Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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bad reviews true: credit score 780= 24% rate and $3000 limit

Title says it all. Garbage predatory offer to attract the balance transfer crowd. 0% transfer and then 24%, poor credit limit.

I was only looking at the card for the points. What a joke. Cancelled it when it arrived. They offered 22% to keep me. I kindly passed and closed the account


Free Money!

2% cash rebate on everything purchased is awesome. Best deal out there. I use for everything and it has exceeded and mileage or other cash back bonus programs by far. Highly recommend!


2% Back and Simple

No categories to keep track of, no annual fee, 1% back on payments and purchases = 2% TOTAL. one of the best cards. Wish they had no foreign transaction fee on purchases. So I have to use another card for traveling… Great alerts set-ups and good iPhone app. Highly recommend for those who pay off balances every month.


Solid card

2% CB without worrying about rotating categories is fantastic. Very nice mobile app. Website has some minor flaws. Overall a great experience with this card.


Not worth it

Outrageous interest charges even when you pay the card off! Horrible customer service.


Citi Card security is terrible

Though I loved the 2% rebate I did not love having my Citicard compromised TWICE in less than 6 months. Both times involved fraudulent charges to Apple ITunes. I had possession of my card so clearly my credit card information was not properly secured by CitiCard. To make matters worse both times my card had to be cancelled immediately while I was traveling. After the last incident, CitiCard reversed legitimate charges while allowing even more fraudulent charges. Then today (2 weeks later) they processed the legitimate transactions AND ADDED THE FRAUDULENT CHARGES BACK TO MY CARD ALSO. I’ve never had such bad customer service from a credit card company. And their security systems apparently suck.


Love it!

This is my “catch all card” for everything that doesnt have a better reward card. 2%. Pay it off in full every month and you won’t have to worry about interest.


Terrible customer service and security

It frequently rejects charges that I make often. It’s ihone tree is torture. It’s customer service agents are poorly spoken and far, far away.


They won’t let me use it

I’ve had this card for a month and I’m ready to cancel it. Citi has fraud watchdogs that monitor every purchase and freeze the card if it “appears to be fraud”. I’ve had this card declined so many times when trying to make legitimate purchases that I’m sick of it. They recommend you call them and let them know when you’re going to make a “large purchase”, but no one would give me a consistent definition of the amount that constitutes a “large purchase”. This card is a pain and I am cancelling it.


Horrible Security/Customer Service

I’ve had the card over a year and loved the cash back value. However, after having 2 cards compromised i a months time and still dealing with their customer service 4 months later, I’m never going to deal with Citi again as long as I live. Their customer service is the worst experience I have ever had. The representatives tell me ever call that my case will be transferred to fraud and security, and yet with every new call they still don’t list my case as fraud, simply a billing dispute. They even updated the merchant will my new card number so more fraudulent charges could be made. Their security is terrible so pray your card is never compromised because if it is they’re no help in trying to resolve it.


Love this card

It’s really hard to beat 2% on everything. I use this as the primary payment method on my Samsung Gear S3 watch and have never had the transaction denied. I pay off my balance 4 or 5 times a month though the Citi website and it couldn’t be easier. I recently asked for a credit line increase through their website just for fun and they more than doubled my limit to 14k. I’ve not run into any of the problems other reviews mention. I have great credit and just a car loan but I don’t make crazy money. I get my full 2% no matter what, 1% for charging, 1% for paying. I earn about $75 a month in cash back. I LOVE not dealing with stupid categories or airline point games, cash is cash. Nuf said.


Best card for your money

Simple, easy 2% on every purchase. If you auto pay your balance then you’ll have no worries.


Horrible Card

You will get a low limit even if you have a perfect credit score. The cash back is good, but useless with such a low credit limit.


Love the simple 2% Cash Back

No Complications
No Calculations
No Expirations
Just Cashback and that too 2%


Worst Credit Card Experience of My Life! Part 1

First of all, I’m 54 yrs old, and I have never taken the time to write an online review, as I have plenty of better things to do, especially on a weekend. However, my experience w/ Citi was so horrific that I consider it my civic duty to warn others.
I’m giving Citi 1 star only because 0 stars is not an option. Here’s a summary of my experience:

