Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Security Shutdowns Frequent

I make a lot of purchases, but this company keeps shutting down and denying charges randomly for no reason. On four separate occasions, the card has been declined (once two days in a row) for no apparent reason. Then it takes 30 minutes of answering questions just to get the card unblocked. It is a huge hassle.

I also think they should just credit your statement with the cash back when earned instead of forcing you to do so online which I suspect most people won’t do. Again, a hassle.


Pretend its a debit card

Ignore the fools who don’t use this card as intended - paying off the balance in full each month. Where else are you gonna get 2% off your utilities, HOA fees, and literally everything else you can buy with a credit card? I put everything on this except my mortgage, and I would put that on there if I could. The APR is murderous, but if you are gonna have credit card debt why are you looking at rewards cards?


Balance paid but no available credit

Paid my balance a week ago, and citi app aays no available credit. Called customer service and they said that my bank hasn’t released the funds, which is a lie, bc that payment posted 5 days ago. Zero accountability and integrity from Citi


Ridiculously low credit line, inflexible customer service

I have 3 cards from citi, I never use 2 of them and they have a combined $15k credit line, I would like to use the double cash card for everyday purchases and automatic bills etc. and get the 2% however the credit line is too low. I have six figure income and 830 credit score. Fidelity just offered me a $20k credit line with unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases, guess who’s cards are no longer occupying my wallet?


Don’t Believe The Low Stars

OK losers, deal with the low limit and move up when you can!! I have been with this company a long time and started out with 2000 credit limit. I applied and moved up when I could, and now 18,200. I use this card for everything, and get great cash back. No where else are you getting this. My advise, apply and wait your time… and still are make more on your cash back than anywhere else.


Had for like 2 months and it’s shutdown 3 times thus far

God forbid I change my phone number because then they take up like 2 hours of my time. Im starting to question if the 2 percent is worth this


Don’t get the low ratings this card is great

I used to use my Discover card as my #1 card, but you cannot beat the 2% cash back. I use this card for all my purchases pay it off in full each month. The amount of rewards adds up so much faster than category cards, unless there is a category you spend a lot of money like gas/grocery. So I supplement this card with 5% categories on other cards when possible. I think that maximizes my cashback.

They gave me a very good credit line, was able to pay for a couple home improvement projects with it.


The best card!

I have never had a card that gives you cash back for making payments in addition to purchases. Also there is an auto payment feature so you don’t miss making your minimum balance payment while in the 18 month 0 APR promotional period. When you have 0% interest for 18 months it is easy to forget to make the minimum payment which would make you loose the great promotional benefit but having an auto pay ensures your 0% by making it so you don’t have to think about making your minimum payment on time.


I hate Citi Double Cash Rewards Card

I have attempted to use this card maybe 10 times, and only have had 4 charges go through. This card has become a nightmare as I cant depend on it at all. Thank god I haven’t been out of state when relying on this card. I learned my lesson and now I NEVER depend solely on this card. I recommend Capital One Quick Silver Card (1.5% all purchase cash back) as it pretty close to cash back rewards and more importantly, reliable. FYI - my mother has also had issues with Citi Double Cash but different issues.


Ridiculous low limits

I have an 814 credit score, 100k income, no other credit card debt (pay in full every month) and I got approved with a $1,700 credit limit. What the hell am I going to do with that?
That’s less than my weekly paycheck.


Worst Customer Service EVER

Good luck contacting them and talking to anyone competent to help!! I finally closed my account and moved my business to American Express and they refused to issue my “cash rewards”…nice. Think twice before using Citibank.


Always carry a backup credit card

Recently opened this card and have made several payments using their website but noticed it can take up to a week before they credit your account. That means you can be out trying to buy something and get declined for insufficient funds and you will have to have a backup credit card ready to use. With other credit cards like Capital One, they credit your account the next day and others credit you immediately. Also, any time you ask for a credit line increase they want to pull your credit. You can ask Capital One multiple times a year and they dont hit your credit with an inquiry. So now you have to ask yourself, is a half percent really worth it?


765 FICO Denied?

765 FICO score with less than 300 in credit card debt and was denied. Well, looks like I wont ever apply for a Citi card again.


Horrible Customer Service, no protection against fraud!

I had a ton of different fraud charges on my account. All of them very odd when compared to my usual spending habits. One was a car dealership 10 states away for $1800. None of these items were caught or flagged by their fraud prevention and I was the one to report the charges. They send me a new card and fraud thieves labeled one of the charges as recurring so guess what, it carried over to my new card and I continued to get new fraud charges because the geniuses at Citi automatically carry over anything marked as recurring by merchant to your new credit card. Fraudsters are smarter than Citi. Called again and told them this was continuous fraud so they send me another new card and then mislabel the charges as disputes instead of fraud causing a whole new series of nightmares for me and after 7 different calls I have not had one supervisor handle this correctly or fix issue. Meanwhile many of the charges have been put back on my account and they now want me to fill out paperwork to prove these are fraud charges! Never have I encountered this and I finally had to close my account and I am still waiting for charges to be removed! Stay away! They do not protect you against fraud and you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent!!


Favorite choice after a lot of research

The 2% rewards are solid but it’s the citi price rewind feature that I really like. I can buy from Amazon knowing that I get free two-day shipping and not have to worry about getting the best price. Citi looks for a better price over 60 days and will send the difference as a bill credit or a check in the mail. Otherwise I get even longer to try and find one on my own online. Great card for right out of college so I’m not worrying about rotating categories.


Limit on redeem & awful payment update

It is a good card by name only. You pay the balance and it takes a week for funds clearing off from your debit to show on credit card. You can redeem your cash back if it is more than 25.00…
Customer service thinks that everybody is a simple Joe…
Totally a waste of credit hard inquiry on this card.
I paid my card in full and it took them 10 days to make funds available for me, WHY? they said you should not pay in big lump sums…


(-): Foreign transaction fees,(+) 2% cash back, no annual, fee

Would get all my buisiness IF they would drop the foreign transaction fee. One of the best cards for standard cash back at 2% and no annual fee which is a plus. Only gripe is that they 't charge foreign transaction fees. Have Capital One SPARK for business - Small annual fee but no foreign fees so I use it first then this card for personal/US purchases.


One disadvantage

After using the card for 3 months, the next month saw our spending rise to about half of our credit limit. After we paid - on time - their fraud department rejected any further charges for 10 days until their very slow program could see if we had actually paid. So, as illogical as it sounds, don’t run up a big bill in the first months of having the card and then pay it - they effectively cancel your card for a third of a month.


Sh*t Service.

I decided to apply for this card after NerdWallet’s recommendation. So far, the process has been really terrible. After applying you receive an email with a link to check the status of the card approval process. I thought that was pretty cool; however, the message says it updates every 24 hours… Here we are 2 months later and I have no updates. I finally received an email letting me know that they were missing information. I find this odd, because I filled the application out on their site… Anyway - the man on the phone was clearly not in America so we had a language barrier. He couldn’t tell me what info was needed - and said my card should be good to go. An additional 2 weeks later, Citi sends me a letter saying they can’t reach me, with the phone number and email I have already provided 2x, requesting several documents - PayStubs, Lease Agreement, Rental History - all kinds of things. I have a really high credit score and I can’t understand why all this is needed. I certainly didn’t have these issues with other providers. I’ve decided to to even continue with Citi. If applying for a credit card is this much work, I would hate to see how they are when I need assistance.


Perfect card if you never carry a balance

I’ve had this card for at least a couple of years now and absolutely love it. No rotating categories to remember. Have it on autopay and have never had a problem. They’ve raised my credit limit at least twice without me having to ask for it. The biggest bonus is price rewind! You can basically buy anything conveniently from a retail store/amazon/wherever and Citi will give you back the difference based on the lowest price online. All you need to do is search for the product on their (admittedly below average) system, type in the purchase details and upload the receipt and you’re all set. Over the past two years I’ve gotten just over $600 from price rewind! The two biggest being >$200 each for a TV and mattress. Also depending on how the receipt is generated you can get away with using a coupon at some store then getting the price rewind based on a sale at the same store later.