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CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage®

I will never do business with this company. They did not honor the flight bonus miles. I called them and emailed them to ask why my bonus miles had not been posted and they did nothing on a customer service level except to give a canned reply. The amount of money it takes to get a customer a card you would think they would at least make an effort to retain customers. Like I told the rep I will vote with my wallet and cancelled the account.


This Card is a JOKE

My credit score is 806. I applied for this card on line. I received a rejection letter stating the reason was “You have submitted multiple applications for credit.” Huh? I don’t know what they are talking about. My credit report states I have no new inquiries and I have not applied for any credit in a long period of time. I called the number on the letter. It is a machine that says you are declined and hangs up. There is no possibility of getting through to a person. I then called another number for Citi I found on the web. I was disconnected 3 times after being transferred to the application department and I was sent to the recording mentioned above the fourth call. They can take their card and shove it. There are so many other good choices for cards out there.


"Group 1 Boarding" is 5th of 8 groups.

Just a note about the Group 1 Boarding perk advertised, This is actually 5th of 8 such boarding groups. American Airlines uses boarding rank as a kind of perk for all sorts of people. So much so, most of a plane will have early boarding of some type, rendering this card feature mostly useless.

Boarding goes: 1. First Class and U.S. Military; 2. Business Class, Executive Platinum, Platinum, oneworld® Emerald and Sapphire; 3. Gold and oneworld® Ruby; 4. AirPass and Priority 5. Group 1 (mostly these cardholders); 6. Group 2 (economy front); 7. Group 3 (economy); 8. Group 4 (economy back).


Great card, easy to use!

I have had this card for 5 years. I pay my bills with it and I get almost free flight, easy! You do have to pay the taxes and fees, like everywhere else!


Very Bad Service for $450, the worst I ever had

  1. On-line tools are ZIRO STARS - you can not manually cancel the transaction, you made (own) from another bank manually, from the web page (say by mistake. they will be pulling money 3 times)
  2. After 6 months of a new calendar year and spending over $40 000 no “partner certificate” issued (literally about 5 phone calls, and endless online messages) They say:“Yes… sorry…” And nothing happens after.
  3. The always mess up with your revolting balance and available balance, be prepared for that.
  4. Try to fill "feedback’ form from your mobile, the app will close it after 60second, no matter if you’re not finished, “do it again”!!!
  5. You can try to call them, say from Hawaii at evening time,
    to hear:“We are sorry but we closed” (REALLY FOR $450!)



I applied for and received an American Airlines AAdvantage card which offered 60,000 miles after spending $3000 in 3 months. I spent that amount in prescribed time. Then I was told that I was not eligible to receive the bonus miles as I have another Citi card Disappointing! Maybe I did not read the fine print. Never saw that one is ineligible if you have another Citi Card.