded.