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Bad rates, but big & convenient network

Cons: Savings account rates are abysmal. I ended up setting up high yield online savings accounts elsewhere and linking via ACH.

Pros: Great # of branch locations, good credit card products.


Chase bank

Gave me a checking and savings when noone would.


Good for monitoring account

Can’t transfer money to people without chase app.

Ttansfer with Zelle isn’t working.

Charges 15$ month if you don’t do direct deposit. Or have a lot of money in acct.


great sercive

easy to use and i dont get charged monthly


Best bank around

Customer service is unmatched. Services offered at EVERY branch are so far above everyone else. They treat you like family. Honestly


Horrible customer service

Customee service is horrible. Fees are ridiculous. Check holds are 2 WEEKS!! Customer service reps are out of country and hardly speak english.


Very good

They have one of the better apps that I’ve seen. Only issue I have is they update it often and sometimes you can’t get on or it waits until after the weekend to show accurate balance.


Great bank

Has great security and service



It’s ok. App is good. Still a bank thiugh


Good coverage, service. Bad rates & fees

I use online banks to get better savings account yields. Connects easily with my Chase account.


Excellent bank

Gave me the chance to open a checking accnt.


Best bank around

Greatest bank ever. They go out of their way to make sure you are happy. Customer service is unmatched.


Check deposit

Ok how chase going to have a commercial about how easy and efficace phone check deposit is. And you do that thing on the 6 and money will be available on the 18??? That our bills piling up and late fees well thank you chase as soon as I get that money from my check I’m out.


Very poor customer service.

Very poor customer service.


Poor customer service

Hold money for unknown reasons up to 14 Business days!
Managers have NO SOLUTIONS TO ANY PROBLEMS. Get your money and change banks


Rates are not as competitive on savings as online bank providers

If you look at rates in the market, Chase is barely competitive. They seem to be banking on their retail branch network and customer inertia to carry the day.


Great bank

  • atms are everywhere
  • website is easy to use


Solid bank, good service

Haven’t been disappointed


Great if you follow their rules

Chase is a good bank. Their customer service is very helpful and their website allows you to do pretty much everything you need.
And as long as you follow their rules for account minimums, you don’t have to pay most fees.



To be fair their Is only 2 branches In my small town and the workers here In this branch take their sweet time on everything.