Citi A Advantage Executive World Elite Master Card Review | Nerd Wallet

Citi A Advantage Executive World Elite Master Card Review | Nerd Wallet
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It gives me everything I want, which is points to use for travel, plus I get an annual companion certificate to travel anywhere in the U.S. for a companion for $99 if I buy a ticket.



It’s expensive but it gives you free access to the lounges. AND no foreign fees. For someone who travels a lot and no longer has Exec Plat status, this is key!!!


Beware. Do not get this card if you are a renter or do not have your cell phone in your name.

This is a very expensive card so I would think the customer service would be top notch. My fiance recently got this card and had used it several times including the first few days of our Hawaiian vacation when it suddenly stopped working. No problem, just call customer service, right? Nope! Cell service was spotty in our location so we drove to town twice to call in to get this fixed. Not possible to do this, both times he called in the customer service agent could not/would not help him and “the supervisor was too busy to talk to him and would have to call back”. He had to wait to call them after we got home and wait for the very busy supervisor to call back. In short, the card is unusable because my fiance uses a work cell phone as his primary phone number and because he rents an apartment and cannot provide a utility bill. Now he has to hassle with either cancelling it and having that affect his credit or just having it sit in a drawer and pay $450/year for nothing.