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Customer service does not have any authority to correct errors.

Spent 90 minutes so far on the phone trying to recover the interest payments on a balance transfer for which I paid and has been reduced by the way the bank credits my payments. When I asked for a supervisor, the young lady said she was an Account supervisor -“Supervisor de cuentas”.
Do they even have a people supervisor at this bank?


Awful app- requires CONSTANT resetting of password.

The app requires constant resetting of password. Today I stopped in at branch office. I needed to fax an insurance adjuster’s report after Harvey. Sat for 20 minutes watching bank employees scurrying around, talking to each other. Got annoyed & left.


Deceitful devious

Chase Bank is in business with both Synchrony Bank and Care Credit Services I believe they’re the same companies Chase will give out your personal information to these debt collectors without a court judgement I am closing my Chase account it’s all about money this is a corporate world this is the beast that’s taking over



I received a fee that should have never happened. I spent 30 minutes on the phone. The first customer service rep. Was rude. I was trying to be polite but afterward his attitude continued I just ask to speak with a manager. While on the phone with him for about 20 minutes I seen the conversation was going no where so I decided to end the conversation. It’s funny to me that I have until 10pm to make sure that my account it positive. But they have until midnight to add anything they want. So if you choice to add stuff at midnight. How would I know at 10pm… Just like I was basically told that it does not matter what the ATM says my available balance is. Crazy. I will be looking for a different bank!


Worst bank ever

I recently open an account with chase to be more specific 6 months ago… first of all they got me really upset since they said I wasn’t able to join my accent with my husband but I still open the cc no matter what… so long story short on Monday someone used my cc and it was a fraudulent activity… I called the bank and that’s another thing for reporting a fraudulent charge you have to go thru many representatives and btw THEY HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT THERY ARE SAYING… so well they said they have to cancel my card and then do an investigation of the charges to find out if it was a fraudulent charge… and when asking them what I supposed to do without a cc and how long does it take for me to get a new card they said 5 to 10 business days… of course when I ask to expedite the process she said 2 to 3 days which is really inconvenient but anyways I agreed… well that happened on Monday and today is Thursday and guess what?? No cc, no call and nothing plus they open really late and close early 9 to 6 just doesn’t work for my schedule and I need to go to the bank to get money … so tomorrow I’m going to close this shitty bank and take my business elsewhere.



Some of the most unhelpful and unfriendly customer “service” agents I’ve ever encountered. I will never again do business with Chase.



Closed a minor savings account due to inactivity and didn’t notify us. When we tried to figure out which state the unclaimed funds went to, all four states they mentioned the funds may have went to do not show unclaimed funds. Poof… money gone and no one at the branch or call center will help. Past customer as of today when we closed several other accounts with Chase. They made a very expensive mistake.


Poor establishment

The one good thing about this bank is it has good interest rates. I’m only a customer here because I make my truck payments through this bank because they had the best interest rate. I had a bad first impression of the bank and it only got worse after that. It is definitely not as clean as my main bank at Educators Credit Union and they definitely don’t have the good customer service that my bank has. Their app works very poorly and hasn’t processed my payments for almost a week now so I had to drive back which is why I got the app in the first place so I didn’t have to come back. When i got here there were about 5 people waiting in line at the teller and there were 2 managers walking around and not even offering to help speed up the line. I know damn well that they know how to jump in line to help a customer because they wouldnt be a manager if they didn’t know.


Worst Credit Card Service Ever Seen

I started to use Chase since 2009. My first Chase account has been closed by unknown reason (Chase customer service can’t figure out any problem so they opened a new one for me). I was using Chase credit card and everything went fine till I found Two Late Payment records on my credit score. It seems that my payment didn’t go through successfully. I don’t know how does it happen but right after I received phone calls from Chase, I paid.
I called back to ask if Chase can help me remove the records. I explained that during the past 50 months, my payment records are pretty good. It doesn’t make sense I do late payments by intention, moreover, I paid right after I get their notice.
However, their customer service only told me repeatedly: “you are responsible to make the payment on time” “we can’t help”.
For me, this is an unreasonable claim: I am in charge of make the payment, however, I don’t know if the payment went through or not. Chase should notice me if the payment didn’t go through, then I make sure the money is paid in another way (or make the payment again).

I have several different credit card from different banks. Such late payment happens occasionally. Usually, after my explanation and payment the bank remove the late payment and late fee. It seems that what they considered is the common payment behavior: if the credit card payment is on time all the time, when late payment occur, there must be an acceptable reason behind that. Such judgement logic makes more sense to me.

I am not against anyone who use Chase. Simply don’t give them a very high expectation.


Great Service

I moved my money to this bank, opened a credit card, and now have my IRA set up here. Great service. I’m really happy with them. They don’t sell me something I don’t need. I incur no fees.


Inaccurate information

Normally I have good service on regular transactions. However I am not satisfied with the service I recently received, due to getting inaccurate information. I processed a transition that is not a normal transaction and was not given the correct information/policy procedures. This caused unnecessary time off from my job.


Bad service

Took me 3 tries for them to correctly set up my automatic payments, until then they kept charging me fees I was trying to avoid by automatically paying on time every month.


Worst Customer Service Experience

Customer service over the phone is terrible. The people are impatient. They give short answers to questions and don’t explain everything clearly. I had to go through multiple people in multiple calls. One person even blamed the previous person who spoke to me for not giving me all the information. You can tell they’re trying to rid you on the phone. I will never work with Chase again.





Apathetic, poor customer service

I’ve had multiple accounts including credit card and mortgage accounts. I’ve received poor customer service and apathy from Chase and am looking to change banks now. Recently, I was duped online and provided my account information for payment. Although the company was selling products they weren’t authorized to sell, Chase refused to support me as their customer. Not worth the cost of the card and to maintain if they refuse to support their customers against online fraud. Incredibly disappointing.


Chase stole 95.00 from me. Thieves. Online company charged me for a product I didn’t receive. I alerted chase before they sent monies. They sided with company. Thieves.

Thieves. They do NOT stand by you as a customer



After they closed my car loan account, they went ahead and processed another monthly payment from my checking account. When I asked them to reverse the charges, they said it would take 1 to 2 WEEKS. When I said that was unacceptable and asked for an immediate refund, they replied “we are unable to expedite your request” and “we are sorry you have had a negative experience” and other worthless baloney. Simply put, they took money out of my checking account and will not return it for 2 weeks. That sounds like theft to me.

Save yourself the misery and don’t ever get a loan from these thieves.


I hate them

I have had Chase for 4 years now. They refuse to give me a credit card or refinance my car loan even though my credit is great. I am currently traveling and it is difficult to use my card even though they know I am out of the country and refuse to do anything about all the wire fees because i cannot pay my bills with foreign bank accounts so i must send the money to my chase account but they still charge me. Their customer service is terrible and as soon as I get back to the states I will be closing my checking and savings account with them. The only thing i enjoy is the online banking and the free college account


Worst Customer Service

Spoke to a rep to fix a problem the bank caused. 5 representatives later, I’m being told the same thing the first rep said. Not the first or second time this has happened.



Terrible customer service . Do not bank or start a mortgage with these people.They are not concerned with customers at all. I dispise this company.