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Refusing my business

I own a business and they dropped me without a reason. I called them to ask why they refused me give me a straight answer. I am disgusted at how this situation was handled. Good bye chase hello Huntington bank! At least they know how to do business!


Punishes you for landlord’s fraudulent activity

My wife and I have had a Chase checking account for at least 4 years, and we pay our rent with it. Today, Chase Loss Protection called to say the landlord tried to cash again 3 checks totaling about $5300 that he had already cashed in July (maybe via mobile, so he still had them). Chase detected the duplicate #'s etc and confirmed with me that they are fraudulent. But then Chase insists we close the checking account and get a new one. What good is this? We still have to send the landlord a check each month and he can do the same thing with a new checking account. I am calling the police (and I still don’t understand why Chase hasn’t called them). We are closing our checking AND Visa with them. I’m going to a bank with more sense. The analogy would be a burglar gets caught trying to rob your apt; the police come and insist you move apartments so he can’t rob you again, rather than simply punish the attempted burglar.


ATM Machines designed to eat your card

You go to the Chase ATM (new card w/chip) insert your debit card and the machine "locks’ it in. You do your transaction… the machine gives you your receipt and you walk away. Why wouldn’t people walk away when for years no one’s card was ever locked in… all it took was a slide in and out and then you put it back in your wallet.

There is not “Voice Alert” either to say “Please take your card”… Nothing… Then someone comes in after you and report your card “left behind” Chase closes your card, and then has to mail you a new one could take a week. And when you get it back, you have to update every thing your old card was auto-debiting ie., credit cards, electric company, rent or mortgate, various websites that you are a paid member of… If you forget all the attachments to your card… you could be not paying your credit card and getting late fees…

all because you simply forgot your card in the ATM Machine that locked it in and didn’t remind you to take your card by Audio… as you were leaving.

Thanks alot Chase. Oh and if you want Chase to expedite your new card with 2 day shipping, they charge you $5.00.


Best experience

Only need with them since the beginning of the year when a local bank froze all my funds via a judgement. I love they give you cash incentive for opening a new account. I applied online and forgot the promo code for the incentive so I emailed their customer service who applied it. The people in the branch and on the phone are REALLY nice. They are very inexperienced with bankruptcy though so I had to call multiple times to ask questions. My only issue is that the checks you buy from them are EXPENSIVE.


Terrible customer service, online banking archaic

My husband & I have tried 3 times to go into our local branch in order to close a couple of old accounts & transfer the balances to a new one in both our names. We have several thousand dollars in the existing accounts with chase, so you’d think they would care, but all 3 times we ended up leaving because there was no one to help us for hours. We even tried to call ahead & make an appointment but they said no just come in, so we did & then had to leave because of excessive wait time. Now I just hope we can tough out the wait time in order to close our accounts with them for good!
Also, trying to access old check info on their website is a total joke. You will NEVER be able to look up & see who a check was written to unless you put in some sort of specific order for it. Also, forget about searching your transactions for a specific charge over a specified time period. You can’t. You have to go into each PDF statement, look for the transaction you want & then print the statement. No xerox image of the checks you wrote on those statements either. It is the dark ages of online banking!
Oh & a kicker: they will not allow you to deposit CASH into an account unless your name is on the account your depositing it into. Why??? They wouldn’t tell me or let me do it on one account under only my husbands name.
I cannot wait to be done with them.



The Chase Bank (and a few others) charge you $8.00 to cash their member’s personal checks. Their explanation, ‘you are not a member of our bank’. This is a “PREDATORY FEE”, and the Bank know that! Every Manager I have talked to tell me that the cost to process that check is the same weather I was a member or not. They are penalizing you for not being a member of their bank, ‘which is stupid”, the person who wrote the check is also ‘not a member of your bank’, but chose to hand you a check! My bank does not charge a check cashing fee, and I am not paying a check cashing fee to Chase or anyone else!

DON’T PAY THE FEE! When their member hand you a check add $8.00 to cover their check cashing fee! Do not pay the fee! It cost Chas the same to process that check whether you are a member or not! As one of my customers, ‘that’s stupid!, ‘I did not know my bank was doing that, I am not going to pay Chase $3.00 to obtain the check, then pay $8.00 every time I write one’. SHE MOVED HER ACCOUNT TO ANOTHER BANK! If enough of their member complain about paying the fee, maybe these predators will come to their senses.
I have 25 customers with Chase accounts. If they choose to write me a check I add $8.00 to their invoice to cover their Chase check cashing fee. I am not paying for their members to maintain a Chase checking account! Chase cash more than 20,0000 checks yearly …that’s $160,000.00 a year that we are paying for their members to maintain their Chase checking account. 'WHO DO CHASE THINK THEY ARE? THE IRS! SEND THE FEE BACK TO THEIR CUSTOMER…… DON’T PAY IT!..LET THEIR CUSTOMER DEAL WITH IT!


