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Worst Bank

Overdraft fees are crazy high. When they make mistakes they won’t fix them. Horrible costomer service!


Great experience

Before this, I was only with a local Credit Union. I got an Amazon Prime Visa Card with Chase and fell in love immediately. I opened up a checking account to simplify my finances. The app and website make paying bills, seeing what transactions went though and so much more a breeze. I went to a branch once to clear up an issue, and the reps there were so friendly and knowledgeable.


Online Great Customer Service Awful

Chase probably has the best website/app for several years and I highly recommend it. But their customer service is simply awful. Just can’t get responses from either account managers or customer service reps for very simple questions.


Great service, poor rates and fees

Chase has great customer service, when we had to dispute a charge, Chase went above and beyond our expectations. Direct deposits go through very quickly. If you need a full service bank, Chase is great. The interest earned in the savings account is marginal, and the fees are high if you don’t have the means to avoid them.


Inconsistent in quality

I like my app, it’s great. I like my Amazon Visa. I appreciate gaining points I can spend on Amazon purchases. Customer service at local branches is terrible. They make a lot of mistakes and forget when they make appointments resulting in no shows, which are very inconvenient. I use very few products because I find the fees to be too high and the standard of quality for local branches regarding quality customer service being unacceptably poor.


the best

best bank in the world


really good bank

love this bank, so good, much percentage.


Brick and mortar option

Rates are no good but if you need a physical branch you can use them and then transfer out online for better rates. Have been closing branches in our area of Southern California


Business and personal accounts

I have both business and personal accounts here as well as credit cards. Recently, I was charge for an account I had been signatory on that closed 4 years ago! No notice, just withdrew the fees for an old account that had overdraft protection. Will have to change banks now.


Poor Experience

I am frustrated everytime I interact with Chase. They don’t make it convenient to get what I need done.
To wit, I’ve had multiple fraudulent activities on my account. They didn’t notice it and they make it so god-awfully difficult to open a new account. I’ve had to have my wife add me to an account she set up, and rather than cross training staff to add a spouse to an account, they make you either wait for hours for their ONLY banker to be free, or turn you away. Weekend hours are inconvenient and busy. They act like you should work around them rather than them working to accommodate you, the consumer. I’ll be switching as soon as I can.


Chase is the best

Love this bank. Lines of credit are great and fair. Made mistakes in the past, and chase gave me a chance. Truly helpful, and good customer service. What a great bank.


Good bank

Chase have been treating me very well since I opened the account. The checking account for military personnel are hands down the best specially since is a bigger bank and the other big 3 banks does not have a checking account for military personnel.


nothing less than incompetency by customer service

Customer service was unable to even keep track of the calls I had made with them. After they had passed me around (I talked with four people) without having any issues addressed.


Excellent services offered

Excellent online access and features, sets the bar for all other banks.


Bad bank

If I could rate a zero I would, I opened a account there and they are holding my check blaming it on my employer when its them for up to 10 days, they could of informed me that prior. Horrible bank horrible service


Not Terrible

I’ve been in and out of Chase the last few weeks preparing for my trip to Europe and I’ve had the best customer service. The bankers and tellers are friendly and know what they are doing which makes me trust them more and more. Their app is super easy to use on a n iphone and on the computer. My only complaint is the fees for traveling to foreign countries. If I use the ATM its a $5 charge plus 3% of how much money I take out of my account. If I purchase anything at a store, Chase will charge me 3% of the cost as a fee too.


Horrible customer service

I’m being held responsible for a charge I didn’t make! No matter what I say, I keep getting the run around! They don’t care about me, my money or how hard I have worked for it!!



I’ve had a chase banking account for a long long time. July of 2017 I had to get a fee reversed because I just wasn’t able to make it to the bank in time, which they did perfectly fine after talking to multiple people. Today June 30th 2018 I wake up to a 35$ fee. I am a college student who just moved to a place that has no chase bank, my amazon student prime came out 6$ some change. Because there’s no chase around I cash all my checks from work, with my schedule I haven’t had the time to get a new bank here in my area. Anyways, I had enough to leave a negative balance of $5.08. I thought oh fine I can drive an hour away to the next chase bank available and deposit money via that way since chase is so lovely to allow a 5 or 6$ leeway. Well today June 30 I wake up to the 35$ fee due to my $0.08 overdraft because apparently it’s a strict $5 only not 5.01 or above. A $35.00 fee for an .8 cent overdraft. I call and call and get attitude after attitude. This company just wants your money even if it’s 35$ charge for EIGHT CENTS! I am devastated because again I’m struggling as is being a college student with summer courses and working full time in between. Horrible treatment. As soon as I can find the time to cancel my account I will.


Saying goodbye after many years of banking here

I have several accounts with Chase but will be closing all of them over the next couple of weeks and moving elsewhere due to their annoying and rude fraud prevention department.
Every month they will freeeze my Quickpay transactions as they suspect fraud. I have contractors anticipating getting paid on the 1st and 15th but Chase does not care and will freeze activity at will. This has gone on long enough. Save yourself the trouble. Avoid them at all cost.


Very disappointed

If I could rate a zero I would. I don’t recommend chase. The way they’re charging the fees is unbelievable. Very disappointed with chase.