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Weird Fees System

Chase charges you $12 monthly fee if you do not receive direct deposit minimum $500 a month, or checking account minimum $1,500 balance, or $5,000 total balance.
I receive my payroll using ‘Chase’ quickpay because my employer wants us to receive our paycheck in one sec.
However, Chase Quickpay is not qualified to be a direct deposit by my employer and I have to pay monthly fee! I think it is very stupid that they are not even encouraging people to use their own system!

If you do not have direct deposit every month, please do not use it! (As I mentioned, they are very picky with ACH Direct Deposit…)



My son died 2 months ago, I went that JOKE of Bank to get a pay off amount, was told I had to take responsible and sign the paper’
The house was sold (NO will) it was in probate the 90 day credit is now over
My lawyer asked me to get a pay off amount is
Pound her finger on the bill the amount owed if you do not follow Chase Bank rules
She said my lawyer no get the true pay off amount
Every time in the past few years I have been treated no respect



Worst company I have ever had to deal woth. Customer service reps are smart butts who are only out to make a dollar for themselves. Hope the whole company closes and never opens again.


They don’t care

I had a fraud situation and I could not imagine anyone being less helpful than the people at Chase. They do not care about you or want to help, and I was also giving information that directly contradicted what I was told by other “specialists”. It ended with my account being closed without being notified and me having to wait two weeks to get the money from a direct deposit that happened after the account was closed.


Worst banking experience of my life.

No one knows what they are doing - except giving you the run around. Holding our money hostage and had to jump through hoops- still don’t have it yet. Called before we went to branch. Went and then left then told to come back. Went back couldn’t help us again. Told to go back with my husband. Went back next day. Nope. Called - they can’t help either. We have no account on file now. Must go through a branch. The branches are an hour away from where we live. This is insane. Stay away from Chase “Bank.”


Terrible terrible terrible

I have been a chase customer for going on 9 years have had multiple unauthorized charges even after they assured me it would not happen again The inside bank tellers have always been helpful but phone service & upper management are useless to the point that I’m moving my banking business elsewhere I know with big banks to expect a degree of being just a number but with JP Morgan its beyond ridiculous I will soon be having a very significant deposit and when it clears the bank they can say goodbye to this nearly decade old customer & his money I can always find this kind of neglect and indifference elsewhere at a much better price


Online customer support is incompetent

I went to a branch and made a deposit, they deposited my check to an account that didn’t belong to me, when I got to my house I checked my account and called customer support but even though I had my receipt and transaction number they couldn’t do anything stating that they could not track transactions.


Just awful…do not use them.

Charged for late fee when notified that pay pal would be one day late…in advance…



had to move to dif country, miss a good bank!


Poor customer serivce

I deposited a check via the mobile app and it took 11 days, yes eleven days, to show up on my account! Where in the world is this acceptable? Does anyone else think this is acceptable? I can understand 2-4 days for it to reflect on the account, but 11 is absolutely ridiculous!! I then called customer service and they were as useless as the mobile deposit feature! I feel bad for the customer service training these workers get form Chase Bank. Switching my accounts to another institution.


Shut off my card while abroad!

I have three main issues- all happened in the last year and a half:

  1. Chase turned off my sapphire preferred card while I was abroad (yes, I let them know well in advance) And get this, the transaction that prompted the hold was a 16 euro Starbucks purchase- hardly out of the ordinary. The customer service was not helpful and didn’t clarify why I didn’t get an email/sms or some form of warning. I was traveling alone abroad – I was fuming. The woman also was so judgmental at the fact that that was my only credit card I traveled with. Traveling with a travel card!!! who would have thunk…
  2. I referred my mother to the sapphire preferred card early this year. I loved the card and you can get bonus points for referring! So I sent the email to my mom and she followed directions and got the card too! I never received my points after 6 months so I sent an email it. After speaking with three different people they could only tell me that “she did it wrong, we can’t help you” what BS!
  3. Chase has ridiculous monthly rates - 6$ a month because I don’t have a direct deposit is ridiculous! The only way to get out of it is to have a 500 or more deposit going in monthly or at least 5000! who has that much is a checking account!!! Not a recent college grad thats for sure. I also am living abroad and have a different bank in that country. No money is going into the account.