WEIRD bank…

As a good Amazon customer, I thought it would be a good idea to get an Amazon Chase CC to take advantage of the cash back on purchases, so I applied for one. I got a letter a week later saying it had been REFUSED. I have GOOD credit, I OWN MY OWN HOME, I have TWO other credit cards and an Amazon store card. So I called up Chase to ask why it had been refused. They said it was because I had a bankruptcy on my credit history, but that was EIGHT AND HALF YEARS AGO… EIGHT AND A HALF YEARS, and in that time I got a MORTGAGE and bought a house, got a CC from the credit union I have the mortgage with, was approved for a $5,000 credit card from Best Buy, bought a $40,000 2015 Chevy Silverado and was approved for the Amazon store card, and my credit rating is 718! I asked Chase to reconsider their denial and told them exactly the circumstances of the bankruptcy which was a traffic accident, no fault of my own which I can PROVE, but the DENIED it a SECOND TIME. I am a service connected disabled veteran with a PERMANENT tax free income, so this denial by Chase bank is absolute IDIOCY… MORONIC! I will NEVER, EVER, have anything to do with that bank again, and I have informed Amazon that using Chase for their CC is STUPID. These people and this bank are just WEIRD.


Don’t trust chase

This bank is the largest pile of junk, every time I deposite my money they hold it for a few days telling you how much of it your allowed to spend then after a few days you can use it lol like how are they allowed to tell me how much of MY money I can use . Go to a better bank stay away from chase they will Rob you Blind I promise.


Tired of Customer Service

Chase has a premium high end banking team. When it comes to their credit card department you are better of speaking to a rock. Better yet a rock at least wont aggravate you the entire time. They go from a clear Americanized accent in banking to a foreign of no distinct location and they barely understand you. This is the biggest reason customers will leave you. Customer service is key and i am tired of explaining myself ten times to someone who i can barely understand.


Chase Steals

PLEASE SHARE: Chase bank steals from their own customers. For example, a check deposited on 9/30, clearing 10/2 has a 12 day hold on it. Why? In the 80s a 5 day hold was common but now 12 days is happening? What are you doing with MY money? Why don’t you possess enough honor to reverse the unjustified OD fees your business has caused?


I was a victim of Fraud and Chase didn’t help me

I lost my life savings when I was forced into a scam and all JP Morgan Chase and their customer service individuals had to tell me was…“It’s not our problem”. I couldn’t believe the bank that I was banking with for close to 10 years told me that in this dire situation that I couldn’t get 10,000$'s back that I was just scammed for. I was threatened by IRS phone scammers with jail-time and received phone calls from 911 with treats about being arrested at my job and was extremely scared for my reputation and my livelihood. I was a victim of fraud and I had 17,000$'s stolen from me.

Chase and their representatives spoke to me in such a disgusting tone and manner. I understand that this is a very large bank with lots of customers but some compassion and help in such a situation from an institution you plan to use for a lifetime should be something you can expect. I was so disappointed that they pretty much turned away from helping me.

I am still awaiting a response from Chase within the next 2 days. I am still hoping that they can help me in this awful situation especially since I lost everything I had.


Average banking experienc

The only reason I’ve a chase account is because of the good credit cards chase has. Otherwise, their service has been poor to average.


Hate them

When they bought WaMu I saw significant changes in my online banking statements. Charges would be in different order, and withdrawals would be pulled before deposits resulting in overdraft fees. My friend’s wife worked there and he confirmed they were doing this on purpose. I was charged hundreds in 9 months so I finally walked away. When they were sued for this practice, I received a check for $12 as reparations. Not even half the cost of one overdraft fee. That’s not justice. This company is evil and will never see another dime of my money.


Awesome website and app

Website and phone app are just amazing. Can do transfers, deposit checks, see the checking, saving and credit card account merged in the same website.

We all know that regular banks are not the best when it comes to charge fees. Customer service is acceptable. Rates are very competitive in the market nowadays.


Happy customer to date

I have multiple Chase credit cards + a savings and checking account - have had no issues, and any problems have been rectified immediately. The app + interface are easy to use, and not stuffed with pointless minutiae like many other banks.



Pretty good banking company. Excellent customer service & good at protecting accounts from fruad.


Best bank

Customer service the best. Fees are the lowest of the larger banks.


A good bank

Chase is a good bank. As long as you keep the account minimums, there are no fees, which is nice.
Their website is easy to use and customer service is generally helpful. But I haven’t had any major issues that would test their level of service either.



Best Service


Great Bank

Had any old Chex System hit from a previous marriage and could not get an account at several other banks and one credit union. I set up account and funded it online and have been a customer for almost a year.