  1. I’ve had a lot of credit cards in my life, and Citi’s security is by far the worst. They seriously need to hire a data scientist to review their security algorithms. The card has been compromised 7 times in the period July '15 - Dec '17. Now Citi blocks my card so often that I find it too much of a burden to use. As lucrative as the 2% cash back deal is, it’s just not worth the hassle and frustration.
  2. Customer service is the worst. The calls, usually on the back of a denied charge which renders my card unusable, start w/ someone overseas, which wouldn’t be a problem for me if they could actually help. Half the time I end up getting passed on to as many as three other representatives in various parts of the world to get my issues resolved. Each time I’m passed to another representative, I have to go through the security checks (name on the card and password) and re-explain the issue. I would suggest that Citi create a system whereby information is collected electronically and made available immediately to subsequent service reps, but the real issue is that the first (or even second or third) service rep is not always able to resolve the problem.
    My latest contact w/ Citi (today, Dec 10 ’17) was the result of my third attempt since Nov 26 to pay an overseas tour company $5,000. Each time I attempted the online transaction, I got an error message that stated “call the credit card company”. Each time I called Citi, sometimes talking to multiple representatives, only to learn that the charges were all supposedly authorized, and yet the merchant had no access to the funds. The last time I attempted to pay, I actually talked to the merchant on the phone. She took my credit card information and got to see what I’d been seeing - “error code 3” – and said she’d never seen that before. To confirm the merchant was not the problem, while she was on the phone, I made an attempt w/ my AMEX, and the charge cleared instantly and seamlessly (confirmed by the merchant and email/texts from AMEX).
    On failing to complete the transaction w/ the Citi card the third time, I started w/ an online chat session w/ Citi, only to find that my card was yet again blocked, and I had to call the fraud line. I have yet to have a problem resolved w/ the chat “service”, and I use the term loosely.
    The subsequent Citi fraud-line phone call lasted 44 minutes and involved four representatives, three of whom were international (relative to the US), and resulted in my requesting cancelation of the account, as none of them were a) able to explain why the charges didn’t process, or b) clear the three attempted “pending, authorized” charges, which tied up $15,000 of my credit line for a month.
    In no instance during my several attempts to get the charges cleared did anyone w/ Citi offer to reach out to the merchant to better understand and resolve the issue. When I challenged the last, Florida-based representative, she said she didn’t have contact information for the merchant. First of all, I find that odd, as it seems to me that would be minimum information for any transaction. The point is, however, neither she nor her many counterparts I talked to in the prior weeks ever indicated they had no contact information, nor expressed any desire to collect any contact information from me. But the kicker is when I shared the international phone number with the Florida-based Citi rep, she put me on hold and (supposedly) attempted the call, only to come back on the line and tell me she was unable to complete the call. She never admitted it, but I got the sense that she was unable to make an international call. How can a credit card company, especially one who defaults to overseas customer phone support, not be able to make an international call!!!
    Note: I was able to share the great news w/ the Citi representative at the end of the 44-min call that during the call, I was able to apply for and secure a 2% cash back card from another provider.


Worst Credit Card Experience of My Life! Part 2

  1. As implied in the post w/ the title “Worst Credit Card Experience of My Life! Part 1”, I’ve been using the Citi DoubleCash card since July ’15, and I started w/ too little credit line. That’s not terribly surprising given the early relationship. However, I would have expected, on proving my credit worthiness, someone with Citi would reach out to me to offer a credit-limit extension. When that did not happen, I made the request and managed a modest increase, although at the expense of yet another credit check. Since then (over a year-and-a-half ago), I’ve continued to prove my credit-worthiness, and yet my charging and payment behavior has not prompted Citi to reach out to me to offer what is an obvious need for another credit extension.
  2. My Citi card was signed up w/ ApplePay from Jul ’15 until about Aug ’17 when the card disappeared from my electronic wallet on my iPhone 6. I suspect it had something to do w/ the repeated compromises in which electronic wallet re-entry was necessary, but on contacting Citi to resolve the matter, they indicated there was no problem on their end (except in one instance where the rep suggested they might be having a temporary problem). After multiple attempts and phone calls w/ Citi (and one to Apple on Citi’s suggestion the problem was w/ Apple), I gave up until I got a new iPhone. In the off chance the problem was w/ the iPhone 6, I made several attempts on an iPhone X, w/ the same results – “Card not added; contact your card issuer for more information.” If anyone w/ Apple is listening, I suggest you revise the message to read “Card not added. Unless your card issuer is Citi, contact them for more information. Otherwise, don’t waste your time!”

Bottom line – sign up w/ Citi at your own risk; you’ve been warned!


Great cash back card. 2% all the time

Great cash back card. 2% all the time


Worst of my 18 cards, needs 0 stars.

They might open an account for you, then not let you actually use it. I was ineligible for instant approval when a ~750 FICO, then after a few days I got my approval notice. I received my cards in the mail, then when I tried to activate them the web page said there was an internal error and that I should try back later. After sometime I called and found that they claim the fraud department noticed a discrepancy with my account and that I needed to send a form in. Nearing the 3rd statement (the account is opened and unusable this whole time) they left a voicemail asking me to call them back. I was informed that they sent the wrong form (nearly 2 months after getting it back) and I would be getting something different.

Also, no one on any of their teams speaks English as a first language and most can barely speak it at all. If you are one of the people who want to be able to understand people taking to you about your financials, this is not the company for you.

TLDR: you will get a credit inquiry and an account you cannot use.


Love,love love

These folks go above and beyond.
Any online disputes and “Boom” they have you covered.
Always one of the leaders when it comes to the cash back.
It’s like a magical piggy bank that has sent me to Mexico 2x already.
I can’t understand some of these negative reviews.
My credit limit is more than I would ever want to spend in a year let alone a month.
My best guess is that most of those who are complaining are Democrats just looking for free stuff and they get too much the way that it is.


Easy, no problems, and high rewards

I have not experienced any issues that others have been complaining about. My limit is plenty high, I don’t have any fraud alert issues, etc.

All I do is buy stuff and get rewards. At 2%, it’s hard to beat.