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Wish I could rate 0

Worst customer service ever, terrible app and even worse rates and fees. Can’t wait to switch banks


Worst service

Worst bank ever. I am out of country for a month and they already suspended my online banking access for no reason. I tried calling international supprot and customer support several times but they are not willing to help. They are not letting me access my account even after i provided all my information and also willing to provide my documents via mail. It is so frustating that I cannot check my own account and also told them to facetime me if they need solid proof. Planning to close my bank account after I get back.


Avoid like Ebola.

Been a while since I’ve been told ‘because we said so’ as an actual reason, or ‘nah, we wont do that to help you’ as an answer to why something wasn’t done. A joke, thru and thru, now 3 businesses have stopped using them, one personal account, two credit cards and future home and auto financing. And that is just one day, this company will waste no more of my time, will leave it to the BBB from here on out.


Chase won’t approve even with perfect credit

Have a 750 beacon score ,pay off all credit cards each month and have a high 6 figure income Chase says I have too many credit cards


Nothing special

I used to have Bank of America and I figured I would try something new after over 10 years with the same bank. Chase is nothing special apparently. I’ve been doing okay with them since Jan. I am going through some financial difficulties right now and asked them to disregard the overdraft fees and promised to never ask again. Out of 4 OD fees they only waived one. The fact that they talk to you like your stupid and say the computer can’t do nomore than that is really insulting. I’m in such a predicament right now and these banks make it so much worse. I’m about to start paying cash for everything! Everyone just wants to take all your money!


Getting ready to leave this bank after today

So dissatisfied with chase. I used to hate fifth third this much but I left there to come to chase and now I’ll be leaving chase. Save yourself the time and skip them if your looking for a new bank.


Poor Fraud Protection System

I have a business checking account. The system has flagged the same transaction as fraud 6 weeks in a row, requiring me to call each time. It is the exact same amount (approx $3,000) to the exact same vendor almost on the same day each week. Yet every week it gets flagged and I have to call and they promise it is the last time. Yet, I go to trip internationally and use my card an nothing is flagged.

Poor data analysis team creating this logic, and poor management systems to override the poor flagging system.


This bank is no good

This bank closed my account when i was inside the bank resolving a overdraft issue for the amount of $200. Soon as i gave the money they closed my account immediately i ask why and they studdard…uh your your just gonna have to re apply on online and you might get get approved… i said forget it i went to space coast and opened a good checking account. Stay away from chase


Customer service is top notch!

Been with chase for many many years and we are so happy with them! They are superb and customer service is awesome Not like that stupid Navy federal!!


Horrible fraud/claims division

Been with Chase for 14 years and never had any unauthorized charges until now. They did credit the money back in my account but are now taking it back because they said they have proof I authorized. Clearly they do not have proof because I did not authorize it. Will be leaving Chase!!!


No Loyalty No Help

After 15 years of being a Chase member. After paying off a car loan and never being late. I paid my credit card off too. I have had my Chase card for 13 years. I have been late twice in the last 2 years by less than 3 days due to late paychecks from my employer. My credit line was reduced by $6000 dollars with no warning. The only explanation I can get is “Chase can’t provide credit advice” and “2 late payments last year makes us uncomfortable with lending that much at this time.” My credit card is very much a safety net for the unforeseen and I use it rarely. I will NOT be purchasing products or services from Chase ever again. Today I opened a business checking, savings, and credit account at a credit union. I will NEVER recommend Chase to anyone ever again. I will NEVER finance a car, a home, anything through CHASE again. I have NEVER had a company display such a cavalier attitude to customer loyalty with such disregard and lack of help to find a solution.


Zero stars wasn’t an option

Deposited my payroll yesterday, there is a 7 day hold on my pay check. SEVEN DAYS. I’m sorry How am I supposed to fuel my car to continue making money or feed my kids? I was told to come back the next day and they’d look into releasing the hold, I informed them I can’t. I already had to leave work just to be there in time to do the deposit.

So I called customer service. They are fools. They told me well the check isn’t cleared through the state yet so we can’t release your funds. IT IS MY MONEY. I can understand a hold but a hold on the ENTIRE check. You can’t even give me $200 like every other bank establishment I’ve used? I seriously hate this place.


Worse Bank Ever

Their tech doesnt work 80 percent of the time. Takes and holds checks over 200 for days. I have had banks give me free accounts that were more convenient then this 12 per month waste of money.


Not worth my time

Had poor customer service haven’t been a member long they ? Two checks, one was my ssi another was personal pay they bounced one check and didn’t give me time to clear it nor investigate it they closed my account without long enough notice so my ssi check didn’t go through when they said they well let it go through they said they gave me a week but nope they went ahead and closed it, customer service line was rude asf she didn’t want to listen, and now I’m I have no money because of them, so not going back


Worst bank ever

Chase really don’t care about your account . I was a customer for 6 years and the company that I was working with gave me a check with no funds and chase decided to close my account like I was the one that prepare the check . They put me thru hell just to verify identity when they have my email and phone number , they just got me going back and forward to the branch . Also chase let any company overdraft you even if you have a no overdaraft in your account then you end up paying fees that the bank charge you. This is the worst bank you can do business with. The really don’t care how long you have been with them .


Victim of Robbery & Bank Doesn’t Care

Was robbed at gun point at Chase drive thru Atm…gun man instructed me to do 2 transactions…gun men ran off and let me drive off. I immediately called police and contacted bank CS. They credited my account the amount that was taken out but then reversed the credit because of no proof that the charges were unauthorized by me with proof of video surveillance and police report. With a gun to your head of course you won’t see failed pin attempts when you’re cooperating with them to stay alive. It’s been escalated to about 30 ppl and all they keep saying is I’m sorry that happened to you but there’s nothing we can do. Will be doing negative reviews every where!!!



I had a Chase account for a long time. After my account got hacked, they won’t let me re-open another one (after writing me a letter telling me to do so!)

Please send good vibes that I can re-open an account at Chase one day! It’s a mega-bank so there’s always a ATM or Bank nearby. Missing the convenience! And I really want to get that travel rewards credit card at some point in the future.