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Great balance transfer card

Not a huge fan of the balance transfer fee BUT the website allows you to easily see how much money you’ve saved in interest from getting this card!


Mr luis

Trying to apply for a card so let see if they approve it


12-18 months interest free is awesome!

Was able to purchase a car for daughter combining 2 0% interest for 18 mths cards. When term expires, transfer balance to another 0% card or cards. Better than bank interest.


citi is a joke for balance transfers

i got this card to do a balance transfer to my home depot card to eliminate some high interest. got the card and then found out in the fine print that they wont allow you to do a bal trans with home depot (found out that citi handles home depot’s credit cards. I wasnt informed of that before I got the card. They won’t allow transfers with any other citi managed account, which is used by a lot of retailers. Had I known beforehand, I never would’ve wasted my time with them. they also only gave me a $4400 limit. I have good credit with no delinquencies or late pays. I cancelled the card as soon as I found that out



Terrible customer service you can’t even understand. And they argued with me and would try to talk over me and withheld information about my account. Not sure where their customer service is located but I could barely understand any of them. I felt bad but I had to ask to speak with a representative who spoke English as their first language and there weren’t any. Closed the account. I’m tired of supporting companies that don’t support our economy and outsource as many jobs as possible. I honestly wouldn’t apply for a Citi card even if they offered me 0% interest for 5 years and a 20k credit limit. They were that bad to me.


Worst credit card EVER

I travel for business, which means I use my card A LOT. They will keep holds on your card for 3-4 weeks after a hotel/car rental, etc. drops the hold (i.e. check out or car return). At one point, it got so bad that my card had a zero balance, but so many holds that I was over my credit limit and could not use the card – all for holds that they refused to release. I called with specific information from the hotels about when they dropped the releases (they blamed the vendors) and ended up cancelling on the spot due to a complete lack of assistance from their customer service. I was a customer for 8 years but I will never use another Citibank product again. Oh, and this was the third time with their card that I was left without access to money.


Terrible customer service

It has been over 17 days since I was approved and still have not received a card. First card never got delivered to my house. Second card was supposed to be sent within 24 hours, only until I was told by another representative that it will actually take another 7-10 days. Seems to me that no one is on the same page about anything as I was given different information every call I made. Very frustrating as this will now be a month long ordeal simply to receive a card. Have not even began to use the card, hope this isn’t a preview of whats to come.


Love/ hate relationship

I have a love and hate relationship with this card namely because I felt lied to by Citi. All of my other cards have points and travel benefits. When I applied, I was told that this would be the same. All they offer is concierge service. If I want a hotel I would book it, or a flight I would cash in my travel points with American Airlines. I felt lied to by them. Also, during the time of approval, I was only given a 600$ credit limit. I spend more than that in a month on any credit card. I maxed it out twice, and paid the bill in full each month like with my other credit cards. It took six months until they raised it to nine hundred dollars. I have had the car for a year, and my limit has finally increased. Other than that, it is an okay cases. Not as good as their advantage card through American Airlines, but it will do.


Slower than a snail…

8 business days and no response from Citi on my application status.


Approval took one month

Only to find that I (credit score Good) have been approved to use $500 for 21 months :).


Low credit lines

Doesn’t give you a large enough credit limit to warrant the need for transfer balance.


Great card

I have zero complaints with this card. Large enough credit limit, great 0% incentive to transfer balances for 21 months…thought I lost my card, you can freeze the card…and they sent me one right away, received it the next day. Customer service has always been quick…maybe these reviews are old in regards to the things I mentioned. Yes there are no rewards with this card unfortunately, but I don’t need that since I have other cards as well.


$25 late fee–and they won’t waive it even if you’re a good customer

Beware Citi! Citi refused to waive $25 late fee when I was a couple days late and always paid on time before. I was very polite when I called, but they are obviously out to get you any way they can. They make payment reminders hard to find on their website, and you can’t do it through the app at all, so if you use the app you have to call to set up reminders. Ridiculous. I hope that $25 was worth it because I will never do business with Citi again.



With a 736 Equifax got approved with $3,300 of CL. Not a big of limit, but it definitely works out well to avoid high interests rates. So far so good. Recommended


Waste of time.

Huge waste of time applying for this card. Would not allow balance transfer limit that I needed. Was not helpful on phone. Definitely do not recommend this card to anyone looking to do balance transfer or anything really.


Low Credit Limit - bait & Switch

They wasted my time on the phone stating they didn’t have a limit- it was a full balance transfer. Ultimately got my card with $3k balance transfer limit, which is a joke. I have strong credit history. Do NOT waste your time with these folks. Customer Service is useless too -all outsourced and muzzled.


0 for customer service

I got this card just for the balance transfer offer. Was approved for a $5,900 limit. Great. But when I call to do the transfer they ask me for a security word. I never made a security word! This was my first time on the phone with them since I applied… So they try to verify by sending me a text. Doesn’t go through. So they say they will call my number and if that didnt work, they will send me a letter. Never called me back AND the person I spoke to today said they never sent a letter out! Apparently they are sending the verification letter out today but I guess we will see… I get that they want to verify it’s me but why can’t they ask me the security questions I set up online? Oh yeah! I can sign in online whether it be on my phone or computer. … but I cant over the phone? It’s a little ridiculous. Patiently waiting for a letter now that will probably take 2 weeks.


The application process is a nightmare

They use robo answering systems that are intended to sound like a person. It loops through until it finally says, “I am sorry caller, I cannot hear you. Please try calling us again at a different time.” It took 7 calls to get through to the citi call center in Texas.

You cannot request a credit limit. So they will do a hard pull on your credit and cross their fingers with you. Well, they didn’t earn a customer today.


Great Card for us

Had this card a long time. We use auto-pay, end each month with a zero balance. Will continue to use as our main card.