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Chase deleted my external accounts to hold onto my money in order to make more money

I set up an external account to Discover Bank and successfully deposited 1600 dollars into Discover savings one week ago. I go into chase and notice my external accounts have been removed. I called customer support and they are dodging the issue. I have to wait three more days to set up an external account. This wasted my time and I realize they did this to hold onto my money in order to make more money. Discover Bank has a AYP of 1.3 percent where as Chase bank has an AYP of 0.01 percent. Discover Bank has ATM’s approved by many other banks around the country. They also have flight miles awards. Take advantage of transferring to a bank with better perks. Hope this helps you stay away from Chase bank.



I trust this Bank is easy to open account and they explain to you their rules clear.


Worst bank to deal with

They have had my insurance money for 3 months now and won’t let it go. There always is a problem,they didn’t receive this paper or that then you send them it and they say oh it didn’t get to the correct person.


Chase Bank Fails - customer of 21 years

After being a loyal customer 21 years Chase Bank closed my account - they say due to inactivity - with out any written notice or email to my account online. I did communicate with the CEO Jamie Dimon office they took 2 weeks to respond and did not reinstate the account.

I will never use or recommend Chase to any friends or business associates the way they treat a long time customer. If they require more activity they should advise what is required.

Don’t waste your time or money with Chase. Chase does not understand customer loyalty is priceless.


Not happy after 10 plus years

I’ve had nothing but problems with this Bank money has came out of my account and when I went to go to the claims to get it back there nothing but excuses I’m going to close this account I will never go back…


Don’t bank here

Chase blocked my account without notice so I could not withdraw money. They then closed my account with money still in it. That was on the 3rd. I still haven’t received my money and It’s the 18th.


Authorized withdrawal

Getting ready to close my account due to the fact that chase let a company take money out of my account 15 days earlier than what the payment should have been taken out I called them regarding this matter they reverse the fees and 15 days they reverse the fees back to my account. If I authorize someone to get money out of my account on a certain day then the money should be taken out on that day or after not before


Great Customer service today

I had some returned payments and some fees were allocated to my account as a result of that, but the customer service representative was very kind to submit a request to waive the fees. He did not complicate anything and was very kind and patient providing me with answers to my questions after solving my issue.


Poor customer service

This bank is a ripoff, and the people that work here are so rude. They had people sitting to be seen and said it would take an hour. The one women sitting there acting like she was doing something. Talking on her cell phone





Unfair crediting policy when paying your Chase Visa balance

When I pay my Chase Visa from my Chase checking account (in-house direct transfer) the cash is immediately deducted from my checking but it takes 24 to 48 hours for the credit card balance to reflect the payment. This was important to me today because I am applying for a home loan and I wanted my balance to be ZERO after I paid it to down zero! I called a supervisor to explain my reason for desiring a prompt crediting of my payment… She could not help me.
I similarly paid my Citi Visa down to zero, and it immediately reflected the payment…DO BETTER CHASE!!!


Run away from CHASE!

I have dealt with Chase for 5 long years. Nightmare experience. I closed all my accounts with them today. (Credit card, money market, and checking.) The last straw was a customer service agent questioning my service to the country. (I can only suspect they have a policy that allows engagement at this level since I highly doubt they would have the audacity to do it in person.) I live in Illinois and was told by customer service that they laws in Illinois allow them to do the things that they did to me, assessing erroneous late fees even thought payments were transferred from one account to the other on-time. I took advice to have them as a one stop shop, and better banking for combined services. This could not have been more inaccurate and farthest from the truth. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE company. Best advice is to steer clear from this institution.


Worst bank ever

Been a customer for over 5 years and unfortunately im about to change banks, as for today I have 4 days without this bank clearing up my transactions, I never know how much money I really have, those people like me who dont use cash cant work w this bank, you are not allowed to get overdraft and even if u cover the overdraft the next day early u still get hit w $34 dollars cuz they always have a transaction to clear up exactly at 11.59pm. So what am i suppose to do. To get up and make it to the bank in one min and cover the overdraft?!!! And on top of everything they tell me its my fault cuz I had to keep track of my expenses.This is just retarded! Cuz thats why I have my $ on the bank, meanwhile I have to check my acc every night before going to sleep. And take a calculator to know how much $ I really have cuz their #s are never accurate, sometimes I transfer $ from my saving cuz my account says one amount and in the end I didnt even need it. And on top of everything Inget charge $5 bc of their estupidity. Good Job chase bank. Loosing one more customer. Moving to a bank that works for me.


Security breach and zero protection against fraud

I was warned about Chase having serious problems with fraud Within the first year with a Chase business account we suffered check fraud two times The bank takes long to resolve the issues and offers you to pay for an insurance that will no even cover you in case of fraud We are moving to a local Bank where we did not have a single issue within over 20 years the last episode was coming from the use of a check that does not belong to Chase neither to our account The fake check had grammar errors and did not have our authorized signature It was a duplicate from another check Chase paid the same check number two times!


So long

Had these guys for over 10 years- business accounts, personal etc. I switched due to their silly regulations on mobile deposits…I moved to a rural area and after only 3 weeks of me not using my mobile deposits they took it away on all of my accounts and said I can’t get it back. I told them you’re literally forcing me to go to the Wells Fargo in town because there is no Chase branch for over 50 miles from me. After 7 months of transferring all of my business crap over to Wells etc etc. I finally got to cancel my accounts with Chase. I am a very happy and loyal banker and Chase screwed me and my family over.


Not at all happy

Near impossible to reach the branch at 400 S. Mason Rd, Katy Texas by phone. All attempts ended up routed to a call center. I needed to speak with my personal banker and was given the run around for 1.5 hours. This is ridiculous. You need to make it easier to call a branch directly.


They make mistakes and don’t fix them

Chase made a mistake on my account and just tell me they will lodge a formal complaint internally, but will not do anything to solve my situation. Chase if you make a mistake fix it!!!


Business friendly

Always positive experience!


New Website

New website is terrible, too much space to follow up. I heat it. Old online banking was better.


Free checking for vets.

Chase does offer free checking accounts to military veterans.