Very irritated that they can not rectify this situation and will be leaving chase when I move back to the states.


Held My Check

Due to putting my check its been two days my check has been on “Hold” but it shows up my available balance as nothing. But my “Present balance” is my check. But its on hold stating i now have no money. I called and asked what was going on. On a “Global Scale” i was told that the chase server is Down. 8/26/17 and that i was to wait until the server is back up. Aparently chase’s servers on a global scale has been down for 2 days straight. How is anyone making currenty transactions? This is nuts. I worked hard for my money and i just want to be able to have it. Customer service is bs.


Thieves. Freeze account for no reason to make money off money that isn’t thiers. Criminal just testing system to see what they can get away with in USA.

Froze money in 5 Europe countries. Chase told bank account holders they were only allowed .20% of total balance for two weeks. Criminal!!



I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with Chase. Three times I asked the over caffeinated person to talk slower as I was having a hard time understanding him. I think I got my questions answered, but can’t be sure? Their paperwork process is slower than a snail. I would suggest a smaller more personal bank, Chase has problems with their systems and personnel. When dealing with past or present customers a call center person should LISTEN, speak CLEARLY and talk slower. I am now a former customer and am glad I made the change.



Chase Bank is the worst of the worst when it comes to deceptive, misleading, and in fact fraudulent banking practices. They have ripped me off blind. That is why I will be closing my bank account and discontinuing my Chase Freedom Card as of today. Their customer service is absolutely deplorable in fact pretty much non-existent please do yourself a favor and run as fast as you can as far away as you can from Chase Bank


Made changes to my account and charged me without any notification.

So I had chase college checking account for quite some time. They made changes to my account and all of a sudden I see they started charging me for not having minimum balance of $5000. I have no problem if they start charging with me knowing about this condition. I checked after 2 months and found out. I did not receive any email or paper mail regarding this change. When I called customer service for chase, the representative told me that we do not notify this kind of changes. I do have accounts in other banks, they all notified me when they made such changes. Again, I have no issue if they charge me with me being aware about this condition. Chase sends unnecessary email regarding offers and credit cards, all the time. This is ridiculous. Didn’t expect this kind of service from chase. Ended up closing my account.


Avoided Customer Service Through Endless Loops

The only reason I open an account with Chase last Fall, 2016, because of their 50,000 Mile bonus for signing up. I paid my bills on time and saved over 70,000 miles on my card over the course of the past number of months. I ended up booking a flight to Switzerland in a moment of panic and political/life-related duress. I then didn’t take the flight. I reached out to Chase in person and then over the phone at least 4 times to plead for the return of the miles. The FIRST time I met with a representative they promised me the miles would be returned within a week and a half and I would see it myself in my online account. Chase is by no means a bank ‘of the people.’ They do not care about you, they care about the bottom line. I recommend opening an account with another bank if you care for your finances and personal security to be cared for. I, personally, will close my account with Chase as soon as I have secured my account with Bank of America, as I am in the process of doing.


Horrible customer service

The points can add up and I’ve gotten some great value out of them. But I wouldn’t recommend this card to anyone unless they really want to manipulate those points. Their customer service is dismal, and they don’t protect me as a cardholder (e.g. when an illegitimate charge was on my account). I know the benefits aren’t quite as robust, but nothing beats my old Discover Card when it comes to taking care of me. I’ll only use Chase if the bonus points are high for sign up. I was a Sapphire Reserve cardholder.


Fully satisfied with serivces of chase

Thank you chase for being with me in hardest time of my life … from now on my life time goal is to serve you at least once in your business …Hail Chase lots of love


bank unwilling to assist with cc disputes

instead of the bank assisting you with a credit card dispute/unauthorized charge, they will report it to the credit agencies like if you didn’t want to pay your debt and it will pierce your credit. Very bad bank to deal with, stay away it is not worth it. There is a lot of great banks out there.