Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Finally Approved

I just got approved for the Citi DC. If your application is “pending”, that’s not an outright denial, there is still hope! I did some research and found the application status and reconsideration line at 800-695-5171. I talked to a very polite gal who had me verify some information and wait for a total of maybe 3 minutes to come back with approval for $8k. Not my usual $20k approvals but this one wont be carrying a balance so I’m good with it. So far, positive experience Looking forward to it! Will update!


No Hassle, Just Cash Back. Decent Website. No Issues

This is my go to spending card. The starting limit was not very high, but as it became my main card that fixed itself. The website just works, though could use some improvements in the ability to download year end statements. I’ve had little need to contact customer support, but the one time I did it worked without issue. Good card, good rate, and good riddance to 5% categories and tracking gimmicks. I’d like to see them offer autopay that works a few days BEFORE the due date, so in case there is an auto pay issue it can be resolved before anything is late.


Happy customers

This is a really good credit card low monthly payments great customers service excellent Rewards towards your purchase I have the citi Bank double cash credit card and I am very happy with my citi bank double cash card


Danny C

I’m actually surprised by some of these negative reviews. I’ve had the card almost 2 years and have been extremely happy with it. I had a credit limit of $10000 and requested an increase to $20000 with no issues. I’ve dealt with customer service on a few issues and have nothing negative to say about it. Plus i’ve received a little over a $1000 in cash back so far!! Cant beat that.


The worst card I have ever used

This is easily the worst card I have ever used. First, they will only approve a $10,500 limit. Our combined annual household income is over $1 million and we both have a credit score north of 750. We have several other cards with credit limits near $25k (we added this card to accrue the rewards points on a renovation project). For some reason citi won’t approve a higher limit. I have tried paying off the account early several times to get my available credit back up to allow additional purchases, each time having a hold placed on the payment FOR 10 DAYS making additional purchases impossible. Each time I call to rectify the situation, I enter a new circle of hell dealing with their incompentent customer service agents. Even after excalating to a supervisor I was treated rudely. I will be cancelling the card at the end of the month. IT’S NOT WORTH THE REWARDS POINTS TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE.


Everything seems to work well

I had no problem with fraud protection, as many people here have described. Good rewards which always post on time. Also, credit is available as soon as payment is made and pending but not posted. What else does one want


Worst card ever.

I had to apply 3 times for their system to recognize the application. My credit score is 750 so I didn’t think there sould be an issue. 6 weeks later my first card was lost in the mail. The replacement came 3 weeks after that. To top everything off, the card was declined at my first purchase. I promptly closed the account and will continue using my AMEX.


Fraud protection, but itll cost you

I went to go make an airline ticket purchase and was declined immediately due to them flagging it as frad. After clearing it up via a confirmation text i went to make the purchase again and the ticket price rose. In calling Citi to see if there was anything they can do (considering they do something similar for Price Rewind) I talked to a bunch of people who were uninterested in helping me, and instead more interested in sending me off to someone else who (shocker) couldnt help me either, and the cycle continues. Dont ever plan on using this card for anything over $1 now because who knows, it could get declined and Im stuck paying the price for it. How convenient. Their service sucks and its disappointing. Fraud protection can be done right. My Capital One card has flagged me before and rather than declining, they allow the charge to pend while the clear it up with me so I dont get stuck with a useless card, nor do i get stuck with a fraudulent charge.



DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY!! Thry do not honor what they say. I was told by 3 people I would get a call back And did not. I was told I would get 60k miles and guess what…they did not give them. Switch to another travel card with another company. You will be SO much more happy!!!


Great rewards!

I’ve gotten great rewards and no issues! Approval limit was low at first but almost doubled in the year that I’ve had it


Free Money

I changed my Citibank AAdvantage American Airlines card to the Double Cash card. I’ve had no issues with the change. I don’t have to pay an annual fee with this card. I get 2% cash back on all of my purchases. I don’t have to pay attention to categories, like other cashback cards. I have received $92 cash back already. They sent me a check and it was hassle free. I have had no problems with customer service. This is a great card that gives me free money. I’m loving it!


Best Card Ever

I have never seen a card with travel insurance like this. Although it does not cover lost bags or emergency evacuation, it covers everything else, saving hundreds. It even covers you if your pet gets sick (never seen that before). They have found me over 500 in saving with their price rewind and put the difference back into my account. I now have over 1K in my 2% cash back account.
What’s not to like?


super poor customer service, experience, and consideration

waited 2 months, had to reach out 3 times, super poor customer service that is outsourced internationally and these have zero regard for your time. Find another credit card provider that actually cares about their customers.


This card is the biggest fraud

They claim to give 2% reward but this is not the true you only get one 1% when you see your statement and they reward cash out is a joke you need to get 25 that you will loss if you don’t cash out in 12 months


A No Brainer For “Other” Purchases

Outside of gas, restaurants, grocery stores, and warehouse clubs that other cards give over 2%, this one is the best. You get 1% back when you make a purchase and another 1% when you pay. Customer service has been great.


Screwed out of sign up bonus

Waited months for a sign up bonus for this card before I caved and got it. Logged in to check out the benefits, saw an ad for $100 signup bonus after I signed out. Called CS and they gave me a worthless $10 statement credit which never posted to my account anyway. Just get the freedom card and discover it to use their 5% back categories… I can’t believe they’d disregard a brand new customer.


Another Citi Card scam

Forget about $100 cash back bonus. I should’ve chose Chase Freedom. They can be proud with the most horrible customer service.


Only for Financially Responsible People

The only reason I’m reviewing here is because I see a lot of 1 star reviews with a ton of false information.

  1. This card gives you 2% cash back. 1% when you use the card and another 1% when you pack back your statement. To note, if your the person that loves having credit card debt, you probably won’t get benefit of 2% right away.

  2. Signup Bonus - This card might or might not offer these bonuses. I know when I signed up, there were no such offers and I was completely fine with it. If you’re the person that doesn’t get sucked into opening a credit card just for the little extra cash you can make, this is the card for you. No other card pays back (without having expectations from customers) like this card does.

  3. Customer Service - This card has the best customer service I’ve every received from any credit card company.

Again, read through whatever you need to make the best decision for yourself but I just wanted to write this comment and help people understand that some of the reviews on here are from people that probably have a credit score lower than 650.


Don’t believe in the benifits.

Don’t count on the trip interruption insurance. They tell me a severe weather event isn’t covered unless airport is shut down for 24 hours. Better to find your own travel insurance.



These lovely folks go above and beyond. Any online disputes and “Boom There It Is” they have you covered. Always one of the leaders when it comes to the cash back. It’s like a magical piggy bank that has sent me to Australia 2x already. I can’t understand some of these negative reviews. My credit limit is more than I would ever want to spend in a decade let alone a lifetime.