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Great credit card!

Had an issue with my credit limit. I asked to talk to a manager, she handled it right away! Love them!


Not satisfied

If you not citizen and you want to join bank account and you already have a bank account at Chase. You go to chase they ask me proof of address to join my account to my account wife. Do you guys know that if you not citizen its hard for you to get a bill because you don’t have ss? I think 2 persons who already have an account shouldn’t be so hard to join account. Right now I just want to leave Chase. To me, thats stupid they ask for proof of address. I brought my lease, insurance that have my address everything. None sense


Very Bad Service

Worst bank ever. Sure, the ATM works, but if you have to do any banking that requires service or the manager’s responsibility forget it. After dealing with a problem on their end for 40 days, we are closing all of our family’s accounts and moving on.


Worst bank

Chase is the worst bank ever I have since 2003 with this bank and I was denied 2 times a car credit the reason because I do not have a car history on my credit obvious I know that’s why I was requesting it. The credit card I have with chase is the lowest of my cards and when I pay my card pay all the payment and then came out with interest at the end. I’m just waiting to solve some things to completely close my accounts and not deal more with this bank that does not care if you are a customer for many years. One start is so much for them. They do not deserve a star.


Automated Systems

Called to have them notate countries on an overseas trip for purchasing/verification. Took forever to get a human being, but one who was heavily accented. transferred me to an automated system, then said I had to be transferred AGIN to the Fraud system: on hold for 5 minutes there before giving up and calling again, and going through the same BS for an even longer time. The last cust rep I got I could barely understand his English. 15+ minutes to get something SO VERY SIMPLE done. My God - the service and brains of this company is in the toilet circling the bowl.


Bonus is bullst**

I got a $200 coupon for opening a saving account and brought and gave it to the bank. 100 days after opening that account, I called the bank and they said they never receive the coupon, which is a BIG LIAR. Will close that account this Monday for sure.


Worst bank ever

My spouse had checks stolen and chase punished him saying he could never bank with them again. I would never recommend chase to nobody. Chase should be ashamed of themselves by not protecting a customer that has been using them for years… THE WORST BANK EVER.


Poor customer service

This Bank will not return your call. Bank tellers on several occasions short my account due to poor math.
I had to open an account in another financial institution so I can transfer and close my account. Very poor customer service.


Horible customer service, Worst bank there is!!!

Customer service sucks!! My wife had made me an authorized person to deal with Chase issues such as website problems, every time we call in they ask for my wife after being authorized, spent an hour trying to get log in, Bad website! Bad customer service.


Simply stupid bank

Worst bank ever do not open an account Believe me they charge u for every thing I have 4 accounts with but I am going to cancel all of them trust me


Worst bank

There customer service is really bad the employees don’t know how to do there job there always looking up rules and regulations on the the internet of there own bank worst experience took for ever to cash a check


Terrible Customer Service & Policies

Recently my father passed away and my mother no longer wanted the Chase credit card. Since my father used to handle these things I told her I would take care of it, but wanted her to listen on speaker so she may become savy with these types of things. When I called the Chase rep. was rude, disrespectful and did everything in her power to prevent me from cancelling the card. First she said only my mother could do it and since she was right there, on speaker she told Chase I was authorized to do this. Then the chase rep proceeded to do everything in her power to prevent us from cancelling the card. She said they have a procedure that must be followed in order to cancel the card. The questions were designed so that they could not be answered. For example, she asked for my mothers, mother in law’s name & SS #. My grandmother has been dead for 30 years now and we have no way of knowing her SS #. I have never applied for a CC where they needed this type of info. , plus we were just trying to cancel it anyway. They knew we would not be able to answer this. Other questions were also unanswerable and finally I got frustrated and asked for her supervisor. She then became, rude, belligerent and started yelling at me and did everything in her power to prevent us from cancelling the card. A week later my mom received a letter from Chase stating that they did cancel the card but also sent her a new card, even though we explicitly told her she did not want anther card. I called again and ran into the same issue so I hung up and called back but they refused to let me speak to a supervisor. We then clipped up the card and sent it back to the person that signed the letter along with some nasty verbiage. I realize that most or all big banks have terrible customer service and are only concerned about themselves but please, do not do business with Chase. Their policies and procedures only benefit them and do yourself a favor and bank elsewhere.


