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Worst bank ever, They don’t care about the customer. Ridiculous overdraft fee. I was charged 4 overdraft in one week. $34 for $7.56, $34 for $9.00 $34 for $21.00 $34 for $8.56 .

Worst bank ever, They don’t care about the customer. Ridiculous overdraft fee. I was charged 4 overdraft in one week. $34 for $7.56, $34 for $9.00 $34 for $21.00 $34 for $8.56 how ridiculous can that be. Am so done with banks


Major security breach and stolen funds

When I was traveling in South America earlier this year, I attempted to send a small international wire transfer online from my Chase account. Despite the fact that I have been a Chase customer for nearly 10 years and spent most of that time abroad, Chase flagged the transfer as suspicious and blocked me from all online and phone account access. I was told numerous times I would need to come into a branch in person if I wanted to restore access to my account. They did not care that I was out of the country.

Nine months later when I was back in the USA, I went to restore my online access at a Chase branch and discovered that a service provider I had canceled my recurring payments with a year earlier had started fraudulently billing my while I was unable to monitor my own account because of Chase’s ludicrous policies. I attempted to file chargebacks for $1200 in stolen funds and bring this security breach to Chase’s attention.

For months, I have been told someone would take care of the issue because they take this matter very seriously. Nothing has been done and I have spent hours on the phone with them and providing documentation to prove my story. My account is now in a deficit and they are threatening to close it because of their security breaches. If you value having control over your own money, stay far away from Chase.


Scam Artist

I have been a member over 5 years this bank is the WORST BANK ever!!! They have no regard for their customers whatsoever!!! Chafee sucks do not bank with these scam artist.



I had an account in good standing for 8 years. Someone hacked my account and there was a fraudulent check deposited. I don’t know what they planned to do to get the money but before they had a chance to try Chase froze my account. Exactly what they should have done. It was right before Christmas so I spoke with customer service and was assured that once I went to a branch and verified my identity they would open a new account and have my social security sent to the new account. When I got to a branch I was told they were terminating my relationship with them. What I really do not understand was if I were the one that had deposited a fraudulent check, I would have cleaned out that account and run. But I had an available balance on that fraudulent check that I didn’t touch because I had no idea where it had come from. Now I don’t want to do business with them anyway after several differing stories from customer service. The real problem is I have to wait up to a month to get what little money I had left that was legitimately mine. So my family goes without until I can get my direct deposit changed. With social security that can take time.


Love chase

love chase awsome bank been with them over 7 years excellent sevice never has done me agrong love chase


not happy customer

they dont have well trained people working at branches, i had to explain their manager and supervisor what to do for a simply transaction more than once, they hold your money for weeks and dont explain why when you deposit a check. I also have deposit credit card on my account. over one year it was working fine. when I process more than 10 thousand dollars they simply hold the money to verify. if I deposit less than 10 thousand they deposit the next day. at customer services they dont care about you as a customer. very disappointed


Really bad costumer service

People on the phone tell you different every time ,I see why this bank stay open stilling people money


Do not bank with them!

This is one of the worst experiences in banking I had. Mainly their customer service sucks, they have no idea how to deal with people, they are rude, unprofessional and careless. They face of a company are their employees and I must say that if the people that are supposed to be there to help you and attract people to do their business with them, they have no clue how to work with clients, or any idea what a good customer service looks like, what else can you expect !!! I will never do banking with them nor will I ever recommend anyone to do so. By the way is the only bank I know that you cannot deposit cash into someone else account( never seen this before). I am so dissatisfied with them , specially their customer service that if a -0 will exist I still believe it will be too much for them. People please be very careful who you invest and trust your money with, you need a company who you can trust and will treat you well and respectfully. At the end they have to thank us(the customers) because without us they wouldn’t exist!!



Bad custumer service


Claims dept is AWFUL!!

