Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Great Card for Cash Back Lovers

This card is aboslulty amazing. I have a few other cards that offer 5% back on certain categories of purchases, however when I have categories that fall through the cracks this card picks up the slack by offering a total of 2% on all purchases. I don’t know what the interest rates are or anything and I don’t care since I pay it off in full each month. I am just in it for the great cash back opportunity it offers. Customer service and getting the card was an absolute breeze.


Good card, for cash back.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my credit card. I can get 1% cash back on all my purchases oppose to memorizing what it qualifies for. As a result, it make me want to use my credit card more, oppose to paying by cash or debit. As a result, it does what it is advertised for. No hidden anything, as far as I can tell or know. Overall, just a nice credit card to have. I have had no problems with it thus far.


the best cashback card with twice earning on every purchase

The citi double cash credit card let me earn twice cashback amount than any other card. It give 1% cashbackat the time of purchase while 1% at the time of payment too.


Great cash back card

Really pleased with the Double Cash card. Best cash back card out there that I’m aware of. Beats Capital One’s Quicksilver which pays 1.5%. Citi’s online banking website works well.

I’ve never had any customer service issues so I can’t speak to how their phone support works. All in all this is a great card for those who pay your bill in full and on time. Cash back is great.


Good cash back card so far

I’ve only had the card for a month or so. I use a Barclay Sallie Mae card for 5% on groceries, gas, and Amazon, and use the Citi card for everything else. The application was easy, the card arrived after about a week, and the web site is about average for credit card sites. I applied because 2% is the best cash back option available, and so far there have been no problems.


Great Rewards

The Citi Double Cash card is a great reward card. It’s tough to beat 2% cash back on every purchase. The customer service has been great every time I’ve contacted them. I’d say the only downside is that you have to build up $25 in rewards before you can redeem the, though it shouldn’t take too long if you use the card for most of your transactions. I would highly recommend.


Great cash back card, wish you could cash out sooner

This credit card is very useful. I like that I can get 2% cash back on all my purchases. It is a little annoying that you can only start to get cash back once you hit the $25 mark. I would like to be able to get statement credit before I hit $25, and it isn’t clear to me why they do not allow this. I also like that having a credit card with Citi allows me to get other deals (such as their “private pass” feature).

The credit card also looks unique. It is smooth and simple, with most of the pertinent information on the back of the card instead of the front. I also like that I can see a chip in it.


Great Card for Accumulating Cash-Back Award

I recently obtained the Citi Double Cash credit card and I love it. It was easy to sign-up, on line, and there are no annual fees for the card. I receive a 1% cash- or credit-back award on all of my purchases, plus another 1% award on all of my payments on my purchases. I’ve tried a number of award credit cards in the past decade and the Citi Double Cash card has been the most generous, by far.


Happy with cash back

I think this is the best cash back card that is currently available. The Citi website is easy to use and rewards are easy to claim. I also like that I don’t have to “activate” cash back every three months.


Great cash back options!

The Citi Double Cash card has been a great card. I have had different cards from various companies in the past, but I feel like the Citi Double Cash card offers more cash back, and has better redemption offers than other cards out there.

I love the cash back options, and the categories they offer make it easy to accumulate cash back quickly. My husband and I were able to use the cash back we received for Christmas gifts, after just a few months of using the card; this was a great bonus for us and couldn’t have come at a better time.


Best card for monthly bills

I love this card since it gives 2% on every purchase! It gives 1% on the purchase amount then another 1% on how much you pay on your statement. There are lots of cards that switch categories every 4 months such as gas or groceries. In those instances you should use that card with your purchases. However if you’re going to make a purchase not in one of those categories or even if you don’t want the hassle of remembering which category is for which card, I would recommend the citi doublecash.


I personally like this card.And using this more than one year.Nice Addition to My Wallet

This is very good credit card and fact I like about it is that you can earn double cash back 1% on purchase and 1% on payments.


It’s basically 2% back on all purchases

It’s a great card and is better than a lot that are on the market. You receive 1% on purchases and another 1% when you make a payment, which is an essential 2% cash back with no limit.


I love it the double rewards make me want to use my card for many purchases

The credit card offers me a wide variety of rewards as well as protection from fraud. It is the card I use the most and even pay my rent with it.


Great credit card benefits!

I absolutely LOVE this card! This card is not irrelevant from its name. It does a real double cash back! It gives me 1% extra every time i buy something. I also love how organized the platform is, it has your name on the bottom left and it doesn’t have anything confusing like stickers or engraved numbering covering it. It feels great when i slide it back into my wallet. Also they’re APR is 15 months! I highly recommend this card to anyone looking for one.


Superb Everyday Card.

Simply the best card out there as it gives many rewards including the Price rewind . I used to have a chase Slate but i switched over this Citi double cash card and never had to regret anything . the paperwork was easy and simple . Customer support is really helpful if you have any problem they sort it out for you real quick.

The best thing i like about this card is that it doesn’t has any annual fee and the APR is nearly just 12%. it is accepted on a large scale and is also lightweight and flexible. overall i am really happy i switched over to this card and would advise my fellow friends to do the same.


Great cash back card for everyone!

The Citi Double Cash card has been excellent for me so far. It offers 2% cash back on all purchases; 1% immediately, and another 1% when you pay your bill. This works better for me than a 1% cash back card with rotating categories (which I tend to forget) or anything with frequent flier miles and the like. It’s actually kind of fun knowing that when I go spend $100 on groceries, which I was going to do anyway, I’m always getting $2 off my bill.


I like getting cash back.

it pays to pay off this card each month and the. get a small quarterly bonus check.


Simple, solid card.

The 2% (1% on purchase and 1% on payment) is really nice to have. It’s superior to most other credit card benefits I have had in the past. They don’t try to dangle points out in front of you, they put their money where their mouth is.

It’s a good card in that it is easy to understand and use. There aren’t many strings attached. The one problem I do have with this card is the poor online support. You can’t go online to check on what you have earned, you just find that out later. I think this would be a valuable feature to add to this card.