Citi Double Cash

Citi Double Cash
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Me siento estafada.

En la promocion decia k obtendria 200 cssh back cuando gastara mil ! En dic 2017 todavia no recibo mi recompenza y ahora dicen k esa promocion no existe como k yo soy loca !


Best card ever!

I love this card. I use it like it’s my debit card and then turn around and pay it off. I use it to pay most of my bills and I get 2% cash back on it! So far I’ve made $1,400 on cash back! I love this card and have been sharing it with family and friends!


Worst Customer Service Ever!

I would have given them 0 stars if I could.
First, I’d like to say how excited I was to apply for this card. The 2% cash back is very appealing. I applied for it online. Received a letter in the mail for confirmation of address about 10 days later. I called and did exactly what they told me. I emailed them my utility bill with my name and address printed on it. Then I waited another week and a half to get another letter in the mail saying my application was declined due to their inability to verify my mailing address. I live in a big city with a normal address, so I don’t know why they couldn’t figure it out, but regardless I wanted to get them what they needed so I can get my card? They provided a phone number on the letter that said, feel free to call if I have any questions. I called and managed my way through all the BS automation to finally get a message that says, sorry your application was declined, thank you for calling. I was never able to speak to a person. So I had to look up the contact number on their website. I called and explained the situation, and asked how to get this resolved, and she just forwarded me back to the same number I had just told her didn’t get me anywhere… Seriously?

Anyway, they obviously have lousy customer service, so I thought what would it be like if someone stole my identity or my card, I’ll have to deal with this nonsense to get it resolved? No way! I then applied for a capital one card online instead and was approved instantly. They are so nice and helpful there. So worth it even though its a .5% difference in cash back.


Truly a No Hassle Cash Back Card

What’s not to like? 2% cash back on everything. I haven’t seen anyone else doing this.


Citi went and got political

The moment they feel the need to age discriminate and stomp on second amendment rights is the day I cancel my card. Oh wait that’s today.


Great card … if you’re responsible apparently.

I’ll not say that every negative review has been because of the person’s fault, but I’ve read several and am shocked at what people call horrible card, service, etc. Like many who have posted, I have beyond stellar credit and am fortunate enough to make a good income but was approved for significantly less than my other cards … ok, they’re giving great rewards and with that comes a price of less risk on their part, ok by me. I’ve had the card for 3 years with no issue of any kind and recently needed an increase because my son just graduated college and began travelling a lot for his work. I have him as an authorized user and will continue that for at least a year before he applies for his own card. The theory of course is that he might get turned down for a card like this until he has at least a year of work under his belt. The additional airfares, hotels, car rentals, etc would put me close occasionally so I called to get an increase. I told them I didn’t want a hard hit on my score so what could they do based on my history with them?? Well, they went from $10K to $20K over the phone with no check, oh and would that be enough they asked. Yes mam, that’s plenty and thanks.

I just looked and have earned over $4800 in the past 3 years so I’ve obviously used the card A LOT, and still no issues, and yes I’ve called about things occasionally, had fraud alerts, etc. As a former business owner, I appreciate that they’re looking out for BOTH OF US in that regard and have no issue with them flagging something that looked wrong. Funny part is some fraud alerts have seemed odd based on my extensive travel and use, but their reason for flagging has made perfect sense when I called to clear it up.

Oh and I’ve had 4 or 5 of my friends switch to the card after hearing about the double cash and how I like it. All are professionals and very responsible like me and have zero issues as well.

Bottom line, stay away from this card if you need someone to blame about your issues, but run to it if you’re responsible.

Oh and again, I know many of the negative reviews have legitimate complaints. I’m not in any way saying they’ve not had issues that weren’t addressed properly; I’m just saying that my experience has been flawless.



790-810 rating and my application has never come out of processing. Called, was put on hold 4-5 times, and the person I was talking to was also unable to push it any further.

This was months ago and there has been no update. If this is how they operate for new customers, I think I’m better off looking elsewhere.


Best Card I’ve owned

I have had the card for over a year and received over a thousand dollars in cash back for the 2%, over $600 for Citi Rewind, and saved hundreds by having the travel insurance coverage rather than purchasing from an insurance company. They gave me an increase which I really didn’t have to have but it does help with a higher credit score. The customer service has handled a couple instances where I was double charged at two different places. I had to do nothing and the service was excellent. I’m not going to read all the reviews but just couldn’t believe the rating wasn’t higher.


I am all about simple choices.

I love that citi double cash back applies the same percentage cash back to all purchases. I don’t want to have to remember which credit card to use for what purchases. I also worry rotating categories would encourage purchases I wouldn’t otherwise make. I like that Citi incentivizes making payments, too—will make them less painful. Assuming you pay the full balance this card amounts to a 2% reduction in the cost of everything you buy on the card!! Also, $100 cash back if you spend at least $500 in the first theee months!



SO i applied to this card thinking I would get the 18 month no interest BT offer, only to find out I’d get 0 months instead. I called and the representatives were nice enough, but couldn’t do anything about it. I threatened to not activate my card when suddenly they found a 7 month offer instead. How convenient. Unfortunately I chose to fight for the 18 months, and over the course of a week didn’t get that AND my 7 month offer disappeared as well. Customer service help is a pain.