So I had to file a claim with them. They gave me a credit. They however didn’t tell me it was a temptemporary credit and it overdrew my account on the second. I called and spoke to someone from the claim dept that said “oh well u should have had ample time to make sure the funds were there we sent u an email” i asked wat day and instantly opened my email and looked at the day he gave me(Dec 22). I had one email from chase that day and it had NOTHING to do with my fraudulent claim and I told him that I didn’t have an email in my inbox regarding the charge That would be made and he pretty much told i was lying n said there was nothing he could do and I’d just have to TRY and get the insufficient funds reversed. It was the most infuriating phone call I’ve we had the them. There customer service in their claims dept is atrocious! I will be changing banks this week.



I opened my account online and made my deposits for checking and savings. 2 days after they closed my account,I called the customer service and they told me to go to the branch. I went. To make the story short, I ended up not to re open my account and decided just to get my money back. They said 24hrs but it did not happend. It took a week, bit the thing is they did not give the whole amount they only give the one i put for my checking, I am still waiting for my money that i deposited to my savings. So, I went back to the poway branch, they said they gave it back already and if it is not on my account yet i better call the bank i uses to fund my accounts.
Such a hassles.


Online passwords too strict

logging into chase using a desktop is complicating. Long verification codes and case sensitive, also symbols. And you also can’t use passwords used in the pass



I recently had a fraud claim and Chase doesn’t seem to understand fraud. Some used my name, card, address to order a product online. Chase wouldn’t give my money back because my information was used and it looked like a legitimate purchase. Of course it did! They used all of my info and received the product! It’s called fraud…some one stole my info! I’m angry that chase isn’t helping with this…I need a bank that knows how to work fraud cases and obviously it isn’t chase. Also the people on the phone where not helpful and some where rude. We will be switching banks soon


Employee experience is horrible

So this is how great @chase treats it’s employee? By sending them to work during a blizzard today 1/4/18? Great employee experience and great way to treat them as your New modern salves. I’m closing my accounts and as a blogger and activist I will post this through various channels. Is unbelievable that while they kill themselves working in these conditions; you Mr. Dimon and your group of followers sleep warm in your homes.


they suspended my account for nothing.

they suspended my account for nothing. got the message call for them. called nothing, they said i need to walk in with my 2 valid ID.



Seriously? $8 to cash a check? Even underhanded check cashing businesses charge less than half that. Aren’t you getting enough money from your interest rates? I was going to open an account because of convenience but after you charged me $8 to cash a check…heck NO. You list a customer because of your GREED.


Chase sucks

I’m so disappointed in chase bank and soon as I get a chance I’m gone they keep telling you oh I’m sorry about that I understand but actually they don’t understand a damn thing all I want is for them to reverse the charges on my account and now I’m going to be charged all these over drafts fees money that I don’t have and I hope that they read these reviews


Extremely unprofessional

Opened an account with chase about a week ago and received my debit card thought the mail 2 days go to only find out they closed my account a day after it was opened and withdrew money that was deposited in the savings account with no information on why and who did so at a branch without an ID


Horrible mortgage experience

We refinanced our house at Chase recently. The whole thing was one big mess. They kept screwing up our paperwork and having to redo it. During this time the amount we were paying and getting back fluctuated greatly- we were totally confused. Finally they sssured us everything was correct. We closed thinking all was right until we didn’t get our escrow from our previous mortgage back. When I checked on it, I was told that even though we signed the paper asking for it to come to us, their closing staff put it against the losn instead. Totally frustrating experience and will not use Chase again


Bank of 1950’s

I have a Credit card with Chase for last 1 year and I loved it. the online App/Disputes and all.
Last week me and my husband decided to open a Bank account with Chase and Oh Man I feel like I am in 1950’s.
Went to bank to deposit a Check from my BOFA to Chase, gave my ID and it should be all cleared in 2-3 days right without more trip/call to Chase.
Absolutely fucking NO
some Fraud management called me to do 3 way call with BOFA to ask if the check is cleared. Have I traveled the time and went back on 1950s. a Check take 13 Days to clear and there is no way for Chase to find out if check is cleared in Other bank without me calling them ? We Live in 2018 and we have Chryptocurrencies, block-chains, APIs and these chase people are stuck with calling and confirming the transactions