Chase has chased me away

Chase staff near my home was welcoming a few years ago when I transferred my business from Bank of America. I qualified as a Chase Private Client and all was good. However, I kept having instances of ‘fraud protection’ when using my debit card while traveling. The card would be refused and I would be locked out of my account. My local Private Client banker would intervene and fix things. I finally stopped using my Chase debit card and started using the USAA card which has an excellent error free fraud alert system.
The flawed Chase fraud system is a total mess and affects all bank transactions–not just the cards. When I transferred funds to make a down payment on a house, the fraud department blocked the funds even with my banker’s notes on file authorizing the transaction. The house wasn’t funded until a day later after several calls.
The final straw came last Friday, when I attempted to wire funds to a bordering state. I had numerous business transactions on file in that town, so it shouldn’t have raised a red flag. However, the fraud department stepped in and not only blocked the transfer, but they blocked my access to all accounts. They did NOT notify me that there was a problem. I only received an email alert that the transfer was being processed. If I had not attempted unsuccessfully to log into my account, I would not have known there was a problem. After a very long conversation with a fraud rep, the funds were cleared, but it was now past the Friday cutoff time, meaning the funds would not be available until Monday. This is now nearly noon Eastern time on Monday, and the transaction has not been funded. I highly regret not using FedEx Friday and I deeply regret staying with Chase too long.
Oh–the Private Client group refused to speak with me about this latest issue because the funds were to be transferred from the business account and they don’t deal with business accounts. Really? That really made me feel special. Bye bye Chase!


Insane, avoid at all costs

This stupid bank cancelled a check I wrote to my landlord for absolutely no reason. When I contacted them about it they insisted that they could only change this if they text a secure code to a phone number that they randomly found on the internet and that I haven’t owned for over 10 years. They have my number on file and refused to use that one. So then I had to go to the branch and wait for over 20 minutes to see someone to correct it. I’m closing the account and will never have anything to do with these lunatics again.


Chase will reduce your credit line for the most trival reasons

And send you a letter a week after they do it. I have a high credit score, plenty of assets and income. I cannot count on this card again since they seem to do this without notice or real reason . Could be traveling in Europe and depending it. I am immediately taking all auto payments off this card. They won’t get any further interest or business from me.


Avoid at all costs

Don’t be lured by the $200 bonus because you will definitely lose more than that in late fees and other charges because of all the insane things they do to you. They cancelled a check I wrote to my landlord for absolutely no reason, then refused to speak to me about it on the phone using the phone number they had on file. Instead, they decided they would only speak to me on a number they found on google, which I haven’t owned in over 10 years! So then I had to wait at a branch to get it fixed, and I was told it was but of course it was not! So I have bounced a check to my landlord for no reason. I have to keep my account open for 6 months to keep that pathetic bonus and will do that to cover the fees this lunacy is costing me, though I have a bad feeling it won’t be the last disaster. As soon as I can I will definitely close the account and never do anything with this joke bank again. Be warned!


Not great

I’ve had multiple past annoyances with this bank. Putting money in my checking and somehow it vanishes within a couple hours. I’m fed up with this bank it’s just gets worst very year. The people at the bank are always helpful but the app is the worst thing ever


They lie

Electronically submitted check “bounced”. Computer error in reading routing number means a $12 charge to customer and person who issued check, even though the error was THEIR fault. Was thinking of changing to Chase but not anymore.


New client

I am a new client in Lawrenceville, GA. Being referred by a few friends about the great services they have received at their banks in McDonough and Snellville GA, I figured I would give them a try. My initial meeting was okay, I was rushing in on a Saturday to open a new account after going through some issues with my former military bank. So, I walked in and the lady that handled new accounts that day was speaking with other clients at the indoor ATM (I didn’t know it was her until I stood in line a few minutes and stepped up to a teller and she let me know). I’m guessing she was the only non-teller there since it was a Saturday. So I sat down and waited, I have a lot a patience but I did wonder why she was just chatting away when she was the only one that could assist a NEW client for her company. Anyway, I waited a few more minutes and she finally came in, once she came in everything went smoothly. It was a Saturday and I was there with about 30 minutes to spare. All of that being said…I guess time will tell. I’ve been with a couple of banks in my life, I would really hope that this will be my final banking stop. One can hope.



Fraud took 2,035 out of my account. That Western Union provided my info. That money went to Colombia which I do not know anybody. I fought and file a police report. Of course Chase is not going to redund my money. I would not recommend Chase pure fraud. I am changing banks.