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Don’t bank here

I used a chase atm and it had a glitch and didn’t dispense the money and still debited my account. I had the receipt and everything stating I didn’t recieve any money from the atm and they acted like I was scamming them. I had to file a claim which took hours that I didn’t have and made me late to work. After all that I had a balance of $20 for a week while they “processed” my claim. A whole week. They took my hard earned money and acted like I stole from them. I ultimately changed banks because I work too hard to have $20 in my account when they debited me $360.


Outstanding Bank

I’ve been with Chase for years. No problems, no complaints. They could pay a little more interest on savings accounts, but that’s my only quibble.


Fraud alert

Tgey will find anyway to charge you overdraft fees hold checks or other account payments so they can cash at midnight so you have know way of knowing. Be careful


$10 cash advance

Chase bank charges $10 to cash advance money into a customer’s account. Without warning or notification of doing so.
How is this justified?


They allowed fraudulent activity on my blind veteran fathers account & refuse to correct still $35,000 stolen losn + cc used not in his name too! $5,000 overdraft fees w connected Slate card. Outrageous

Even after it was brought to there attention a woman had been using a card on his account in her name for 8 yrs. still nothing!



I have had my card for 6 months, pay on it every 2 weeks. I have earned a lot of points. Customer service is wonderful. This is my favorite charge card by far!


Love them to death

They are so amazing, customer service, bank, card, everything. They gave me over 600 bucks free for just joining them, and I love how they let me redeem cash rewards whenever I want, instead of in increments like other loser banks like Wells Fargo.


Crooks and thieves

The worst and most corrupt bank in history. If you work for them, you contribute to making the world a bad place for your family and children to live in. Very sad how bad of people they are. Take them down.


Chase closed my account after 20 years, because my cousin “became” an ambassador

Yep! You heard that right. After 20 years, and at least 5 accounts for myself, my two companies, and my family, Chase closed my accounts (including credit cards) because I informed them that my cousin just became an ambassador of Lebanon in Mexico.


Horrible bank

I have been with chase for 8 years. I have incurred nearly $1400 in overdraft fees from them in the last YEAR due to transactions that were under $5 that I was charged a $34 overdraft for. I’m talking sometimes CENTS in the negative only to incur a $34 fee. That’s ridiculous. I had 3 pending transactions last night that were going to overdraft me so I ran to the ATM at 11:03pm to deposit cash in to the ATM to cover them and I STILL INCURRED $102 IN OVERDRAFTS BECAUSE THE CUTOFF TIME WAS AT 11PM! SCREW CHASE BANK. CLOSING MY ACCOUNT TODAY!!!


Cash really stupid

You can’t deposit cash at this stupid bank what kind of bank would rather have a check then cash sounds stupid. Worst service ever. I’m glad I don’t bank here and I never would if someone couldn’t go put cash in my account.


chase c.c sucks!!!

after 3 year s of being a loyal good customer I had an issue with a merchant wanted to file a dispute they bounced me from department to department made me tell them a whole bunch for times why I wanted to dispute the charges only for them to tell me oh you have to wait for paper work to file your dispute and the savings account customer service sucks charging fees for some thing they knew very well they could not do but thought they could get a way with


Worse bank to deal with

This is the worse bank to deal with. These guys have not idea what they are doing in the back office and they talk mechanical like robots. Even worse that the government office…lol. Do your self a favor and stay away from them.


Don’t think this is an honest bank

I sent a check to my 22 year old daughter for a security deposit on an apartment. Chase took the money right away from my Wells Fargo account, but put a hold on it for 2 weeks, saying they needed “to verify” the check. She was going to lose the apartment if she didn’t pay the security deposit by a certain date, so I called Chase to ask how I could expedite the process. They were extremely rude and refused to answer me. My daughter called them and they were extremely rude to her as well and refused to put the money into her account, saying they needed to “verify” the check. And they need 2 weeks to do that, apparently, even though I called them and told them I wrote the check, and was willing to do whatever they felt they needed me to do to verify that. They took the money right away though. My daughter may lose the apartment now. Crooks. There’s no reason for them to think this is a bad check and they had the money in their hands within 2 days


Poor customer service

I was not allowed to deposit cash $500 into my sons account. Really??? It is a deposit why refused even if I am not in the account.


Worst Loan Experience ever

Applied for a loan with 830 credit score and they treated me like a criminal with no credit. Worst bank in the world to get a loan!


Worst service ever

This has been the worst experience of my adult life. The customer service line is the most ignorant useless helpless worthless bunch of ppl I’ve ever encountered. They purposely seek out every way to prevent any resolution and absolutely refuse to find or even look for solutions. A true nightmare to deal with.


Worst ever

They refused to open up an account with me because i only had a seasonal job. Wow. I guess they really dont put their custumers first.


Don’t put you money on chase

They are connected with the collection agencies and they frozen your money double the worst costumer service ever on collection department really hard time defrosting the account after the debit is paid in full they are working with the collection agencies



Chase will freeze your credit cards if you cross state lines. Regardless of how many times you call and tell them you’re traveling they refuse to unfreeze. A woman alone, 2am, stuck in the Colorado mountains, no cash, no gas, Chase shuts down my credit card AGAIN!