Don’t Trust CitiGroup

This company (CitiGroup) announced they will set restrictions on the sale of firearms by its business customers. CitiGroup should stick to banking and lending and get out of politics. I’ll be cancelling my card and never coming back.

The service was somewhat decent, though NFCU and Chase are both outstanding. This company barely had my business with their poor performance, now that they’re penalizing people/business against our constitutional rights it’s time to leave them behind.


Hassle to redeem cashback & company has gone political.

Review: Review: The 1% now, 1% later was a fairly good scheme. The biggest flaw in execution is that you have to set a reminder and then go in and manually try to redeem your cashback every month (it’s not always on exactly the same day of the month, it seems).

Now they’ve also decided to start going randomly political. They’re trying to create restrictions on businesses they work with to control how they operate as if Citi was in charge of passing laws. I just don’t have the time/energy to try to keep up with whatever crazy political stance the CEO may take on any given day. Switched back to my Quicksilver (which also redeems my cashback automatically) and restored my sense of zen.


Citi card not worth loss of freedom

I was strongly considering the Double Cash Back card until I read about the company being against the 2nd Amendment, freedom and the right to self defense with a firearm.

Instead I got my Sportsman’s Warehouse Visa card and have been earning rewards with every purchase and online bill payment. The $25 cards never expire so you can save them for something. Even if you don’t live near a store you can shop on their website with the $25 gift cards or the rewards Visa and earn triple points that way. Websearch Sportsman’s Warehouse Reward Visa.

Websearch “scotus police have no duty to protect”, on Youtube look up Guns & Gadgets, Firearms Policy Coalition and most importantly on Youtube search for Phil Haney a retired DHS & CBP agent.



I have several credit cards and this is the worst customer service from ALL the credit card companies I’ve dealt with. I called to make a payment with one of their incompetent reps over the phone and was blindly transferred (without any one telling me I was going to be transferred) to a rude rep who hung up me when I tried to voice my concern. Every interaction I have with this company has been the WORST EVER!!! Every time I make a payment through their automated system, there’s a problem with my payment processing. No one cares, they all use scripted rebuttals and are all very, very unprofessional and ignorant when it comes to how to provide good customer service. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY~DECLINE THEIR OFFERS-THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY WITHOUT PROVIDING GOOD SERVICE IN RETURN! You’ve been warned.


$4000 cash back and counting

No problems with this card. My wife and I each have one. We’ve had them for 4 years now, and use them for everything we can. I’ve had a couple disputes with some vendors, citi handled them fairly. We missed a couple payments due to not setting up autopay right, got fees waived. No issues getting credit lines increased. App is great. Recommend to anyone that can afford what they buy.


love it

this card pays me the most. that’s all i care about. credit limit is low initially. took 3 months to get it up where i need it, no hassle. fraud dept was a little hyper-active with calling me until they started to recognize my patterns. not sure what it’s like if you’ve got crappy credit. not sure what happens if you don’t pay it off at the end of the month. i just know i’m getting PAID. the only other card i have is costco’s. it’s solid as well and is much better than the old AE card. i’m pretty sure i’m actually getting a higher percentage… but it’s limited so i use it sparingly. also… neither has a limit. so i’m getting paid about 300/mo between the two cards just to use them. just over 2k on the 2% and the costco check was about 1400 this year… that’s sick.


LOW credit limit initially - POOR AGENT SERVICE

Citi offered the lowest credit limit of any credit card that I have ever had. I have no credit issues, but they have treated me like dirt. Each agent says something different and been lied to repeatedly. I wish I never applied for this card. Worst customer service of any bank/credit card company that I have dealt with.



I have had my Citi Credit card for over 12 years. While my experience with Citi has been a good one, I am now a bit disappointed with how I am being treated with my excellent credit.

I’ve paid my Citi card on time over the years, with about 3 late payments in 10 yrs, because of missing the due date, when I was very busy taking care of family illnesses and deaths and not because of inability to pay on those 3 occassions I was a few days to a week late.

I recently paid off my card to a “0” balance. I also have other cards in good standing, where I have gotten credit line increases over the years on those cards, but NEVER ONCE with Citi.

How can I be a good customer, with good credit and they not reward my business with a credit line increase? I have other cards, automatically increase my credit line 2x in 8 years, without even a request for an increase.

When I called about it, I was told I have to request it. I dont think I should have to request an increase to lower my score, when I have consistently and faithfully repaid their loan.

This is not encouraging and so I have decided to use my other cards, who have rewarded my loyalty despite 1 or 2 late payments in 10 yrs.


Customer service

Was suppose to get the 0% interest, got the card and did not get the 0% interest, called and they informed me it would be investigated to call back in a week, waited called back and was told it hasn’t been done to call back 5-7 days. And then they kept transferring me to other people with no help. Over all canceled the card. The double cash back is not worth the hassle.


Love this card

It is true that you do start off with a low credit limit. I think I started off with I think was something like $2,700 USD, I called as soon as I got approved and asked for a higher CL, and was granted a much higher limit. That was 2.5 years ago. My Citi Double Cash Back is my main credit card, and I always pay it off 100% each month before due date. This has helped me increased my CL to $25,000 as of today. I have earned back so much cash, that has helped me purchase a couple of high end luxury designers handbags that was basically paid for with my rewards cash back. Customer Service has always been great each time I call. The bottom line is use your card and pay it off on time each month to get the maximum benefit and awesome customer service.